Thursday, July 1, 2010

week 3 Rosita, Coauhuila

This week was great. Man it has bees no hot here! I think we were above 110 degrees all week! The sun really gets to you.
We have made progress with Jorge and Denisse, but Denisse is having some family problems and wants to postpone the wedding and baptism. In one of the first visits we told them that the evil would put obstacles in the way to impede them from taking this step. A couple days later she began having problems with her dad. Weve explained it to her but she simply doesnt understand that whats happening is not a reason to stop things until its resolved, but a test to see if they really posses the faith necessary to go through and be members of the true church of Jesus Christ. She says that she knows God understands her situation and understands that they have to wait till all this is cleared up. I told her straight up that there is not one scripture in all the standard works that says God wants us to wait to obey the commandments. I think she understood when I said that. Jorge, however, is definitely a chosen and prepared person to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He says he koans that this is the true Church and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. In one of the closing prayers he even asked for God to help Denisse understand that its something to do NOW and that they dont need to wait. Were still going to work with them this week but if they dont get baptized this week we will have to leave them and have faith that in time, Denisse will realize she should have done it before. But were going to do all we can so they can do it this week.
I got some great news,,, I got accepted at BYU Idaho!!!!! I thought they'd already assigned me the track, but Ill have to see which track will really be the best for me. Im really excited to go and meet a ton of new people, and better yet people who are members. ITs better to be surrounded by people with morals. Here ive seen a definite need of morals in the world and I want to be with those kind of people.
Well on Wednesday well have the zone conference, and were going to combine zones with Piedras NEgras, so Ill get to go back to my old zone! Im excited to see how it will all work out.

Thats about it. I love you all and am waiting for your letters!!!!!!

Much Love

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