Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 1 La cañada, Saltillo

This week was good, and a bit crazy. I was really nervous about who my next comp was going to be, because he was probably going to be my last comp for these last 2 transfers. But, I got one of the coolest misisonaries in the mission, Elder Simpson. Hes from my generation, hes the one we all bought scriptures for in the MTC because he was using his brothers. I was really happy to know he was coming here with me. Hes going home a transfer early for school and stuff, so Ill still be getting one more comp in 5 weeks. We had a ton of fun this week. Hes also a Thrice fanatic. So its been kinda hard to not start singing Deadbolt or Stare at the Sun, or play anything on the guitar haha. Weve had a blast this week.
Wednesday we had the district meetings, but because the Stake Pres decided to change the locks on the church and didnt give us any, we couldnt get in. so we decided to go a little farther away to another chapel, but the great missionaries there didnt realize till we got there that they didnt have keys either. Great. All the others were super far away and it wa already getting kind of late and we had to start. So we decide to go to a park, thats as well, kind of far away. So we get there and its not a park you can sit down on the grass in. Great!! So we walk a bit further and come to another park the map had on it... a skate park. Of course, the least useful of all meanings of the word park for our current situation haha. So we just sat down and had it there. Thankfully there were no kids there skating or anything.
Church was great. We had the baptism of a really cool lady whos kids were baptized but had never done it for some reason, but now accepted. Next week we are also baptizing her son and another lady of another part member family. We are really excited for these families.
Elder Whitney, my comp from like 9 months ago is in my zone. ITs so great to call and talk to him haha he hasn't changed a bit!!
NOt mcuh else going on. The work goes on and on. You just get into the rumbo and everyday is the same. Saturday isnt party with friends night, its just the day before Sunday, or GO TIME. haha its going to be weird going home and having options to do haha.
So I love you all and take care!

Much Love

p.s. MASON AND CHRIS WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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