Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Soilidarida, MTY week 13

This week was crazy. We went to the bus station to say goodbye to Elder Whitney, and to pick up my companion. Well, the Assistants told me that my comp wasn't coming for another week, because he was working in the offices and was training another Elder how to work the computers etc. so This has been a wonderful week of working with young men from the ward who have no Idea how to do missionary work! Haha some times I couldn't get anyone so I had to go with other missionaries. We still had one person at church though, which was a miracle, so well teach him and see if hes going to get baptized. My comp is coming tomorrow.
Sat we had a meeting with the zone leaders right after they got back from the zone leader council which they said would be way important. Apparently Elder Johnson from the first seventy came and said were totally changing the way we... well, work. Were now focusing more on the spirit and not on our own abilities. Contacts are simply bearing testimony and putting an appointment. A few elders Ive talked to love it because they think they don't have to work anymore to do contacts, just bear testimony, but what they don't get is that we still have to be intelligent in how we do it, and more than anything we have to be 100% sure we have the Spirit. Elder Johnson promised that if we did this, we would baptize each week. Which also means, if we don't baptize, then we didn't have the Spirit that week. It will be kinda tough, but worth it. Missionaries cant simply rely on their convincing power, but they MUST have the spirit of conversion. Elder Johnsons wife said, "its sad to think that so many of the chosen and prepared children of the Lord are born and die without hearing the Gospel because of missionaries who don't have the valor to open their mouths and preach the Gospel, and who waste so much time on those that are not prepared, trying only to convince them." So, yeah. Planchados. o everything is going to change and I'm glad about it.
Other awesomeness- a member gave me a broken electric acoustic guitar he has had for 5 years. IT broke 15 days after he bought it, and was sitting for 5 years because he didn't have tome, money, nor anyone to fix it. So, the bishop took me to a members house who is a carpenter, and hes going to fix it this week. FREE! I'm so happy!
AND... I was given 4 original Beatles vynals, written in Spanish (the lettering, not words) only 8 more months Mason then well jam them!!!
anyone who wants to is invited to my house at 7 my time to be there when I talk to my family. :) So Mason and Amy NEED to be there!!

Much Love

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