Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY week 14

This week was good. Saturday of last week they said Id get my companion Tuesday of this week, then Monday they said the same, but Monday night they said not till Thursday, so I was running around trying to get the young men to work with me. It was great. Haha. But finally on Thursday he came. Hes elder Garcia. He was in the mission offices for 7 months so its kinda strange for him working in the mornings too. Hes awesome and Im going to have a great time working with him-till his comp comes. Hes going to be training, so when his comp comes, they re going to send me another, so Ill have to start all over again haha. They say I wont be training again, so I really hope im not getting a new missionary haha.
We had a zone activity this morning. WE had like a barbecue and played soccer and stuff. I brought the a guitar a member let me borrow, and played that a little. It was really fun. I really like these activities to get to know everyone a little better.
My comp and I area really going to turn it up this week, and do even better than last week. We really need to get the area going, so we have some ideas to specify things that we need to do better, and are going to make plans for how to do them. Hes a great missionary and will really help me grow spiritually.
The important stuff- Coke has a program here that certain bottle tops are worth .50, 1, and 2 pesos towards Coke products. So, all day I walk in the streets and find tons of these little bottle tops, so Every time I want a coke, I just take out my bag of bottle tops and throw them on the counter haha. It only goes till the 15th so threes not much time left. I gotta hit it while I can!!!
Nothing too extraordinary this week. Its just been humid :( man i hate humidity! But i guess I gotta deal with it. Just one more heat wave and Ill be home haha.

Take care all and have a great week!
Much Love

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