Friday, November 26, 2010

La cañada week 6

This week was crazy. Well, the beginning of the week was pretty normal, just throwin' it down with my comp in his last week in the mission. It was kind of hard, because it got me thinking too, "Man, Ill be there in 6 short weeks!" It was hard to focus, I'm not gonna lie, but with transfers it will be a lot easier.
We went to Monterrey on Monday to see some of my comps converts, and stuff. We left Saltillo at 5:30 am and didnt get back till 9 pm. A super long day! We just went from place to place, and I was happy because I got to ride the Metro again. I love the metro! Its just so fun! Also, we went to a place called the Macro Plaza, which is just like a GIANT GIANT HUGE GYNORMOUS BIG strip mall. We went to the electronic part, and I bought a 16gig thumb drive, for 30 bucks, brand new haha! It works perfectly!
So, we got transfers. Im getting Elder Wilson, whos 6 weeks younger than me. They say hes really cool, so Im excited. Also, we are living with the Elders from Lomas, another area, and the senior comp there left. He became a junior comp for being disobedient and lying about dats. He lived with the Zone Leaders, and still didnt wake up till like 7. I woke him up for like the first week and a half, then left him to himself to dig himself a deeper hole for not putting forth any effort. It was having a bad effect on Elder Fotu, the junior comp in that companionship. But the heavens poured out a blessing upon that area, and upon me. Guess whos coming in the place of that missionary? none other than ELDER DEARDEN!! I was SO happy when they told me!! Were going to live in the same house!! AAGGHH!!! This tranfer is going to ROCK!!!!
Well, Im officially on my omega transfer (alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, omega representing the end). I put a huge omega symbol on the front of my agenda, haha.
Anyway I love you all, and Id like to start a new thing, each week Im going to put a funny saying by elder Fotu. Hes from oakland CA and talks like a black man. This weeks is as follows:

"Man, Christmas be today next week."

That was him trying to say, "a week from today is Thanksgiving." Haha, all laughs from Fotu

I lvoe you all and take cares!!!!

Much Love

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