Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rosita, Coah. week 6

This week was great. We worked hard this week and the Lord blessed us. We havent had any baptisms this transfer, even though we've been working really hard, and we were beginning to get a little down, but we kept working and we had 2 people at church whoa re going to get baptized this Sunday. One is Liliana, a lady we just contacted who wants to change her life. The other is a11 year old son of an inactive lady. He really likes video games haha so we tole him getting baptized is like going up a level in a game and that the Holy Ghost is like a hardcore map that guides us in life haha. He also really liked the church and is ready to get baptized.
So the other day we scheduled divisions to do baptismal interviews I had to go to a place called Muzquiz which normally is about an hour away, but with the crazy rain and flooding, the bridges got taken out and we had to go a crazy route. I took one bus about 20 minutes to where trains cross the river. It was the only bridge that didnt get wiped out. We had to walk across this bridge to get to a bus on the other side. While I was crossing, I could see how high the water had risen. It almost reached to top of the bridge I was on about a week earlier. All the trees were bent to wads the flow of the current because it had been so strong. Al the houses on the banks were wiped out. I looked down at one of the posts and about 3 feet down there was a whole tree bet around the support beam, thats how strong and high it went. Then from the other side,IT was about 45 minutes to a place called Barroteran, and from there another hour to Muzquiz. From one hour to two and a half, and from 23 pesos to 50. It was a crazy journey haha.But they just popped up another bridge so its all back to normal.
I ran over a dog this week. This stupid little chihuahua thing started chasing my comp on his bike. When this happens i get ready to do a kamikaze from behind maneuver to catch the dog off guard, yell at it,and scare the crud out of it. Well, I positioned myself,but the dumb dog didnt see me, and ran under my tires haha. I didnt hurt it, just surprised it pretty good. I didnt feel bad because one, It was chasing my companion, and two, I hate chihuahuas haha.
Well thats all for this week. Tonight we have transfers but its almost 100 percent that Were both staying. But we'll see.

Much Love

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