Tuesday, September 28, 2010

la Cañada, Saltillo week 4

This week was a crazy one. Tuesday we had our district meetings, but given the condition the zone is in, we had a combined class. We basically brought them to the dirt in humility, then brought them back up again. We practiced some things we saw they werent doing very well, and we confided in them to have a better week. Well, Sunday came around and we had the same results as always, so we decided to have another zone meeting. In planning it, my comp and I read Alma 52 and applied ti to ourselves. we didnt need anything elaborate, just something small but effective, well placed you might say. We both felt that obedience was what we needed to speak on, so we prepared a bit. If we didnt bring them to sackcloth and ashes on Tuesday, we sure did on Sunday. It was so well placed, and made each of them feel so bad, but was done so lovingly with the Spirit, we felt that it really hit home and that things are going to change. We have a lot of hope for this week and are going to help them out.
I went to Monterrey with another missionary to get a couple from our area married so the wife could get baptized. It was a great civil marriage. It took like a half hour haha but it was great and they are both really happy. When we got back, she got baptized and it was a wonderful service. Her husband hadnt been too interested but went Sunday to the confirmation. If we have ANYBODY at church its our duty to invite them to get baptized that same moment at the church. So I took him to the font and focused on the necessity of baptism so his family could be eternal, and the consequences if it wasnt done. He said he understood the importance and wants to but his work schedule doesnt allow us to teach him (he is gone from 6 am to 9 pm). We are going to find some solution so he can get baptized this Sunday.
We were just in a pizza hut munchin down, when once again a familiar voice came on the TV ( I wasnt watching I promise). Good ol Billy Joe Armstrong and Green Day. It was some stupid song about American Girls or something, and I only bothered to see like 10 seconds before I decided it was a waste of time. Unoriginal, and pretty sure they sold out. Something tells me I havent missed too much in the music world haha.
This was a very long week and Im kinda glad its over haha. This week we have the Zone Conference so that will be great fun!
Thank you SO MUCH to Katie Hughes, Reg-nog (Ragan), and the Petersons for your letters. Its so great to hear from you!!!!! Im going to try as hard as I can to write you but mail sent from here takes at least a month to get there, if it even arrives. So I really am thankful and Ill try to write you!!!!!

Love you all!!!!
Much Love

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