Monday, August 9, 2010

Nueva Rosita, Coah. week 3

Crazy week! Last Monday I checked all my BYUI stuff and realized I didn't get assigned to the semesters I thought Id get on. All the planning Id done to make it all work out went down the drain haha. I had to really think if this was the right choice for me to make at this point in my life. Upon pondering and praying, I decided that it would be best for me to just get home and take a few classes at PCC or CSUP for a little bit, to help me get adjusted to normal life. I feel really good about this decision because there are many things Id like to do in Pueblo before going on to other things and going to BYUI wouldn't have allowed me to do those things. This means Ill be coming home the 5 of January. Whenever anyone asked me when I served my mission I can say, "from 08 to 11. That's how dedicated I am" haha!
We had interviews this week and they were awesome. President Romney is seriously like my father here in the mission. No one will ever replace my father father, but if there was anyone else that I had to be under that wasn't one of my fathers from the Mesa Ward, it would be Pres. Romney. he just makes us all feel so comfortable and like he really knows us and cares bout our situations. WE had a great talk and he helped me clear some questions I had.
We've been working with a girl for a couple weeks now who hasn't been able to get baptized because her mom wouldn't let her, and so Saturday night we called her to see if she was at least going to be able to go to church. She responded by saying, "Well tomorrow I'm getting baptized!" we were like, what? haha but she had a good talk with her mom and she finally supported her decision so we had a wonderful baptism yesterday. We were so happy for the patience the Lord gave us to keep working with her, and we can see the blessings.
Elder Andersen has been wanting to shave his arms for a good while now, but hasn't because of nerves. So Tuesday morning he grabs me and has me take pictures of him shaving his arms. I got bored of just taking pictures, and basically of not doing anything crazy and random, so I grabbed my razor and off I went. Its a strange feeling I'm not going to lie haha but at least I can say Ive done it. I just don't know how long it will take or how trashy it will look in the process for it to grow back out haha.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Much Love

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