Monday, July 26, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 1

WEll we had transfers and Elder Leyva left. But I got basically the greatest blessing I could have received... my comp is Elder Andersen!!!!!!!!! My comp from the MTC! Monday night when they told us I just ran around the house screaming haha Its something I Ve wanted since I began my mission. The Lord has given me this great opportunity to grow, so I have to take advantage!
This week was great. We spent a good part of the whole week in the house making a map of the area and putting colored pins to indicate where the members live. their are 428 members so it took a good deal of time haha. But this way we see where an appointment is and we write down the 6 or 7 names closest so we can visit the inactives and ask for references and contact their neighbors. It was a sacrifice this week of literal proselyting time, but it will pay off greatly in the long run.
We had a wonderful baptism this week. Her name is liliana and she was simply prepared to receive the Gospel. I was kind of nervous though because she is a bit of a big lady and she chose me to baptize her haha. But at first she said she wanted us both to do it because shed feel bad just choosing one, so we decided to do it, the both of us. The ordinance was absolutely beautiful. Even being her size, she went in the water and came out wit no problems or difficulties whatsoever. Its like on the church movies where they re members who are actors so they've done it a million times so they know exactly how its going to happen. People usually panic a little when they feel their whole body go under and kick a little or something, but this one was absolutely beautiful.
Being with Elder Andersen had been a very humbling experience. Ive always wanted to work with him again because I knew there was so much I could learn from him, and now 19 months later theres even more to learn. Is just like working with a friend. Theres no tension or fights or anything, just equality. Its a great blessing for me.
Well, I know I said I was wanting to wait till fall to start school but I think its better if I just go ahead and start. But its still something Im thinking abut. but the most sure plan is that Ill start in January. But Ill do some more praying to see what the Lord thinks I should do.
I love you all and Ill try next week to put up my mail address so you can all write me letters. Im sure thats the only reason you haven't written me right? :)

Much Love

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