Monday, August 2, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 2

Man this week was loco. We were in a Zone leader meeting from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon. There were almost no activities, so we were basically seated all day for 3 days straight. That was really difficult for me haha when my body feels like Im relaxing it starts to doze off, so I spent the better part of these 3 days standing up haha. But it was a great time! At nights we stayed in the house of some other missionaries and played lobos y aldeanos, or like cops and robbers. Pretty much the funnest game ever made!!!
We had 2 people that were going to get baptized this week, but didnt go ti church Sunday. The weekends they stay at the house of their parents about a hour away, but for their baptism they were going to come in. Well, Sunday morning their mom started telling them a bunch of stuff lie theyre not ready and they were already baptized int he Catholic church, all the normal stuff. But the parents had said before that there was no problem, so we were a little confused. Anyway, were going to talk more with them this week so theyll be ready on Sunday.
Heres a cool story- so we are teaching an investigator, and of course we invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She told us about an experience she had where she was laying down and she asked God that if this was the right decision that He would raise her arms towards Him. He did, So that was her answer. Anyway,we go back to her house a few days later to see if she was still stoked for her baptism, and she said she wasnt sure, and she just looked really sad. She tells us that in the time we didnt see her she hadnt read nor prayed. We explain that she needs to do both to get spiritual strength and all that and she just leans forward and starts to cry. At the moment I remember that in Preach My Gospel it says to not be afraid of silence, so we gave her a minute. Suddenly her arms start dropping slowly and the Book of Mormon slips from her grip. She slowly sits up, while drooling, with a blank look on her face. Suddenly her arms start raising up and she starts crying again. She came out of her trance like thing 8 minutes later and says she asked God again if this was the right decision and he raised her arms up again. Sweet. Afterward me and Andersen are talking and realize the Spirit wasnt really felt too strong in that moment haha. WE still dont really think it was an "Answer from God" but that if she keeps reading and praying, shell get a good one haha. During those 8 minutes I was just like, " This is going to be a great journal entry".
All is awesome here in Mexico. I have like 140 some odd days til I come home. In a store theres a giant banner that says how many days till Christmas, and me and Andy saw it and were taken by suprise haha.

Heres my mailing address SO YOU CAN ALL WRITE ME:

Calle Chiapas 2202
Colonia Roma Sur
Nuevo Leon, Mèxico

Have a great week!!!
Much Love

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