Monday, September 20, 2010

La cañada, Saltillo Week 3

This week was great and terrible. We had 4 baptisms here and have 3 more for next week. The bad part is that the zone is dead. In the whole month of September only one other companionship had baptized one person. That is unheard of and terrible. We are the least baptizing zone in the mission right now. But this week we are going to do divisions and kick them into gear, a little hard love to keep them from being lazy and disobedient. It will be fun.
on the 15th we had the stake 15 of September party. Thats the Mexican Independence Day. We had a huge turnout, it was great. Walking there, there was a little stand of cheap Mexican stuff, and one of the items was a fake mustache. I had to.....So I bought one for my comp and I, but he didnt know because we were on divisions. so when we get there, I see him, and he brought a giant sombrero that he has haha and I put on the old sombrero he had. We were the most Mexican gringos there haha. We had a great time and so did all the other missionaries.
I went on divisions with one of the elders in my zone. As the day went on, I realized more and more of how much I've learned and how much I've changed. Before I was just kinda timid and didn't really want to tell people how it is. But now- well each contact knows that I know this is the only true church and greatest source of blessings they could have in their lives. At the end of the 2 days, that missionary told me that it made so much sense how I do things, filtering out the people that just say "yes" to everything and looking for the people who really have a desire to know more. Many missionaries teach and keep in teaching anyone and everyone they can, which sounds good, but really isn't. In teaching unprepared people and people who arent going to make and keep commitments is just wasting the time of the Lord, and thats what I told him. Im going to go with another missionary this week to teach him the same principle. Its an indispensable lesson to learn and is what makes or breaks an effective missionary.
Anyway all is great here. Just working away. Thank yo all for your support!!!!

Much Love

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