Wednesday, July 7, 2010

week 4 Rosita, Coahuila

This week was WET!!! In case you hadn't heard, northern Mexico got plowed by a hurricane. We are inland so we still got the storm but not the full hit. But this week it has been raining a lot and has caused a lot of damage. Entire colonies have been wiped out, and I hear Monterrey is basically all underwater haha. But everything's fine here in Nueva Rosita, just good and muddy. I would much rather prefer the rain to baking in the 120 degree Mexican sun!!! Its a good chance and they say that all next week it will rain as well, so that will be fun :)

Well, on Thursday I completed 18 months in the mission. That means only 6 left. I have no idea where these last 6 months have gone. Everyone told me that the last year goes so much faster than the first,and I didnt understand how because my first year FLEW, but now I see that they dont call it downhill for nothing. Its gone SO ridiculously fast,and I imagine the last 6 will go even faster. Last night I was reflecting, and thinking about the last 18 months of my life. How much have I learned? How many people have I helped? How much have I grown, and how much have I changed? It was an amazing thought process, influenced and acted upon by the Holy Ghost. I received a feeling that I have done what the Lord has called me to do , and that mu service so far is acceptable to Him. That is the greatest blessing I could have received. Sometimes it just seems like Im walking in the streets talking to a bunch of people who do tn want to talk to me, and burning in the ridiculously strong sun, and I begin to loose the eternal aspect of things. Ya, maybe its hard, and at times seems like the progress is stunted, but I must go on. With each person I talk to, I am planting a seed, and that seed will grow. Someday they will remember that encounter with the guero (white guy) and thank him in their hearts. Its something that motivates me even when I just want to lay down and fall sleep under a nice big tree, that the Work must, and will go on. And I have to be there. I want to be there.
All right all right, thats enough crazy talk haha. A wonderful thing happened this week. We now have hot water to shower with. I almost cried. haha. We have this sweet liuttle shower head that plugs in and instantly heats the water. Its basically the greatest and most dangerous invention ever haha. Its such a stupid idea to plug in something DIRECTLY connected to water haha. No, really it is safe the way they made it haha dont worry I wont get shocked.
Mexico is eliminated from the World Cup. I dotn remember who thye lost to, bui Im just happy Argentina as well is out. They are like the stuck up preppies of soccer haha. Im surprised they dont pop their collars when they play haha!! No but the finals are like the 11th and we were going to be able to watch it but we cant not :( I really wanted to see it!!!

So thats all folks. Take care and I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

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