Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 2 Rosita, Cuahuila

This week was great. Last week we found a guy Saturday who came to church Sunday. We were contacting and talked to his dad, who was drunk, but we didn't even see him sitting behind where we were. The next day, we were riding bikes and he honked and we pulled over. He asked us what was our message. We quickly reviewed the Restoration, and he was interested. He went to church the next day. He is a great guy and had a tremendous desire to know the truth, but he isn't married. We've talked with him and his wife about it and they don't think having a piece of paper is going to make anything change. We explained that by getting married, they are obeying God, therefore He will then help them in their matrimony. It wont just be the two of them, but also God in their marriage, so they have a much greater chance of success. They simply don't understand this principle, so we are going go once more with them today and if they still haven't changed their minds, we will have to leave them behind. Yes its hard to leave someone you've put so much time and effort into, but we aren't here just to make people feel good. Were here to help the prepared children of God receive what they need and are ready for. So with that in mind we will simply have to look forward with an eye of faith knowing that by leaving them, God will put the truly chosen ones in our path.
I studied up on patience this week. I learned many great and valuable things. Patience is not as king God to lighten our burdens, but asking Him to strengthen us to bear the burdens He sees fit for us to take upon ourselves. If we simply asked Him to lessen the load, we would never grow, and would become lazy and slothful, and complain at the first sign of hardship. He wasn't to strengthen us, and unless we become stronger, we wont be useful tools in His hands. So its good to bear our trials haha.
That's about all. A pair of pants got eaten by the gear monster of my bike haha. But its nothing unfixable.
I love you all and hope all is great in Pueblo. To my family- I cant believe you bought a camping trailer. That's so random haha. But its so amazing and I'm really excited to use it when I get back.

Take care!!!!
Much Love

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