Friday, February 27, 2009

MTC Week 9

This is it. Last few days in the MTC. We had a meeting about health and safety in the field and some like 94 year old guy was delivering it to us. I'm sorry, I'm sure it was informative, but we just couldn't concentrate! and every time he said diarrhea we couldn't help but laugh! Lo Siento!So I ran into someone who served in the Spanish Branch back home. His name was Elder Andelin, and he actually baptized Pablo! He asked about Gina and Lily and I said they were all doing fine. It was a cool experience.
Thanks to mom, Gilly(Sally), Cari, Kayela Kim, and Alisa Lybbert for writing me. I didn't know so many people cared about me :) Please keep writing!!We taught the 2nd lesson for the last time today (in the MTC haha). We had a native of Guatemala and we understood pretty much most of what she said. Its so amazing the Gift of Tongues that we are blessed with. The lesson flowed very smooth and we got to know her and her concerns and taught to what her needs were. It was amazing. and we committed her to bring her friend next Sunday :)We also taught our "progressing Investigator" again this week (read last weeks blog :) ) It was way incredible. It was the second lesson and he was extremely receptive and understood everything, so we committed him to baptism. He said he feels like its right but he and his wife are separated at the moment and should talk to her first. I asked if he would ask her and his 3 daughters if they would listen too. He said he would love it and would ask them :) Too bad we'll be in Mexico...So its really weird knowing this time next week Ill be in Mexico. I'm so excited, but a little scared too. I know I shouldn't be because the Lord will be there, but still... its nerve wracking. I just need to get out there and get working! But I know God will help me in whatever I need.For our last devotional, the choir sang "come thou fount" which was absolutely the best possible song to sing for my last choir performance here. Oh it was so great. Last Sunday me and one of the Hermanas in our zone sang "A Childs Prayer" in Spanish, which was incredible as well.Sooo, not much more to write. I haven't started packing yet. haha. That will be fun. hopefully my bags will be okay.Now that Im done rambling, Ill end this lil doggy. Love you all and will write next week from Mexico!
Much Love

Friday, February 20, 2009

MTC Week 8

Hola! So the MTC life is still going strong. Its crazy to think that in 10 days I'll be in Mexico. Our departure date is the 2 of March, for those of you who didn't know :) Matt, thanks so much for the DearElder letter. Yes, I got it and that's insane about Blink!!!!!!!! But I like Motab and E.F.Y. CD's much better... :( haha jk but that's way cool.
So this week was pretty cool. We taught the second lesson in Spanish for the first time, and it went really well. We knew the doctrines, as well as most of the vocabulary, and what vocab we didn't know, the Spirit took over. So it went good. Our devotional this week was awesome. We had M.Russel Ballard come talk to us. I took 2 and a half pages of notes so its kinda hard to specify what he spoke on haha. But he talked about going and speaking to all the major press associates about the beliefs of the church during the campaign of Mitt Romney while there were a lot of false statements being made. He said it was the perfect missionary opportunity and that "once we bore our firm testimonies of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all the other questions were easy, because we had that as our foundation." It was really amazing to hear him and feel the spirit there.
So we had an interesting experience this week. Elder Andersen and I went to the TEC (which is like a place where you can teach teachers and they help you with what you need) to see if we could sign up to teach the second lesson. So as I'm checking the list, Elder Andersen just starts making small talk with this guy sitting in a chair. I finish looking at the list seeing that there was no openings, and I come over and start talking. This guy said he was just waiting for his brother to take him to work. The spirit told me to talk about the Gospel. So I began asking questions and we began answering his questions. Anyway, we give him the total first lesson, as well as teach him how to pray, because he was way into it and was understanding really well. So we ask if he'll be here any other time so we can talk to him again. He says yes, on Monday hes here from 12-4 waiting for his brother. I thought, dang he waits here for 4 hours? haha here comes the best part. We say "well, what time is best for you?" he says"lets go check." he takes us back to the board of teacher times, and sure enough, theres his picture with the perfect account of the "life" he told us about. It turns out he was a "progressing investigator" which is someone you teach continually every day for a few times a week, just like in the field. This man acted sooooo well and the spirit was so strong, that I could have sworn it was real. so then I got to thinking, " a guy sitting in the MTC, waits for his brother for 4 hours a day, lives in Utah, never heard of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ?" haha it all made sense after that. We have a return appointment with Bobby Jameson at 3:30 on Monday in Rm 215 :) Haha
Anyway, we should be getting travel plans today (!!!) I only know the flight info already because a couple weeks back when we went to SLC to sign our visas, they already had our info, so we ask" can you tell us what time and what day we leave?" and they did! :) So there was no visa delay for us thankfully. Mexico is one of the hardest to get visas for.
Anyway I love you all and write me!!!
Much Love

Saturday, February 14, 2009

MTC Week 7

Okay, going into week 7. Completely crazy. In 2 and a half weeks ill be in Mexico, and completely clueless. Man I'm so excited!!!! Thanks to Jake & Amy & mom for the packages, Kayela, and Brooke for your letters. It makes my day when I get mail from the people who really care about me :) Es lo maximo.
Sunday we had a good devotional and after we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. That movie is amazing. that man is amazing. there is no possible way anyone would or could go through something like that without guidance from God. If Joseph wasn't a prophet, and those who followed him were not, why is the Latter-day Saint religion so well? It wouldn't make any sense. I love Joseph and I know in my heart he was a prophet called of God. I just know it. The Temple was awesome, as always. The spirit in that holy building of God is absolutely amazing. Every time I go I feel the Spirit, though it may be in different ways, its always the same.
Tonight we have a "mock" baptism for the zone, all in Spanish. I'm singing "Come, follow me", which Im really excited for. Its going to be interesting having everything done in Spanish!! This sunday me and another Elder are singing "Abide with me, 'tis eventide" which I'm also really excited for. You didnt think that because I'm on a mission, Id stop singing did you? Haha church hymns are the best!!
So happy Valentines Day to everyone!!!!! I want DJ and Chris and Mason to be my valentines. ;) haha yeah sorry I kinda forgot about it because it seems like January was 3 days ago, and were already a halfway through February!! Its insane. Not much new or interesting things have happened in the MTC this week. Its basically class and eat and study and class and eat and class and sleep. But I love it!! Haha but I cant wait for the field to go out and teach my people of Mexico.I love you all and hope the week is good.
If you haven't written me please do:

Elder James Hawken
MTC mailbox#148
Mex-MonW 03022
005 N. 900E.
Provo UT84604

Hasta luego!
Much Love

Friday, February 6, 2009

MTC Week 6

MTC week 6
How in the world! Ive been here for 6 weeks (well, going into the 6th week)I really dont know. I feel like its been 4 days. Anyway, not a whole lot happened here this week. The district ahead of usleft on tuesday, which was really hard. And during Fast Sunday, when you'reclosest to the Spirit, and these people who have become like brothers aresinging "Ye Elders of Israel", and your an emotional person as it is (thanks mom),its a recipe for disaster. I just broke down and started bawling. These are incredible men, incredible friends, and incredible missionaries.
Tuesday we had a good devotional with Bro. Mask of The 70 (to allnon-Mormons, he's an important guy :) ). He told us how he would sit on hisgrandpas knee and listen to story after story of his mission. Once his Grandpaand his Comp were rounded up by some policia guys, and were up against the wallabout to get shot because they thought they were spies. His grandpa quoted in Mosiah 17 where he says "I have a message I have not yet delivered..." then they said the message was for the President of Mexico! So they taught him and he says "Ive always thought Qetzelquatl (The GreatWhite God of the Native Americans) was Jesus Christ." BOOM! How awesome is that! anyway, he was a really funny speaker, and Id suggest looking him up.
My Dad informed me that in a roundabout way, My Uncle Doug recieves my blog too. Hi Uncle Doug!! My dad told me that you are really proud of me and amdoing something great with my life. Ill never forget that day when you called meand told me how proud you were of me. That was really an important call. I loveyou uncle Doug and thank you for all your support and write me! (Halbert has myaddress :)
Every Sunday we watch church movies right after the devotional, and thisweek we watched "Testament." That movie is amazing. At the very end, when the guywho waits for the Savior his whole life and looses his sight (i dont rememberhis name), is told by his son that the Lord has come, and he says "Describe him to me, " Then Christ comes and heals his eyes, that part tears me up! Its so amazingthat Christ did have other sheep not of the fold of Jerusalem (John 10:16) andthats why he came to the ancient Americas to teach the other children he loved.
Jake, write me about your trip to Mexico! I want to know what My People are like!! Haha thats so exciting. Today we get to leave to go to SLC to do visa work, and I dont know if anyone reading this has ever been in the MTC for 6weeks, and then hears they get to leave for 3 hours, but its the best news I've heard in a long time!!!!!! haha but ya I'm excited.
I really want everyones addresses, so me, and give me your addresses.
I know with all my heart this is the church of Jesus Christ, and we have the authority to prove it. However, only after the trial of your faith will we recieve the answers. Faith preceedes miracles. Moses didntsay" Hey god, part the sea and Ill believe in you". He said "I believe in you, so please part the sea." Moses didnt do it, God did!
I love you all and have a good week!!!!!
Much Love