Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo Week 5

Christmas week was crazy. We went to Monclova, about 3 hours away, and had our Christmas conference. It was so great! I loved it! We did a sketch that was a parody of "Finding Faith in Christ" but we applied it to misisonaries. We were told it was the funniest of all haha!
This weeks been a little difficult. Everyone's leaving town or drunk haha. But we found some cool people that are progressing well, and are excited about the church.
Talking with the family was probably more a curse than a blessing. It got me super trunky haha (trunky means homesick, or a change of focus from missionary work to whats going on at home) but thankfully the next day I was out of that, and ready to work.
Sorry I dont have a lot of time but this next week is my last in the mission. Im really excited and am gonna throw it down!

Much Love

Monday, December 20, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo Week 4

This week was great. On Tuesday I got a bit of a cold and felt bad all day. At night I got a sore throat and a temperature. I was super happy about this because the next morning we had the Zone Conference. Wed finished the presentation but hadn’t practiced it to check the time length yet. So, with a sore throat, burning, but feeling cold, my comp and I went through it on Tuesday night, and the timing of it was perfect. Then, I asked Elder Dearden for a blessing so I would be better for the presentation the next day. Well, the next day I woke up, and my throat didn’t hurt a bit. I had a hardcore headache haha but that can easily be cured with Ibuprofen. My fever had almost completely broken too. It is amazing the things that happen with the Priesthood and faith. So I still wasn’t on my A game you could say, but we did the presentation, and we did really well, so said the assistants haha. I was just happy to be done with it haha. Not that I don’t like doing them but I was a little sick and just wanted to sit down and rest a minute, but it all went great.

Our mission President announced something crazy at the conference. When I first got here, we had a weekly goal of 150 contacts, the in February they changed it to 250, a big jump. Since then the mission hasn’t done very well in baptizing, due to the fact that everyone was more concerned about getting the 250 then getting good people. So, he announced that there will now be NO overall goal for contacts and that we would focus everything towards getting 12 new investigators a week. It scared me, because I knew this was going to make or break each and every missionary. There are a few in my zone that I know its going to break, and seeing the data on Sunday, I wasn’t mistaken. I knew many were going to take it as a break, not doing any contacts now that there’s no mission goal. But, at the same time, I like it a LOT more because now we can take time t find people, not just shoot in the dark and hope we knock on the door of someone who wants to listen. Now it will be more inspired, we can spend more time on people and not just on getting a number. I personally love it, and know we will have success with it in our area. It’s just a matter of getting everyone else to do it too.

Well, this next week is the Christmas conference, and half the mission is getting together in Monclova, and the other half in Monterrey. I’m excited to go and see all my buddies!

That’s all folks. Have a great day and a FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!! Love you all!!!!

Much Love


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

week 3 La Cañada, Saltillo

This week was a blast. My comp and I worked really hard this week and found a great lady who read the pamphlets and understood them well. she was committed to go to church, but didnt go. We went back to see why she didnt go, and her husband said she'd left with her mom and sister for the day. It is important to note that yesterday was the day of the Virgen de Guadalupe. In other words, another holiday to get smashed. Everyone was having parties celebrating the day of the "Queen of Mexico" Maria Guadalupe. We should have known that would have been a big problem for her to go to church haha.
This holiday is HUGE in Mexico. They have dances called matachines, which are people who dress up kind of like Indians and do ritual dances to the Virgin. Its an interesting part of the Mexican culture. Aside from that, the houses here have no yard, so the houses are literally next to each other. Well, the people in the house behind us were out back having a party with BLARING Mexican music. Mexican music is the music I'm least fond of in the whole world haha. so at about 11, all of a sudden some cool folk-english song comes on, then right after they played a CCR song, and to top it off, the best- "Imagine" by John Lennon. I thought of Mason the whole time, and how in 23 days ill be listening to it with him!!!! YAY!!!!!
We have a Sunday night tradition now that we call Sunday Snight Smores. We have 4 candles at the house, and Saturday we buy chocolate and graham crackers and mallows, and after reporting dates we turn out all the lights and make smores haha. Its pretty much the best thing ever haha!!!!
I was happy and sad about this week. Sad, because its the first time in a long time I've reported the "first four zeros" in my area, meaning 0 baptisms, 0 confirmations, 0 in church, and 0 baptismal dates. but, on the other hand I was really happy, because Elder Dearden and Fotu had 2 baps, 2 confirmations, 1 in church, and 1 with baptism date. I was so happy for him. Hes tearing it up in his area. Its so great!!!
Well, my feet are a little sore because we just got done Slacklining. Its like tight rope walking, but like a foot off the ground. Its soooo fun! Haha thats what we do now on Pdays haha

Anyways I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo
Week 2

This week was fun! On Wednesday we had the Zone Leader Council in Monterrey, about 2 hours away. It was pretty fun. They told me to go like 5 hours early to get all my visa stuff worked out, but when we got there it turned out that I still needed some paperwork, so we couldn't do anything. We went back to the mission offices and hung out with the Assistants and the office elders. We made a football field in the grass, on the office property, so we could play at night with all the Zone leaders and stuff. We used rope clippings and just measured out the sides and corners. It wasn't too chueco (bent?), and it turned out all right. After that, my comp and I decided to go eat at about 2, before the thing started at 5, so we went to Subway. If that wasn't good enough, the funniest thing happened. They had some silly soap opera thing on TV, and we just ignored it, like usual. Then this show ended, and the commercial said, "coming up next- Dumb and Dumber". I almost cried. Thankfully by this time we were about finished eating, so we were about to go. The show loses all funniness when its translated haha.
Well, there's not really a whole lot else. I'm coming home in less than a month, but who cares about that. Ha. It doesn't even seem real. Next week we have our zone conference, then the next week is Christmas, then New Years, then I'm home. No way! But I just gotta keep on keepin on. Its not even that hard really. It just seems normal ha.
Anyways I love you all, and hope all is great. Until next week!!!!

Much Love

Friday, December 3, 2010

La Cañada week 1

This week has been awesome. My new comp is awesome. Hes really chill and hes from Utah. Hes a rock climbing fanatic, and has got me super stoked to try it out. There are a couple gyms here in Saltillo were going to find and go try out.
The house is pretty much the funnest house in the whole mission. Me, Super chill and awesome Wilson, crazy fun Deardles, and super black Tongan Fotu. I randomly run into the other room and tackle Dearden before he goes to bed and we wrestle till were tired. We sleep a lot better haha. Deardles brought his guitar, Wilson has a tiny guitar, and we stringed a guitar the previous owners left here. We have 4 working guitars. And, Elder wilson has "Doubting Thomas" by Nickel Creek on a CD, and the other 3 hadnt heard of them, and fell in love with the song and listen to it over and over. Its kind of interesting how this all culminates my last transfer. 4 guitars, and Nickel Creek? I dont think its just a coincidence. I believe its a test for me. Im on my last transfer, perhaps Hes wanting to see what Ive become, what I see as most important. Are you a musician, or a missionary? One thing Ive learned in the mission is that music doesn't define me, I do. I want to be seen as who I really am, a special Child of God, a worthy priesthood holder, and an instrument through which the Holy Ghost can and does work. Not the guy who can listen to any thing and just play it. Who cares about that guy? Who would want to be friends with or date such a hollow person? Im not a musician. Im me! And what a grand realization its been for me! Music will always be a part, even a large part, of my life. I will always recognize and utilize this great gift God has given me. But there are some things that are so much more important than that. Thats why I love so much the great friends Ive made here in the mission, because they see me for me. They love the person thats inside, and I can honestly say there are few people who have seen me for me, because I was always hiding behind a guitar or a mandolin, and I never allowed them to see, nor did many make the effort to see, who I really was. Its so refreshing to have people, other than just family and a select few others, see me for what God intended me to be, and help me realize that I am a good person. Back to the point... Im gonna have to be careful with the music th last 5 weeks haha.
We had a missionary fall off his bile this week. Well, more like fly off a giant mound of dirt, and realize, in mid air, there was no landing ramp. He landed right on his hip. He was freaking out, thinkin his hip was broken. The mission presidents wife told him to drink a lot of water, to which a member responded no, because if he drank too much he could go into shock and get diabetes. What? Anyway, hes alright, but got pretty banged up, and dindt get diabetes. Well, as far as we know.
I love you all and want MAson and Chris and Amy and Becca to write me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

Friday, November 26, 2010

La cañada week 6

This week was crazy. Well, the beginning of the week was pretty normal, just throwin' it down with my comp in his last week in the mission. It was kind of hard, because it got me thinking too, "Man, Ill be there in 6 short weeks!" It was hard to focus, I'm not gonna lie, but with transfers it will be a lot easier.
We went to Monterrey on Monday to see some of my comps converts, and stuff. We left Saltillo at 5:30 am and didnt get back till 9 pm. A super long day! We just went from place to place, and I was happy because I got to ride the Metro again. I love the metro! Its just so fun! Also, we went to a place called the Macro Plaza, which is just like a GIANT GIANT HUGE GYNORMOUS BIG strip mall. We went to the electronic part, and I bought a 16gig thumb drive, for 30 bucks, brand new haha! It works perfectly!
So, we got transfers. Im getting Elder Wilson, whos 6 weeks younger than me. They say hes really cool, so Im excited. Also, we are living with the Elders from Lomas, another area, and the senior comp there left. He became a junior comp for being disobedient and lying about dats. He lived with the Zone Leaders, and still didnt wake up till like 7. I woke him up for like the first week and a half, then left him to himself to dig himself a deeper hole for not putting forth any effort. It was having a bad effect on Elder Fotu, the junior comp in that companionship. But the heavens poured out a blessing upon that area, and upon me. Guess whos coming in the place of that missionary? none other than ELDER DEARDEN!! I was SO happy when they told me!! Were going to live in the same house!! AAGGHH!!! This tranfer is going to ROCK!!!!
Well, Im officially on my omega transfer (alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, omega representing the end). I put a huge omega symbol on the front of my agenda, haha.
Anyway I love you all, and Id like to start a new thing, each week Im going to put a funny saying by elder Fotu. Hes from oakland CA and talks like a black man. This weeks is as follows:

"Man, Christmas be today next week."

That was him trying to say, "a week from today is Thanksgiving." Haha, all laughs from Fotu

I lvoe you all and take cares!!!!

Much Love

Monday, November 15, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo week 5

This week was quite eventful. On thursday Elder Tenorio from the 70 came and talked to the missionaries in Saltillo. He was doing a mission tour and the two zones in Saltillo met together. It was so amazing. I thought it would be kind of serious or that he was going to get after us for something, but it wasnt like that at all. He was making jokes and going off subject and telling us hilarious irrelevant stories. His main point however was about praying with real faith and doing our part so they can happen. He also spoke about setting goals and accomplishing them by focusing on the end rather than the effort necessary to accomplish it. It was amazing and reminded me of the story by Pres. Uchtdorf about him not being able to learn english until his motivation was appropriate. It was so wonderful.
We had a miracle baptism this week. The boyfriend of a member got baptized on thursday. We never taught, visited, or hardly talked to him. The Bishop is his girlfriends dad, so he basically taught him everything. We just set up the interview and he was good to go. IT was great! A really spiritual baptismal service. I really enjoyed it.
We just got done with our inter-zonal activity (Elder Van Vliet still makes fun of me for that word. Its a real word). We played soccer in the morning then went bowling, then ate at Dominos to finish off the activity. The only bad thing was that not all the people from the both zones wanted to do it, so only about half went. But it was okay, all the ones I wanted to see went haha. It was a blast!
Well this is my comps last week in the field. IT will be a fun week. Hes doing really good and I think... no, I know he'll finish strong. Then its on to my last transfer... (!)
Congrats to Matt and Jana! I hear Whitney is just a doll, and that she and Jana are doing well. I'm so glad to hear that and to be able to meet her soon!! I love you guys and am glad all is well!!!

Much Love

Monday, November 8, 2010

LA cañada, Saltillo Week 4

This week was crazy. We had zone leader council in Monclova, about 2 hours away. The assistants picked us up from Monterrey and drove us there, so I got to hang out with Elder Van Vliet for a while. IT was awesome talking and sharing inside jokes nobody else thought were funny haha. He and I were the spunkiest ones in that car haha it was so funny, our Mexican brethren were so lost haha. But we all had fun.
So, we had an activity at the end of the first of two days at the council where we have the opportunity to "put what we learned into practice" in the area of the Zone LEaders there. We had a points system for contacts, lessons, new investigators, people with a baptismal goal of 2 weeks with the baptismal form filled out and signed, and having the head of the household offer the prayer, everyone kneeling. I got put with Elder Durrett, one of the Elders I lived with in Monterrey when I was there last time. We Just did contact after contact with nothing. We had a super rich area. But, almost at the end, we contacted a normal looking house, and they let us in. It was a husband and is wife, both in their late 20's. We began teaching and talking about baptism, and all in all, they both accepted a baptismal date in 2 weeks, with their form filled out and signed, and the husband offered the prayer at the end. IT was a fantastic lesson. It really helped us strengthen our testimonies that God really does prepare people for the message. I dont know if they went to church,but Im going to check that tonight. IT would be really cool to have converts in an area, in a city Ive never been in haha. We won the "competition" and each won a tie. They are pretty ugly ties haha. We were the only ones in the whole mission to have bapismal forms filled out in the first lesson due to this activity. It was really great to get to know these people, and I really do believe the Lord guided us to them.
On Sunday, we didnt have anyone to go to church, because we were out of town. When we got there the Bishop told us there was a guy there who apparently knew us. We looked at him, and couldn't recognize him. Finally, we observed he only had half of one of his feet. Oh yeah! We contacted this fellow 3 weeks ago, and he said hed go (like so many others we talk to..) so we didnt think much of it. Well, he really liked it, and we explained authority to him so he could understand that he needs to get baptized with that authority. He stayed all three hours, and even for the baptism we had. At the end he said, " So what do I need to bring next week?" then signaling to the water. Uh, clothes and sandals and a towel. Okay he says. Haha the Lord blesses us for our sacrifices. IT was a great experience.
We went this morning to wash our clothes with the Bishop. His daughter is dating a nonmember whos been going to church for like a year straight and hasnt gotten baptized. The missionaries before us pressured him so he backed way off, but here we just talk to him and see how hes going. So just to keep tabs on him we asked her when is he going to get baptized, half joking. "Oh, Thursday. I forgot to tell you. Isnt he going to need an interview or something before?" Uh, kind of. We were just super surprised haha and are really excited because this guy is really cool. Member missionary work-YES YOU CAN!!!!
Anyways, this is the last working week of my comp that he could possibly receive fruits from. In other words, next week, the people we find hes not going to be able to baptize because he'll be home. So we're going to work super hard so we can have the same work ethic for next week. We gotta keep him goin!
Anyways I love you all. On the 5th I completed having 22 months in the mission. No me vengas. That means like holy cow. Ah it cant be ending! I still have 2 whole months to work!!!

Take care and write me!!!
Much Love

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LA Cañada, Saltillo week 3

This week was great. Tuesday we had interviews with the President. IT was amazing as usual. I ask him some personal questions and he explains to me what I need to hear in the way I need to hear it. Such a great experience. And... Remember the guitar the member gave me 6 months ago when I was in Monterrey? Well it finally got done being repaired and the missionaries there finally remembered to go pick it up and now I have it! His names Tito. Its a really great sounding guitar, even with the cruddy strings on it. When I get home im throwing some silk & steels on him to lessen the tension on the broken part of the neck and so hell sound awesome. Mason is probably the only one who understands that haha:)
So the two girls who went to church last week got baptized on Sunday. IT was a great service. their parents are also interested in the message. they are about to separate, and the mom is even looking for a house to move into, but for some crazy reason hasn't found even one. Sign from God? Hmm... so were helping them try to save their marriage and fill in the missing parts of their lives. They are great people. Were really hoping that they will progress.
We have an awesome member here named Hermana Garcia. She has a son whose inactive and whose wife isnt a member but has gone to church and liked it and everything. so we go to their house Saturday, explain baptism, and ask her if shed be baptized next week. She accepted. Haha Its amazing how the Lord works and how exceedingly effective member missionary work is. From this member we've baptized 2 already and this will be number 3. see members? you really CAN help the missionaries! Is it hard. NOT AT ALL. Just tell us and well go and explain everything to them!!! Help us!!!
Well its November. Its crazy to think that next month Ill hit the 2 year mark the 31 of Dec. Yes Im thinking a little ahead I know haha but its just such a crazy thought. there are Christmas decorations out in the stores and everything. Halloween went by like nothing, man where is the time going! I just gotta sprint to the end!!!
Not a whole lot else going on. Just working our tails off. Thats all :)

I love you all!!!!
Much Love

Monday, October 25, 2010

week 2 La Cañada, Saltillo

Great week. Tuesday we had a crazy day, and almost no time to work in our area. We had the District meetings in the morning, and after that we went an hour in a bus to the mail place to mail re-reimbursements, baptismal forms, etc. There we saw the other Zone Leaders form the other area, and one is my brother of generation, Elder Hanson. They are doing great and we want to do an interzonal activity (Elder Van Vliet, my ex comp, made fun of me because he says "interzonal"isnt a word). So were wanting to plan that out. So, after we ate, then we had to go to a little ranch about 45 minutes away where there's a prayer house for the like 8 members out there. The 1st counselor told us to prepare a big lesson with scriptures from the Bible to prove that the Word of Wisdom was instituted back then as well as today. Apparently there's a pastor out there that's telling the members and investigators that it says nowhere in the Bible that we cant drink alcohol. The 1st counselor said it would last from 6 to probably 10, because probably half the town would show up, including the Pastor. He basically wanted us to prepare a Bible bash session, which is one of the things I hate most. I thought, "Okay, its a tiny village that doesn't even have a church, and there are 4 active members, and only 2 with Priesthood, and this fellow thinks the whole town is going to come listen to "The Word of God" when they don't even go Sundays, and that its going to last 3 hours because of all the questions they will have...." The guy was freaking out about it, thinking it was going to be like the Day of Defense book. So humoring him, I got a few scriptures prepared but more than anything knew that we need to keep ourselves clean so the Holy Ghost can be with us at all times. We get there early, only 20 minutes late, at about 5:50. At about 7 we go walking around with the guy who runs the prayer house, whos like 75, to invite people. They hadnt even invited anyone. So all in all, we begin the epic session at 8, three hours late, with a whopping 2 people, 1 being a member, and about 6 kids. WE give the lesson and talk to the non-memer, and he doesnt want anything. So we had a quick dinner and came home. So we had almost 0 time to look for people that day, which made the week a bit hard haha. Take it all with a grain of salt. The Pastor didnt even go haha.
So, my comps been sick with a bit of the flu all week. That made it even harder to work. I did pretty much all the contacts and lessons and stuff. It was kind of like training again. But hes feeling better so this week will be good.
Sunday we didnt have anyone in church. But after the services we went with a sister to the house of one of her daughters friends whose gone to church like 5 times. We taked with her and her parents and she wants to get baptized, and her parents are interested in the message. The Lord really blesses us when we are diligent. The Dad seems pretty interested. The whole time he was looking at us with a look of like "What is it about these kids? Why are they walking around in the heat and cold? Theres gotta be something here." It was great. We have hopes for them.
AAAAAAAAnyways, Sorry to Chris and Mason for forgetting your birthdays. And yes I forgive you too for not writing me in the past... 22 months. Haha Real repentance is AMENDING what youve done wrong. In other words, WRITE ME!!!!

I lvoe you all and take care!!!!
Much Love

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 1 La cañada, Saltillo

This week was good, and a bit crazy. I was really nervous about who my next comp was going to be, because he was probably going to be my last comp for these last 2 transfers. But, I got one of the coolest misisonaries in the mission, Elder Simpson. Hes from my generation, hes the one we all bought scriptures for in the MTC because he was using his brothers. I was really happy to know he was coming here with me. Hes going home a transfer early for school and stuff, so Ill still be getting one more comp in 5 weeks. We had a ton of fun this week. Hes also a Thrice fanatic. So its been kinda hard to not start singing Deadbolt or Stare at the Sun, or play anything on the guitar haha. Weve had a blast this week.
Wednesday we had the district meetings, but because the Stake Pres decided to change the locks on the church and didnt give us any, we couldnt get in. so we decided to go a little farther away to another chapel, but the great missionaries there didnt realize till we got there that they didnt have keys either. Great. All the others were super far away and it wa already getting kind of late and we had to start. So we decide to go to a park, thats as well, kind of far away. So we get there and its not a park you can sit down on the grass in. Great!! So we walk a bit further and come to another park the map had on it... a skate park. Of course, the least useful of all meanings of the word park for our current situation haha. So we just sat down and had it there. Thankfully there were no kids there skating or anything.
Church was great. We had the baptism of a really cool lady whos kids were baptized but had never done it for some reason, but now accepted. Next week we are also baptizing her son and another lady of another part member family. We are really excited for these families.
Elder Whitney, my comp from like 9 months ago is in my zone. ITs so great to call and talk to him haha he hasn't changed a bit!!
NOt mcuh else going on. The work goes on and on. You just get into the rumbo and everyday is the same. Saturday isnt party with friends night, its just the day before Sunday, or GO TIME. haha its going to be weird going home and having options to do haha.
So I love you all and take care!

Much Love

p.s. MASON AND CHRIS WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 6 La cañada, Saltillo

This week had been insane. Monday to Thursday were good and normal, but thursday everything got turned upside down. My comp got called as the new Assistant to the President at 6pm, and he had to leave that same day before 9 pm. So we ran back, sent him off, and I just stayed that day with the other companionship we live with. I worked with them Friday, an that was a ton of fun going from appt to appt. IT was one crazy day. That whole day was just kind of awkward not being able to make the same jokes about the office or Nacho Libre that they could understand. I really missed Elder Van Vliet that day. Then, Saturday came. IT started out with Elder Hofmann, the Idaho redneck (its okay, he calls himself that too) trying to fix the font. They designed it so that the water drained from the font goes to an aqueduct thing under the church, from which they water the grass. Well, in winter they dont water grass for like 6 months. Wonderful design..... So, back to the awesome redneck. He takes an extension cord, strips the end, and somehow with a Leatherman hot-wires the pump that takes the water from the aqueduct to the sprinklers, and bypasses it to the gutter. And by golly, it worked. Well, until the motor overheated and we turned it off. Then, he and I and the district leader in the zone went to the district leaders area to do 10 baptismal interviews. Zero in 5 weeks, then 10 in the last week. Haha it was insane. All day we were doing interviews so people could get baptized on Sunday. Then when we got back to my area at 8, another area called and said for me to go over because they might have someone get baptized. I told them to make sure he was there and ready. Well at his house 2 young, not the most modest girls, walked out and said he wasnt there. Hes the only one who lives there. So he was hiding haha. Sunday I was running everywhere finishing interviews for that same area as well as getting my baptism ready, all without a companion. We did a TON of divisions but finally everything worked out in the end. I can now breathe a breath of air. Im getting a comp tomorrow, and everything will be back to normal. I hope!
Well I hope all is well at home. I only have 3 months left. Thats insane! I think a cruise would be a good homecoming gift... :)

Much Love

p.s. Chris and Mason... WRITE ME!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo week 5

This week was insane! My companion and I were running around on tuesday getting everything ready for the zone conference on Wednesday. We had the presentation ready and everything, but Im the type of person that has to practice something at least a few times to feel good about it. My comp on the other hand is a glance at the notes and spew out awesomeness kind of guy. Well, we didnt really get to practice it, so that morning I was a bit nervous. I was just studying and studying doing the best I could with my parts and hoping transitions and his parts were all good. Then after the President and his wife spoke, we were up. It an interesting feeling, that I actually kind of like, of, "well, doesnt matter now. Its Go Time, ready or not." just throwing caution to the wind and having to do something at that moment is refreshing. Well it went really well. The Assistants have told us the last few nights that its the best one theyve seen this transfer in any of the zones. Kind of ironic haha! But we did a really good job and everything flowed really good.
General Conference- something I kick myself for never having listened to at home. We went Saturday in the morning right before the session started up to set up a TV in english for the gringos to watch if they brought anyone. We didnt have anyone so after setting it up we were going to have to leave. Motab cant be translated because its a choir so we had to wait for someone to speak. We saw Elder Iring walk up to the stand and from the moment he spoke the Spirit filled me testifying even more that he is a man called of God. We listened to just a moment, then out of sheer obedience, had to tear ourselves away from it because we didnt have any investigators there. And the best part is we left to do contacts. Prophets and apostles are speaking at this moment, giving the world divine instruction, and we are talking to people who dont give a darn whether were alive or not. A bitter trade, but we had to to be obedient.
Priesthood and the other sessions were amazing. I followed the instructions Elder Bednar gave us when he came to our mission, and instead of writing down the things they say, I wrote down personal revelation from the Spirit. He told us to just write down the words and listen to the spiritual guidance they are in a prime situation to receive. So I wrote down the things the Spirit indicated, and words or phrases they said, that I really liked. Theyll all be in the ensign anyway.
I really liked the part when all the misssionaries in the world were asked to stand up. There we were, 6 gringos on our feet, and at that same time I thought about DJ also standing up thousands of miles away. United in the same cause, miles away, but side by side. It was a wonderful feeling knowing my brother was standing with me!!!
Oh something I noticed... is Ryan in motab? I saw him last conference too haha I saw him and completely off guard, not knowing ANYONE from Utah, was like, "hey, that guy was my brothers roommate!" Haha it was great!!!
The zone did amazing. We brought 14 people to church with 9 getting baptized next week. Thats a huge improvement from 3 and 0. The zone conference and other humbling experiences have helped them greatly.
Happy birthday to my Dad. Hes the only one I remember because its in the same month as mine haha. I love you Dad and I dont care how old you get, youll always be my greatest example. I love you and cant wait to talk to you in 3 months time.

I love you all and have fun this week!!!!

Much Love
p.s. Write me Chris!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

la Cañada, Saltillo week 4

This week was a crazy one. Tuesday we had our district meetings, but given the condition the zone is in, we had a combined class. We basically brought them to the dirt in humility, then brought them back up again. We practiced some things we saw they werent doing very well, and we confided in them to have a better week. Well, Sunday came around and we had the same results as always, so we decided to have another zone meeting. In planning it, my comp and I read Alma 52 and applied ti to ourselves. we didnt need anything elaborate, just something small but effective, well placed you might say. We both felt that obedience was what we needed to speak on, so we prepared a bit. If we didnt bring them to sackcloth and ashes on Tuesday, we sure did on Sunday. It was so well placed, and made each of them feel so bad, but was done so lovingly with the Spirit, we felt that it really hit home and that things are going to change. We have a lot of hope for this week and are going to help them out.
I went to Monterrey with another missionary to get a couple from our area married so the wife could get baptized. It was a great civil marriage. It took like a half hour haha but it was great and they are both really happy. When we got back, she got baptized and it was a wonderful service. Her husband hadnt been too interested but went Sunday to the confirmation. If we have ANYBODY at church its our duty to invite them to get baptized that same moment at the church. So I took him to the font and focused on the necessity of baptism so his family could be eternal, and the consequences if it wasnt done. He said he understood the importance and wants to but his work schedule doesnt allow us to teach him (he is gone from 6 am to 9 pm). We are going to find some solution so he can get baptized this Sunday.
We were just in a pizza hut munchin down, when once again a familiar voice came on the TV ( I wasnt watching I promise). Good ol Billy Joe Armstrong and Green Day. It was some stupid song about American Girls or something, and I only bothered to see like 10 seconds before I decided it was a waste of time. Unoriginal, and pretty sure they sold out. Something tells me I havent missed too much in the music world haha.
This was a very long week and Im kinda glad its over haha. This week we have the Zone Conference so that will be great fun!
Thank you SO MUCH to Katie Hughes, Reg-nog (Ragan), and the Petersons for your letters. Its so great to hear from you!!!!! Im going to try as hard as I can to write you but mail sent from here takes at least a month to get there, if it even arrives. So I really am thankful and Ill try to write you!!!!!

Love you all!!!!
Much Love

Monday, September 20, 2010

La cañada, Saltillo Week 3

This week was great and terrible. We had 4 baptisms here and have 3 more for next week. The bad part is that the zone is dead. In the whole month of September only one other companionship had baptized one person. That is unheard of and terrible. We are the least baptizing zone in the mission right now. But this week we are going to do divisions and kick them into gear, a little hard love to keep them from being lazy and disobedient. It will be fun.
on the 15th we had the stake 15 of September party. Thats the Mexican Independence Day. We had a huge turnout, it was great. Walking there, there was a little stand of cheap Mexican stuff, and one of the items was a fake mustache. I had to.....So I bought one for my comp and I, but he didnt know because we were on divisions. so when we get there, I see him, and he brought a giant sombrero that he has haha and I put on the old sombrero he had. We were the most Mexican gringos there haha. We had a great time and so did all the other missionaries.
I went on divisions with one of the elders in my zone. As the day went on, I realized more and more of how much I've learned and how much I've changed. Before I was just kinda timid and didn't really want to tell people how it is. But now- well each contact knows that I know this is the only true church and greatest source of blessings they could have in their lives. At the end of the 2 days, that missionary told me that it made so much sense how I do things, filtering out the people that just say "yes" to everything and looking for the people who really have a desire to know more. Many missionaries teach and keep in teaching anyone and everyone they can, which sounds good, but really isn't. In teaching unprepared people and people who arent going to make and keep commitments is just wasting the time of the Lord, and thats what I told him. Im going to go with another missionary this week to teach him the same principle. Its an indispensable lesson to learn and is what makes or breaks an effective missionary.
Anyway all is great here. Just working away. Thank yo all for your support!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo Week 2

This week was great in our area. WE worked really hard, and laughed reallyhard as well. IT was probably one of the weeks Ive worked hardest in the mission. We got almost all the "ideal" goals missionaries set. It was a great feeling. And because of it, we have 3 people that are going to get baptized next week.
However,in the zone is another story. Only one other area of the 6 we have had people that are going to get baptized Sunday. The same thing happened last week, so we made basically an fool-proof list to put in their planners that had the requirements of a person committed to church, and who has a baptismal date. Well, they put it to good use haha. But this week were going to do crazy divisions so they we can help them be more effective.
To the Newitt family, thats very surprising and scary, what happened to Bro. Newitt. But as you can see, he was in the right place at the right time with the right people, so he was 100 percent taken care of immediately. What a blessing it is for me to know that because of obedience, the Lord protected him and all is going to be well. My prayers will be with you.
I cant really think of anything super special that happened this week. We just threw down and got to work. Were living with the biggest companionship in the mission, a gringo from Idaho that's like 6' 5, and a Tongan thats that same height but twice as wide and with grammar from Oakland. Hes only got 3 months in the mission so were still helping him correct his grammar haha. We just always laugh and laugh at home and in the street.
Last night we had a slumber party on our roof. Mexican houses are made with flat roofs to put up clotheslines and other stuff like that. So we were up there under the stars, and I just thought, I'm with a huge redneck from Idaho, a Tongan from Oakland, a kid form West Virginia.....we met in Mexico and have become like best friends. People Id have never hung out with before, except maybe my companion, and we're just having a ball and seeing the good in each other. An amazing experience. Then at like 4AM the cold dewy mountain air came in, and we all froze, and came inside haha.
I love you all and miss you. See ya in less than 4 months!!!

Much Love

p.s. Amy and Becca... WRITE ME!!!!!! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo, Coahuila week 1

Well as you can see, I got transferred. I went from the super hot weather of the desert wasteland of Rosita, to the mountainous (sp?) landscapes of Saltillo! I was here before but in the other zone. This place is beautiful. Mu comp is Elder Van Vliet, basically the coolest and funniest kid ever. lets just say this: for my birthday we each (including the other 2 missionaries we live with) bought 3 feet of PVC pipe, 2 bags of marshmallows, and played capture the flag in our giant house. We won. Twice. Because we are the coolest. haha Its a great change from a more serious person like Elder Andersen. Both awesome just different.
The Consejo of the Zone leaders was great this week and I had a self growth experience. When we get there on Tues in the afternoon, we have a 1 hour devotional from the Pres, then play soccer and basketball and eat till midnight. At this time, I didnt feel like playing soccer although its my favorite, and basketball... well anyone who knows me knows I pretty much don't like watching nor playing sports. So naturally, looking for something to make me feel good, I wanted to play the piano, but no on e would come with me, so I just sat down being bored. Then I thought "why do you hate basketball? you've never played!" So I jut hopped into a game. I was playing with some really good gringos, and a couple Mexicans as well (which made me feel worse haha) but they are all awesome guys and were coaching me throughout the game. I got the hang of it, and had a really good time. I even saved the game at the end by getting a sick rebound and of course, giving it to someone who knew how to dribble and shoot haha. But I had a great time and am now more open to playing sports. Music isn't the only thing I'm good at!
This week I've just been getting used to the area. My area is awesome, ward is supportive, the bishop is great and not crazy, and- get this- they actually do home and visiting teaching!!!! I'm in heaven!!! haha today we went and ate at a McDonald, something I hadn't done in like a year. IT was so nasty and greasy, but delicious at the same time!!!
Yesterday on my birthday it kinda sucked haha. Fist it was fast Sunday, so no delicious birthday breakfast. We didn't have anyone at church in our area, and in the zone with 18 people (which is unheard of btw ) SURE to go to church, only 1 went, and doesn't want to get baptized. WE ate with the family that cooks the "least appetizing" food in the area, and upon getting there, they'd forgotten, so it was even faster and "less appetizing" as usual haha. But we scarfed it, and my comp felt sick after. So he layed down for a minute, then I got a migraine. Thankfully the day ended after that,and my comp, in a NAcho Libre accented voice says, "your birthday has sucked. Tomorrow we you will have a re-birthday because today, it sucks to be you right now". I just laughed and laughed. Thats how great my comp is! So today I had a re-birthday and it was so much better hehe.
Well Im probably in my last area, which is so unreal to think. I feel like I still have like a year left. But soon enough Ill be back. The dreams of walking off the plane aren't so hard to handle now haha. Just instead of a girl there waiting for me, it will be Mason, and Im totally cool with that!!!!!!!! haha!
Anyways thanks to all for what you do for me. I love you all and still want to hear from Amy Rhule and Becca!!!!!

Much Love

p.s. I don't feel too cool being 21. Here you can buy beer at 18, legally, or 11 if you say its for your dad. Kinda defeats the purpose. haha.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 5

Well this week just flew by. It was a bit of a difficult one for me, but a great one as well. More and more Im realizing things about other people, who their true character is, and it helps me to know that certain decisions IVe made in the past are correct, and has I made them another way, I would have been in a world of problems.
Sunday was great. One of our recent converts who moved out of her house was there. Her family didnt know where shed gone to, nor did they really care, but she came and told us her whole story. Man it was so great to see her there, and she came all by herself. She is still staying faithful, even though there are certain things she still has to clear up, but she will make it all right.
We had one investigator at church that is really surprising us. She understands everything. The Mexican Culture as a whole doesnt put a whole lot of importance or stress on education. Therefore, they are not as intellectually in tune as some others would be. But this lady jsut captures everything perfectly and understands and makes the connections. We will be working with her all week to prepare her this Sunday for baptism.
My letters are kind of boring, but I cant really remember all the things htat happened haha.

Thank you to my mom, dad, and sister fro writing me. They say that near the end of the mission people just stop writing. And its 100% true except for these three people. I thank you for all the support you've given me and how much you r weekly letters, no matter the size, have helped me spiritually.

Much Love

Rosita, Coahuila week 4

This week went by really fast. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in an area called Barroteràn on divisions. The whole zone had divisions, or one companion from each of the six areas went to a different area. IT was a really fun experience. Its a really tiny coal mining town, so everything is covered in black soot. I thought a lot of the guys were "weird" because they all had black eye liner on, but then I realized it was because they are down in the mines and the soot gets stuck to their eye lids haha. But I worked with a great missionary, and we worked really hard. It is said to be the "toughest" area in the whole mission, because thats where the old mission president sent all the bad missionaries for like a punishment, so all the people there think know how the Mormon missionaries work, but they've only known the less motivated ones. Now, the new mission president is trying to get things started back up there. Its a great area honestly, but the thing that would stop them from having success is support from the branch. There are 10 active members, and only 2 or 3 have the priesthood, so there's no real support there. But were are trying to help them out as much as we can.
Friday and Saturday were spent going around to 2 areas to do baptismal interviews. Each area is about an hour away from here, so when we got to these areas, the missionaries hadn't verified well with the people and they weren't there for their interviews, so we had to go back Saturday. Saturday we went and had to stay there for a few hours with the missionaries in one area because one of the companions was way sick, so we went around visiting people that were committed to go to church, then got back to our area at about 5 Saturday night. So there went that week haha.
Id like to comment on something. All the Mexicans here think that Arizona is a Mexican-hating-beating-killing area because of some law that was passed. Now, I dont know about that law, but theres no way its what they say it is haha. They think people from Arizona are like hunting Mexicans for the fun of it and throwing them out of the states. Im guessing they passed a law enforcing the immigration laws more strictly and taking out all the illegals because there were too many creating some kind of economical problem. Thats just my guess. I dont think our President would just say, "Alright, all them Mexicans outta Arizona!"
Here's my address (again) so all you people who just love me so much can show your dedication for me by writing me a letter:

Calle Chiapas 2202
Colonia Roma Sur
Nuevo Leon, Mèxico


Much Love

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From: James Ted Hawken
Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 10:54 AM
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Elder Hawken
Rosita, Coahuila
week 4

This week went by really fast. I spent tuesday and wednesday in an area called Barroteràn on divisions. the whole zone had divisions, or one companion from each of the six areas went to a different area. IT was a really fun experience. Its a really tiny coal mining town, so everything is covered in black soot. I thought a lot of the guys were gay because they all had black eye liner on, but then I realized it was becasue they are down in the mines and the soot gets stuck to their eye lids haha. But I worked with a great missionary, and we worked really hard. It is said to be the "worst" area in the whole mission, because thats where the old mission president sent all the bad missionaries for like a punishment, so al the people there think know how the mormon missionaries work, but theyve only known the stupid ones. Now, the new mission president is trying to get things started back up there. ITs agreat area honestly, but the thing that would stop them from having success is support from the branch. There are 10 active members, and only 2 or 3 have the priesthood, so theres no real support there. But were are trying to help them out as much as we can.
Friday and Saturday were spent going around to 2 areas to do baptismal interviews. Each area is about an hour away from here, so when we got to these areas, the missonaries hadnt verified well with the people and they werent there for their interviews, so we had to go back Saturday. Saturday we went and has to stay there for a few hours with the missionaries in one area becsue one of the companions was way sick, so we went around visiting people that were committed to go to church, then got back to our area at about 5 saturday night. So there went that week haha.
Id like to comment on somthing. All the MExicans here think that Arizona is a Mexican-hating-beating-killing area because of some law that was passed. Now, I dont know about that law, but theres no way its what they say it is haha. They think people from Arizona are like hunting Mexicans for the fun of it and throwing them out of the states. Im guessing they passed a law enforcing the immigration laws more strictly and taking out all the illegals because there wer too many perhaps taking over other jobs or creating some kind of economical problem. Thats jsut my guess. I dont think Barac would jsut say, "alright, all them Mexicans outta Arizona!"
Heres my address again so all you people who just love me so much can show your dedication for me by writing me a letter:

Calle Chiapas 2202
Colonia Roma Sur
Nuevo Leon, Mèxico


Much Love

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nueva Rosita, Coah. week 3

Crazy week! Last Monday I checked all my BYUI stuff and realized I didn't get assigned to the semesters I thought Id get on. All the planning Id done to make it all work out went down the drain haha. I had to really think if this was the right choice for me to make at this point in my life. Upon pondering and praying, I decided that it would be best for me to just get home and take a few classes at PCC or CSUP for a little bit, to help me get adjusted to normal life. I feel really good about this decision because there are many things Id like to do in Pueblo before going on to other things and going to BYUI wouldn't have allowed me to do those things. This means Ill be coming home the 5 of January. Whenever anyone asked me when I served my mission I can say, "from 08 to 11. That's how dedicated I am" haha!
We had interviews this week and they were awesome. President Romney is seriously like my father here in the mission. No one will ever replace my father father, but if there was anyone else that I had to be under that wasn't one of my fathers from the Mesa Ward, it would be Pres. Romney. he just makes us all feel so comfortable and like he really knows us and cares bout our situations. WE had a great talk and he helped me clear some questions I had.
We've been working with a girl for a couple weeks now who hasn't been able to get baptized because her mom wouldn't let her, and so Saturday night we called her to see if she was at least going to be able to go to church. She responded by saying, "Well tomorrow I'm getting baptized!" we were like, what? haha but she had a good talk with her mom and she finally supported her decision so we had a wonderful baptism yesterday. We were so happy for the patience the Lord gave us to keep working with her, and we can see the blessings.
Elder Andersen has been wanting to shave his arms for a good while now, but hasn't because of nerves. So Tuesday morning he grabs me and has me take pictures of him shaving his arms. I got bored of just taking pictures, and basically of not doing anything crazy and random, so I grabbed my razor and off I went. Its a strange feeling I'm not going to lie haha but at least I can say Ive done it. I just don't know how long it will take or how trashy it will look in the process for it to grow back out haha.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Much Love

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 2

Man this week was loco. We were in a Zone leader meeting from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon. There were almost no activities, so we were basically seated all day for 3 days straight. That was really difficult for me haha when my body feels like Im relaxing it starts to doze off, so I spent the better part of these 3 days standing up haha. But it was a great time! At nights we stayed in the house of some other missionaries and played lobos y aldeanos, or like cops and robbers. Pretty much the funnest game ever made!!!
We had 2 people that were going to get baptized this week, but didnt go ti church Sunday. The weekends they stay at the house of their parents about a hour away, but for their baptism they were going to come in. Well, Sunday morning their mom started telling them a bunch of stuff lie theyre not ready and they were already baptized int he Catholic church, all the normal stuff. But the parents had said before that there was no problem, so we were a little confused. Anyway, were going to talk more with them this week so theyll be ready on Sunday.
Heres a cool story- so we are teaching an investigator, and of course we invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She told us about an experience she had where she was laying down and she asked God that if this was the right decision that He would raise her arms towards Him. He did, So that was her answer. Anyway,we go back to her house a few days later to see if she was still stoked for her baptism, and she said she wasnt sure, and she just looked really sad. She tells us that in the time we didnt see her she hadnt read nor prayed. We explain that she needs to do both to get spiritual strength and all that and she just leans forward and starts to cry. At the moment I remember that in Preach My Gospel it says to not be afraid of silence, so we gave her a minute. Suddenly her arms start dropping slowly and the Book of Mormon slips from her grip. She slowly sits up, while drooling, with a blank look on her face. Suddenly her arms start raising up and she starts crying again. She came out of her trance like thing 8 minutes later and says she asked God again if this was the right decision and he raised her arms up again. Sweet. Afterward me and Andersen are talking and realize the Spirit wasnt really felt too strong in that moment haha. WE still dont really think it was an "Answer from God" but that if she keeps reading and praying, shell get a good one haha. During those 8 minutes I was just like, " This is going to be a great journal entry".
All is awesome here in Mexico. I have like 140 some odd days til I come home. In a store theres a giant banner that says how many days till Christmas, and me and Andy saw it and were taken by suprise haha.

Heres my mailing address SO YOU CAN ALL WRITE ME:

Calle Chiapas 2202
Colonia Roma Sur
Nuevo Leon, Mèxico

Have a great week!!!
Much Love

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 1

WEll we had transfers and Elder Leyva left. But I got basically the greatest blessing I could have received... my comp is Elder Andersen!!!!!!!!! My comp from the MTC! Monday night when they told us I just ran around the house screaming haha Its something I Ve wanted since I began my mission. The Lord has given me this great opportunity to grow, so I have to take advantage!
This week was great. We spent a good part of the whole week in the house making a map of the area and putting colored pins to indicate where the members live. their are 428 members so it took a good deal of time haha. But this way we see where an appointment is and we write down the 6 or 7 names closest so we can visit the inactives and ask for references and contact their neighbors. It was a sacrifice this week of literal proselyting time, but it will pay off greatly in the long run.
We had a wonderful baptism this week. Her name is liliana and she was simply prepared to receive the Gospel. I was kind of nervous though because she is a bit of a big lady and she chose me to baptize her haha. But at first she said she wanted us both to do it because shed feel bad just choosing one, so we decided to do it, the both of us. The ordinance was absolutely beautiful. Even being her size, she went in the water and came out wit no problems or difficulties whatsoever. Its like on the church movies where they re members who are actors so they've done it a million times so they know exactly how its going to happen. People usually panic a little when they feel their whole body go under and kick a little or something, but this one was absolutely beautiful.
Being with Elder Andersen had been a very humbling experience. Ive always wanted to work with him again because I knew there was so much I could learn from him, and now 19 months later theres even more to learn. Is just like working with a friend. Theres no tension or fights or anything, just equality. Its a great blessing for me.
Well, I know I said I was wanting to wait till fall to start school but I think its better if I just go ahead and start. But its still something Im thinking abut. but the most sure plan is that Ill start in January. But Ill do some more praying to see what the Lord thinks I should do.
I love you all and Ill try next week to put up my mail address so you can all write me letters. Im sure thats the only reason you haven't written me right? :)

Much Love

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rosita, Coah. week 6

This week was great. We worked hard this week and the Lord blessed us. We havent had any baptisms this transfer, even though we've been working really hard, and we were beginning to get a little down, but we kept working and we had 2 people at church whoa re going to get baptized this Sunday. One is Liliana, a lady we just contacted who wants to change her life. The other is a11 year old son of an inactive lady. He really likes video games haha so we tole him getting baptized is like going up a level in a game and that the Holy Ghost is like a hardcore map that guides us in life haha. He also really liked the church and is ready to get baptized.
So the other day we scheduled divisions to do baptismal interviews I had to go to a place called Muzquiz which normally is about an hour away, but with the crazy rain and flooding, the bridges got taken out and we had to go a crazy route. I took one bus about 20 minutes to where trains cross the river. It was the only bridge that didnt get wiped out. We had to walk across this bridge to get to a bus on the other side. While I was crossing, I could see how high the water had risen. It almost reached to top of the bridge I was on about a week earlier. All the trees were bent to wads the flow of the current because it had been so strong. Al the houses on the banks were wiped out. I looked down at one of the posts and about 3 feet down there was a whole tree bet around the support beam, thats how strong and high it went. Then from the other side,IT was about 45 minutes to a place called Barroteran, and from there another hour to Muzquiz. From one hour to two and a half, and from 23 pesos to 50. It was a crazy journey haha.But they just popped up another bridge so its all back to normal.
I ran over a dog this week. This stupid little chihuahua thing started chasing my comp on his bike. When this happens i get ready to do a kamikaze from behind maneuver to catch the dog off guard, yell at it,and scare the crud out of it. Well, I positioned myself,but the dumb dog didnt see me, and ran under my tires haha. I didnt hurt it, just surprised it pretty good. I didnt feel bad because one, It was chasing my companion, and two, I hate chihuahuas haha.
Well thats all for this week. Tonight we have transfers but its almost 100 percent that Were both staying. But we'll see.

Much Love

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

week 5 Rosita, Coahuila

This week was great. Another rainy one. It didnt rain like the last week, but we still got a good amount. We didnt have any ponchos so a member cut up a couple of trash bags and we threw those on haha it was great. We got completely wet, except our torsos haha.
The work here has been going all right, a lot different than in other areas. We havent had any baptisms yet, and my comp and I are figuring out new ways to better filter out the good from the bad. We had a few committed to go, but at the mera hora (at the exact hour) they simply dont come. They appear like they're going to progress really well, then simply dont come. So thats what were going to be working on this last week.
I had a pretty bad day of allergies on Saturday. My nose was running and I had a headache, the normal stuff. So, a member decides to take me to get a shot that supposedly would help me with allergies. So we go to the Pharmacist, and she takes my comp and I to the back. I sit down in a recliner and pull my shirtsleeve up. She says no, that I have to go to the table further back. Odd, I thought, but whatever. So I ask her if I need to sit down, she says no, I can do it standing up. THen she tells me to untuck my shirt.Then it hits me. This shot aint going to the arm. She grabs my pants haha and pulls them down a TEENY bit and throws that sucker into my right cheek. Never, in my life, has a shot hurt more than this. HAha but the pain went away after about 5 minutes. I can now officialy say that the first woman other than mom to see part of my tooshie was a 60 year old Mexican lady in a sketchy pharmacy while on my mission.
Well, 18 months without getting sick, then it hits me. Saturday night (the same night as the shot haha) we ate some lonches de barbacoa which are like sandwichy things with roast beef in them. Well, these bad boys did me damage. Sunday I had a bad stomachache and was tired all day. That same member took me to the doctor, and apparently I have a stomach infection haha. I got some medicine that should make me feel better here soon.
Sunday after church we went to a nearby town that the had been hit by the hurricane. The river runs through the city and flooded almost 100 percent of the city. We went and it was really sad seeing everything. Houses were totally ruined by the water. Al their belongings were destroyed, and the whole place smelled like an old basement. We went and helped a little bit there with the other missionaries in that area.
The Canicula, or the 40 hottest days in Northern Mexico, are about to start. IT starts the 15th I think and goes to the 31 of August. Its ridiculous how hot the sun can get!!!!! But well make it through haha.
Thats all from Mexico.

Much Love

p.s. To logan- dont let your head get too big that Spain won the world cup. :) ¡FUE COMPRADO! haha!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

week 4 Rosita, Coahuila

This week was WET!!! In case you hadn't heard, northern Mexico got plowed by a hurricane. We are inland so we still got the storm but not the full hit. But this week it has been raining a lot and has caused a lot of damage. Entire colonies have been wiped out, and I hear Monterrey is basically all underwater haha. But everything's fine here in Nueva Rosita, just good and muddy. I would much rather prefer the rain to baking in the 120 degree Mexican sun!!! Its a good chance and they say that all next week it will rain as well, so that will be fun :)

Well, on Thursday I completed 18 months in the mission. That means only 6 left. I have no idea where these last 6 months have gone. Everyone told me that the last year goes so much faster than the first,and I didnt understand how because my first year FLEW, but now I see that they dont call it downhill for nothing. Its gone SO ridiculously fast,and I imagine the last 6 will go even faster. Last night I was reflecting, and thinking about the last 18 months of my life. How much have I learned? How many people have I helped? How much have I grown, and how much have I changed? It was an amazing thought process, influenced and acted upon by the Holy Ghost. I received a feeling that I have done what the Lord has called me to do , and that mu service so far is acceptable to Him. That is the greatest blessing I could have received. Sometimes it just seems like Im walking in the streets talking to a bunch of people who do tn want to talk to me, and burning in the ridiculously strong sun, and I begin to loose the eternal aspect of things. Ya, maybe its hard, and at times seems like the progress is stunted, but I must go on. With each person I talk to, I am planting a seed, and that seed will grow. Someday they will remember that encounter with the guero (white guy) and thank him in their hearts. Its something that motivates me even when I just want to lay down and fall sleep under a nice big tree, that the Work must, and will go on. And I have to be there. I want to be there.
All right all right, thats enough crazy talk haha. A wonderful thing happened this week. We now have hot water to shower with. I almost cried. haha. We have this sweet liuttle shower head that plugs in and instantly heats the water. Its basically the greatest and most dangerous invention ever haha. Its such a stupid idea to plug in something DIRECTLY connected to water haha. No, really it is safe the way they made it haha dont worry I wont get shocked.
Mexico is eliminated from the World Cup. I dotn remember who thye lost to, bui Im just happy Argentina as well is out. They are like the stuck up preppies of soccer haha. Im surprised they dont pop their collars when they play haha!! No but the finals are like the 11th and we were going to be able to watch it but we cant not :( I really wanted to see it!!!

So thats all folks. Take care and I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

Thursday, July 1, 2010

week 3 Rosita, Coauhuila

This week was great. Man it has bees no hot here! I think we were above 110 degrees all week! The sun really gets to you.
We have made progress with Jorge and Denisse, but Denisse is having some family problems and wants to postpone the wedding and baptism. In one of the first visits we told them that the evil would put obstacles in the way to impede them from taking this step. A couple days later she began having problems with her dad. Weve explained it to her but she simply doesnt understand that whats happening is not a reason to stop things until its resolved, but a test to see if they really posses the faith necessary to go through and be members of the true church of Jesus Christ. She says that she knows God understands her situation and understands that they have to wait till all this is cleared up. I told her straight up that there is not one scripture in all the standard works that says God wants us to wait to obey the commandments. I think she understood when I said that. Jorge, however, is definitely a chosen and prepared person to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He says he koans that this is the true Church and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. In one of the closing prayers he even asked for God to help Denisse understand that its something to do NOW and that they dont need to wait. Were still going to work with them this week but if they dont get baptized this week we will have to leave them and have faith that in time, Denisse will realize she should have done it before. But were going to do all we can so they can do it this week.
I got some great news,,, I got accepted at BYU Idaho!!!!! I thought they'd already assigned me the track, but Ill have to see which track will really be the best for me. Im really excited to go and meet a ton of new people, and better yet people who are members. ITs better to be surrounded by people with morals. Here ive seen a definite need of morals in the world and I want to be with those kind of people.
Well on Wednesday well have the zone conference, and were going to combine zones with Piedras NEgras, so Ill get to go back to my old zone! Im excited to see how it will all work out.

Thats about it. I love you all and am waiting for your letters!!!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 2 Rosita, Cuahuila

This week was great. Last week we found a guy Saturday who came to church Sunday. We were contacting and talked to his dad, who was drunk, but we didn't even see him sitting behind where we were. The next day, we were riding bikes and he honked and we pulled over. He asked us what was our message. We quickly reviewed the Restoration, and he was interested. He went to church the next day. He is a great guy and had a tremendous desire to know the truth, but he isn't married. We've talked with him and his wife about it and they don't think having a piece of paper is going to make anything change. We explained that by getting married, they are obeying God, therefore He will then help them in their matrimony. It wont just be the two of them, but also God in their marriage, so they have a much greater chance of success. They simply don't understand this principle, so we are going go once more with them today and if they still haven't changed their minds, we will have to leave them behind. Yes its hard to leave someone you've put so much time and effort into, but we aren't here just to make people feel good. Were here to help the prepared children of God receive what they need and are ready for. So with that in mind we will simply have to look forward with an eye of faith knowing that by leaving them, God will put the truly chosen ones in our path.
I studied up on patience this week. I learned many great and valuable things. Patience is not as king God to lighten our burdens, but asking Him to strengthen us to bear the burdens He sees fit for us to take upon ourselves. If we simply asked Him to lessen the load, we would never grow, and would become lazy and slothful, and complain at the first sign of hardship. He wasn't to strengthen us, and unless we become stronger, we wont be useful tools in His hands. So its good to bear our trials haha.
That's about all. A pair of pants got eaten by the gear monster of my bike haha. But its nothing unfixable.
I love you all and hope all is great in Pueblo. To my family- I cant believe you bought a camping trailer. That's so random haha. But its so amazing and I'm really excited to use it when I get back.

Take care!!!!
Much Love

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila Week 1

This week has been insane. We had transfers on Monday, and my comp left. He has 6 months here, so it was almost 100% sure he was leaving. Edler Leyva came in his place. Hes from Mexico City and only has a month and a half more than me in the mission. Its good being with someone my own age. Or like the same time in the mission. Does that make any sense haha?
On Tuesday we left to Monterrey to go to the Consejo for the zone leaders. or the Zone leader council. We left here at about 11 am and got there at about 5. It was a great ride in the sweet buses, and since I like traveling, it was perfect for me. When I got there the mission Pres gave a short message, the we all changed into normal clothes and they took us to a place called Xplosion. Basically the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in Mexico. It was a huge place filled with adult sized inflatable bounce house things. We had races and just goofed around for 3 hours. The President and his wife got in on the fin too. I saw my mission President, a mas of about 55 years, throwing down front flips in one of the bounce rooms. I then felt bad, realizing he was in such better physical shape than me haha.
The next day we got down to work. We chose 2 themes that we would talk about in the Zone conference. We chose putting baptismal dates and using the scriptures. We then prepared the slides we would use. IT was fun, but I wasn't expecting it to be anything super entertaining, but we got down to work and it all turned out good.
On the way home, we were supposed to catch a bus at 5, but it was full, so at 620 we took a bus to Monclova, got there at 1030, then took another bus to Rosita, and got here at about 1 in the morning. Then up at 6:30 haha.
On Friday, our mission pres gave us all permission to watch the opening game of the World cup, with Mexico contra South Africa. I was so happy to finally be able to watch a soccer game!!! It was great. We would have won, but one of the goals didn't count because he was ahead (adelatado?). I don't know the translation in English, but it was awesome and we tied 1,1.
Because we only had about 6 hours to work in the area this week, we didn't get a whole lot of numbers done. But, Saturday evening, a guy honked his horn at us while we were riding our bikes. We pulled over and he asked us what we believed. We briefly explained the Restoration and he said he would come to church the next day. He really seemed interested, so we were counting on him to go. Well, he came but only for the Sacrament Meeting. He liked it and we gave him a tour of the church and introduced him to like everyone. He really enjoyed it, but wants to know more before he accepts getting baptized. So, he pulls us over, tells us hell go to church, comes, and actually pays attention. I'm pretty sure this guy is going to get baptized haha. IT really is wonderful all the blessings the Lord gives us, especially when we have to make sacrifices in out own areas. We are going to work with him and his wife this week.
Well, that's about it this week haha. Thank you Katie Hughes for your letter! I'm going to write you one this week and get it out as soon as I can.
Mason and Chris, write me punks!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Much Love

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila Week 6

Well this week was crazy, but I cant really think of too many things to report on haha.
We had 2 great baptisms on Sunday. IT was a lady we contacted 2 weeks ago. From the first time we taught her she accepted baptism, because it was what Jesus did and what she needed to do to follow him. However, each time I thought about her and how sure she really was, I doubted; she just didn't strike me as one of the obviously prepared people to be baptized. But, each time we went with her and taught her, The Spirit was in the lessons and testified to me that she was really going to do it and that she was prepared and that we were put in her path at the right time. We even fasted twice this week so that the Lord would allow her to feel the Spirit and really be baptized. Well, the Lord in His great mercy granted us the wish of our hearts and she was baptized. She still has much to learn and a lot to do to be 100 percent converted, but we are going to continue to work with her and help her to strengthen her testimony and faith.
Its the last week of this, the craziest transfer of my mission. For a week an a half, I had no companion, then had one for another week and a half, then got transferred with a new assignment. Its gone by soo fast haha. And i ow it will start to go even faster.
That's about it. I really wish the people who love me would write me!!!!!!! not to make you feel guilty or anything...

Much Love

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila Week 5

This week was interesting. My comp was hardly in the area, so I had to lead the area with the junior comps of the other areas, which was okay because they know the area more than I do haha.

This week I got really into studying the Plan of Salvation. It’s the lesson I least understand, and the least I put emphasis on when teaching to others. While studying, I remembered what Elder Bednar said about having a “revelatory experience”. So as I prayed to begin the lessons, my mind was opened to new Ideas and concepts that before I wouldn’t have thought of. Its really amazing how when one lives worthy of having the Spirit, how that Spirit teaches things that the student hasn’t read nor heard before. That’s what revelation is. Pure information from God. I barely got from the Preexistence to Our life on earth. Its so much great information!!!! And I saw began to see the scriptures in a new way as well. Before I mainly looked for scriptures to share with people that explain a certain principle, but then I realized that they are more there to help the teacher acquire the knowledge and understanding he needs to effectively share the message to the listeners. Its wonderful the illumination the Spirit gives one.

So today for Pday we were going to play squash, which was like an hour away form my area, but when we got there the Elders here only and 2 rackets, so we just did what Mexicans always do, and threw down a good old game of soccer. IT was fun as well, but I would have rather played racquetball haha.

We had 2 great baptisms this week and have one other planned for next week, with another possible. The Lord is really blessing us here as the missionaries work diligently. Its one of the most difficult zones in the mission, but we are slowly picking it up.

I love you all and am waiting for wonderful handwritten letters haha. Los Amo!!!

Much Love


Monday, May 24, 2010

Nueva Rosita, Coahuila week 1 (or week 4 of the transfer)

This week has been insane. We didnt have P Day on Monday because we
were going to the temple on Wednesday, so like always, we changed it
to Wednesday. But, Monday night, I got a call from the Assistants
informing me that I was getting short transferred (or getting
transferred within the 6 week period in which it usually happens). So,
Im here in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila as Zone Leader. Its about 6 hours
from Monterrey. Therefore, They had already had their P-day on Monday,
so when I got here, Id missed it. Sweet haha.
Last week was a true test of faith. The whole week we were doing
exactly what we should have been, but were having no results at all.
Saturday night came around and we had no one for church, so we just
started contacting. We got into a house of a lady who had a ton of
perfect questions, and said she and her husband would go to church the
next day. That night I still didn't count them as surer to go because
we'd just met them. So, Sunday, the next day, I give them a call to
see if they were really going to go , and they said they were on their
way. I was surprised, and really happy! haha. So when they got there,
all the members introduced themselves, it was great. Afterward, we
went to the baptismal font to put their baptismal date for the next
week, but the husband said he had many questions, because his mom is a
7th Day Adventist and filled his mind with a lot of funny stuff about
the Mormons. So he said he was going to take her to his house and we
were going to talk with her and answer her questions. Great, I
thought, a Bible Bash session. But that night he took her over and she
was just a very nice lady and had questions like what we believe about
tithing and fast offerings and other things of that nature. Everything
we explained were with divinely inspired words, because we explained
very clearly and respectfully that this is the only Church with
authority from God.The two who went just stayed quiet, and after about
45 minutes I realized that were not just here to answer trivial
questions but to get these people baptized. So I began talking to the
two who had gone to church with us, and I explained how we want to
teach them all they need to know to get baptized, then I asked them if
they would pray to know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.
When I said that, the husband sat up on the couch and said, "from
what I felt in the church today, I don't need to ask God any further
if its the true Church. I know" I'm sure I looked like I'd just gotten
slapped in the face. He just went on about all the good things that he
felt and that happened at church. It was a true manifestation to me
that God is preparing people and that he does reward us for our
righteous efforts. Even thought I got transferred the next day and
won't be there for there baptism- I am still very grateful for the
blessings the Lord gave me and for the lesson I learned in faith.
This week on Tuesday we had a special bi-mission conference. Elder
Bednar came and spoke to us. It was so awesome! He's the 3rd Apostle
I've seen in real life. It was amazing how he was. In General
Conference, we see them as distant people, just giving their talks,
but seeing him in real life, I realized hes a normal Human Being. It
was great to hear him making jokes and being normal haha. He even
talked about our note taking, and how all we write down are things
said, not felt. He then said, "How stupid is that?!" It was hilarious.
He then explained that in meetings, we shouldn't write down words they
say, but that it should be a "revelatory experience" and we should
write down what the Holy Ghost tells us that we need to do,
specifically. He spoke for about 3 hours on faith and prayer. That's
it. Who said the Gospel was complicated? He explained things in such a
clear manner that we were all receiving the testimony of the Spirit
that this man really was an Apostle of Jesus Christ and that this is
the Church of Jesus Christ. It was an absolutely unforgettable
So being a Zone Leader is crazy. I have only worked with my
companion like 1 day out of last week. I don't know my area or
anything. It really reminds me of Piedras Negras, the place I was in
like 9 months ago, just a small town, with not too much going on. I'm
excited to work here.
So ya, insane week. This week should be very interesting because my comp is not going to be here at all, so I have to direct the area. fun fun fun!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY week 14

This week was good. Saturday of last week they said Id get my companion Tuesday of this week, then Monday they said the same, but Monday night they said not till Thursday, so I was running around trying to get the young men to work with me. It was great. Haha. But finally on Thursday he came. Hes elder Garcia. He was in the mission offices for 7 months so its kinda strange for him working in the mornings too. Hes awesome and Im going to have a great time working with him-till his comp comes. Hes going to be training, so when his comp comes, they re going to send me another, so Ill have to start all over again haha. They say I wont be training again, so I really hope im not getting a new missionary haha.
We had a zone activity this morning. WE had like a barbecue and played soccer and stuff. I brought the a guitar a member let me borrow, and played that a little. It was really fun. I really like these activities to get to know everyone a little better.
My comp and I area really going to turn it up this week, and do even better than last week. We really need to get the area going, so we have some ideas to specify things that we need to do better, and are going to make plans for how to do them. Hes a great missionary and will really help me grow spiritually.
The important stuff- Coke has a program here that certain bottle tops are worth .50, 1, and 2 pesos towards Coke products. So, all day I walk in the streets and find tons of these little bottle tops, so Every time I want a coke, I just take out my bag of bottle tops and throw them on the counter haha. It only goes till the 15th so threes not much time left. I gotta hit it while I can!!!
Nothing too extraordinary this week. Its just been humid :( man i hate humidity! But i guess I gotta deal with it. Just one more heat wave and Ill be home haha.

Take care all and have a great week!
Much Love

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soilidarida, MTY week 13

This week was crazy. We went to the bus station to say goodbye to Elder Whitney, and to pick up my companion. Well, the Assistants told me that my comp wasn't coming for another week, because he was working in the offices and was training another Elder how to work the computers etc. so This has been a wonderful week of working with young men from the ward who have no Idea how to do missionary work! Haha some times I couldn't get anyone so I had to go with other missionaries. We still had one person at church though, which was a miracle, so well teach him and see if hes going to get baptized. My comp is coming tomorrow.
Sat we had a meeting with the zone leaders right after they got back from the zone leader council which they said would be way important. Apparently Elder Johnson from the first seventy came and said were totally changing the way we... well, work. Were now focusing more on the spirit and not on our own abilities. Contacts are simply bearing testimony and putting an appointment. A few elders Ive talked to love it because they think they don't have to work anymore to do contacts, just bear testimony, but what they don't get is that we still have to be intelligent in how we do it, and more than anything we have to be 100% sure we have the Spirit. Elder Johnson promised that if we did this, we would baptize each week. Which also means, if we don't baptize, then we didn't have the Spirit that week. It will be kinda tough, but worth it. Missionaries cant simply rely on their convincing power, but they MUST have the spirit of conversion. Elder Johnsons wife said, "its sad to think that so many of the chosen and prepared children of the Lord are born and die without hearing the Gospel because of missionaries who don't have the valor to open their mouths and preach the Gospel, and who waste so much time on those that are not prepared, trying only to convince them." So, yeah. Planchados. o everything is going to change and I'm glad about it.
Other awesomeness- a member gave me a broken electric acoustic guitar he has had for 5 years. IT broke 15 days after he bought it, and was sitting for 5 years because he didn't have tome, money, nor anyone to fix it. So, the bishop took me to a members house who is a carpenter, and hes going to fix it this week. FREE! I'm so happy!
AND... I was given 4 original Beatles vynals, written in Spanish (the lettering, not words) only 8 more months Mason then well jam them!!!
anyone who wants to is invited to my house at 7 my time to be there when I talk to my family. :) So Mason and Amy NEED to be there!!

Much Love

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silodaridad MTY week 12

this week, well like 4 days, have been great. Not a whole lot to report though... haha
Tonight we have transfers. My comp is leaving, and the zone leaders ere joking with me about being a trainer again which is what happened the first time I trained, so i PRAY im not training again haha. Its simply not my deal.
Anyway, I just finished recording my new n song, ''Its home'' and I really like it. The other Elders really liked it and said its powerful. I really hope the message gets across to whom it was meant for.
Sorry, not much new. Next week Ill have more to report. I love you all!!!!

Much Love

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY Week 11

This week was great. Elder Henandez, the other missionary that was working with us, got transferred last Tuesday. IT was hard saying goodbye to him. We had just gotten into the swing of how to work in a trio, when the good ol APs called and took him. He was only with us 2 weeks, but wed barely adjusted. IT was weird only having one comp to talk to walking down the road haha. But were getting it.
We had a great baptism Sunday. I was the mom of the drunk guy who was supposed to get baptized a few weeks ago. The baptism and everything went fine, except the water was FREEZING!! The boiler doesnt work well and even when it heats water it heats it super slow so it takes literally like 9 hours to fill, so we just turned on the cold one, not really expecting it to be THAT cold. But she was a good sport about it and we had a good laugh afterwords. She was really happy. I tell her shes like our mom. She is so loving and makes us dinner to take home consecutively. Shes just in a bad situation. Her husband is a huge drinker, her son (well, the passed out guy we found), and her daughter whos 16 doesnt really appreciate her much either. But we make sure she knows we love hr and are thankful for what she does for us.
We went to the temple today and I saw Elder Andersen and Simpson, 2 of my brothers of generation. The are doing great and loving life. I was really happy to see both of them and we 3 went and did confirmations.
We got to the temple at 6, and didnt go in toll about 645 so we had some time to just hang out in the reverence of the temple grounds. I sat next to the waterfall, just thinking about my mission and trying to put myself in a spiritually receptive mood. IT was great to simply be able to sit and think for a minute. The first time in almost 15 months haha
Well, all is great. I hope all is doing well. Tell mason to write me! I want to hear whats up with that dude :)

I love you all and till Monday

Much Love

Monday, April 12, 2010

Silodaridad, MTY week 10

This week was great. We worked even more diligently this week. It
was a great feeling knowing that true happiness comes from diligence.
What to report?... not a whole lot. We got in touch with the mom of
the guy we found a few weeks ago passed out on his floor, and she came
to church and wants to get baptized. So were excited about that. We
are really praying so we can help her son change his ways and be a
better person and husband so his family can be better.
Well today we went to an ice skating rink! I was sooo happy! Turns
out all those late nights with the dudes helped! It felt so weird
being in normal clothes ( not in church clothes like we area every
day). Of course, I rocked the Thrice shirt from my brother MAson
:):):):). Everyone was falling and I was just zooming past them haha
it was great, but eventually they got the hand of it. We played a game
where we threw a volleyball at a bilboard on the wall of the rink to
score a goal. Well, my team scored more haha. I was curving past them
and everything. The best part is I didnt feel bad about it. Now the
Mexicans know how we feel when we play soccer and they’re like doing
backflips and all that junk. One of the zone leaders got bugged, and
decided to stop playing haha! But we did play as a team. I dont think
I just took all the glory, we all had a great time.
After that, we went back to the church and I played the piano for
a good hour and a half. It felt so good to be playing! Espcially in
normal clothes! But it will feel good getting back into the normal
swing of things.
To Mason and Amy and Megan and Alayna- THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE
PICTURES!!!! That made my week! Man they are so funny! PLEASE SEND
MORE, in the group or individually please!!!!
So this week on Sunday night I got a hold of a guitar. As an
inevitable chain reaction, I wrote a song. Its called "It´s Home" and
its my best and favorite song so far. Im going to record it in a
couple of weeks and send it home. (Ill go on a P-day to some members
of another area, Im not dying I swear…)

Well have a wonderful week all. I loves you’s!

Much Love

P.S.Mason- Hows your new music coming along? im sure great. I was thinking about a band name for when I get back- The Beulah Brothers. haha Im sure youve got better ones.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY week 9

Sorry, I dont have much time my beloved readers.
Great week. We had zone conference, and got some great new insights on how to change things up and be better.
We watched all 4 sessions of Conference... in english!! Its so much better in english! I loved Pres. Hollands ownage talk (i dont know how to say planchar or regañar). Hes bold even to begin with, then the words "but bold, ew will be" we all held our breath and were scared haha. But it really was amazing.
Had a great baptism this Sunday. The first baptism Ive had from a street contact, just randomly talking to a passer by walking. It was great and she and her son really were prepared by God.
Sorry this is so short, I just had to transfer all the districts baptisms from January till now to an Excel sheet to give to the Stake President. I guess the only bad thing about having a lot of baptisms haha.
I Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hawken

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY Week 8

What has happened in the course of 4 days...
Well, Saturday, the Zone Leaders called and had us go to the bus station to pick up a new comp thats going to work with us. We are now in a trio. He's Elder Hernfandez, and hes a cool guy. Hes a bit of a cook (pronounced "kewk" like cooky) but cool nonetheless. Weve got to figure out how to teach and everything in a trio so that will be fun.
We had a guy that originally was going to get baptized Sunday, but we didnt feel to sure about that so he was just committed to go to church. Well, he didnt show, so we went to his house after the services to see what happened. his mom answered and said, "hes here, but I dont think youll be able to talk to him." She let us in, to the glorious view of him, sprawled out on the floor, completely blasted and passed out. I felt kinda bad, but at the same time it was kinda funny. I mean just sprawled out there haha. But yes I did feel bad haha.
Well not much else. not much in 4 days.

Till next week

Much Love

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Solidaridad, Monterrey Week 7

This week was great. We didnt have Pday because today we went to the temple. Needless to say, a beautiful experience.
Sunday was great. The young men and young women did a special program, and my convert Daniel directed it all. And, he and another convert, Eric who's 16, blessed the sacrament for the first time. They were both dressed up in suits and everything. It was so amazing to see how much these kids have changed and how strong there testimony is. The program went on and was absolutely beautiful, but at the very end, Eric was chosen to give his testimony. He just said over and over how much he has changed and how much the church and Gospel have helped him in his life. IT was one of the best moments in my whole mission, simply seeing how through me, God works miracles and changes peoples hearts. Later, I went up to Eric, and told him in his suit he looked just like a missionary. He smiled and said, "only 2 years to go", because Mexicans leave at 18. I was so happy when he said that and told him when he went to the temple after getting his call I would come down to see him. He smiled and thanked me. HE then said, "te vamos a extrañar cuando te vayas." Were going to miss you when you leave. Then he gave me a hug. Yeah, that wasn't a heart wrencher. I was so intensely happy, I just couldn't wait to get that letter saying he was going on a mission. That will be one of the ultimate rewards of my mission.
This area is phenomenal. There are so many people prepared here. The members jsut become their best friends instantly and make sure they stay active. The president said that many missionaries would be staying in each area for 4 transfers, or 6 months. I would have no problem staying here. I'm on my second transfer right now, and I could easily go 2 more. Then, one more area, then home.
Okay now for the good stuff... across the street we have 2 neighbors- a raging alcoholic, and teenagers. The alcoholic decides to absolutely blare his music at 11 at night. And its banda, which is basically polka in Spanish. The most annoying thing Ive ever heard (disculpenme Mexicanos). So I finally go gout and ask him to turn it off. HE says OK sure, but COMPLETELY blasted. so we go back in, I lay down and the music turns back on, so we decide we have to start thinking tactfully. So for about another 45 minutes, were talking, trying to reason with a man with the mentality of a 3 year old, while another elder tries to takeoff the stereo face and give it to his son to hide. Well, he catches on and doesn't let us. So, after some beat boxing, speaking Chinese, and hearing the word "tranquiqui" ( a drunk dirivative of "tranquilo" which means "calm down") He finally decides to turn it off. We got to bed at midnight. But it was great fun and Im sure not the last time it will happen. Man I love Mexico!
That's all. Jake, anything on the BYUI papers? I REALLY want to get going on those. Thanks.
Love you all and hope you ll flipping write me FRIENDS. Dang. Masons the only one who really loves me haha.

Till next week

p.s.- I want to learn American Sign Language, so in the next package could you send me a book?