Monday, June 7, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila Week 6

Well this week was crazy, but I cant really think of too many things to report on haha.
We had 2 great baptisms on Sunday. IT was a lady we contacted 2 weeks ago. From the first time we taught her she accepted baptism, because it was what Jesus did and what she needed to do to follow him. However, each time I thought about her and how sure she really was, I doubted; she just didn't strike me as one of the obviously prepared people to be baptized. But, each time we went with her and taught her, The Spirit was in the lessons and testified to me that she was really going to do it and that she was prepared and that we were put in her path at the right time. We even fasted twice this week so that the Lord would allow her to feel the Spirit and really be baptized. Well, the Lord in His great mercy granted us the wish of our hearts and she was baptized. She still has much to learn and a lot to do to be 100 percent converted, but we are going to continue to work with her and help her to strengthen her testimony and faith.
Its the last week of this, the craziest transfer of my mission. For a week an a half, I had no companion, then had one for another week and a half, then got transferred with a new assignment. Its gone by soo fast haha. And i ow it will start to go even faster.
That's about it. I really wish the people who love me would write me!!!!!!! not to make you feel guilty or anything...

Much Love

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