Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 6 La cañada, Saltillo

This week had been insane. Monday to Thursday were good and normal, but thursday everything got turned upside down. My comp got called as the new Assistant to the President at 6pm, and he had to leave that same day before 9 pm. So we ran back, sent him off, and I just stayed that day with the other companionship we live with. I worked with them Friday, an that was a ton of fun going from appt to appt. IT was one crazy day. That whole day was just kind of awkward not being able to make the same jokes about the office or Nacho Libre that they could understand. I really missed Elder Van Vliet that day. Then, Saturday came. IT started out with Elder Hofmann, the Idaho redneck (its okay, he calls himself that too) trying to fix the font. They designed it so that the water drained from the font goes to an aqueduct thing under the church, from which they water the grass. Well, in winter they dont water grass for like 6 months. Wonderful design..... So, back to the awesome redneck. He takes an extension cord, strips the end, and somehow with a Leatherman hot-wires the pump that takes the water from the aqueduct to the sprinklers, and bypasses it to the gutter. And by golly, it worked. Well, until the motor overheated and we turned it off. Then, he and I and the district leader in the zone went to the district leaders area to do 10 baptismal interviews. Zero in 5 weeks, then 10 in the last week. Haha it was insane. All day we were doing interviews so people could get baptized on Sunday. Then when we got back to my area at 8, another area called and said for me to go over because they might have someone get baptized. I told them to make sure he was there and ready. Well at his house 2 young, not the most modest girls, walked out and said he wasnt there. Hes the only one who lives there. So he was hiding haha. Sunday I was running everywhere finishing interviews for that same area as well as getting my baptism ready, all without a companion. We did a TON of divisions but finally everything worked out in the end. I can now breathe a breath of air. Im getting a comp tomorrow, and everything will be back to normal. I hope!
Well I hope all is well at home. I only have 3 months left. Thats insane! I think a cruise would be a good homecoming gift... :)

Much Love

p.s. Chris and Mason... WRITE ME!!!

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