Sunday, April 25, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY Week 11

This week was great. Elder Henandez, the other missionary that was working with us, got transferred last Tuesday. IT was hard saying goodbye to him. We had just gotten into the swing of how to work in a trio, when the good ol APs called and took him. He was only with us 2 weeks, but wed barely adjusted. IT was weird only having one comp to talk to walking down the road haha. But were getting it.
We had a great baptism Sunday. I was the mom of the drunk guy who was supposed to get baptized a few weeks ago. The baptism and everything went fine, except the water was FREEZING!! The boiler doesnt work well and even when it heats water it heats it super slow so it takes literally like 9 hours to fill, so we just turned on the cold one, not really expecting it to be THAT cold. But she was a good sport about it and we had a good laugh afterwords. She was really happy. I tell her shes like our mom. She is so loving and makes us dinner to take home consecutively. Shes just in a bad situation. Her husband is a huge drinker, her son (well, the passed out guy we found), and her daughter whos 16 doesnt really appreciate her much either. But we make sure she knows we love hr and are thankful for what she does for us.
We went to the temple today and I saw Elder Andersen and Simpson, 2 of my brothers of generation. The are doing great and loving life. I was really happy to see both of them and we 3 went and did confirmations.
We got to the temple at 6, and didnt go in toll about 645 so we had some time to just hang out in the reverence of the temple grounds. I sat next to the waterfall, just thinking about my mission and trying to put myself in a spiritually receptive mood. IT was great to simply be able to sit and think for a minute. The first time in almost 15 months haha
Well, all is great. I hope all is doing well. Tell mason to write me! I want to hear whats up with that dude :)

I love you all and till Monday

Much Love

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