Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zaragoza Saltillo week 7

WEll Im still here in Saltillo. My comp got transfered and I got another hijo, or child, or new missionary. Hes a gringo,but the good thing is he speaks spanish. He took 5 years before and just needs to localize it or speak like the Metsikans do.
This week was good. A little hard with Christmas and all. Everybody was going to go out of town, so we didnt have too many people to teach. Christmas eve we went and spent it with a family from 8:30 till 11. It was kinda akward haha. Their family was all ther and they were making the food till 1030 then we ate really fast and came home. They made fish. Those whoknow me know I hate fish. But luckily they made some chicken too so I was happy, but the fish I just had to gag down and all was well.
It was great talking to the fam! Im glad to know nothing has changed in Pubelo. It was also amazing to talk to Chris and Cathy! I love you guys and thank you so much for being there. and also... MASON! Man I hadnt heard from him in like 8 months but it was so great to talk to him. Glad to know the music situation is under control. 1 year man then back to jamming This Side!!!!
Anyways, its almost new year, which means its almost my new year in the mish. I complete a year the 1 of January. Its gone WAY too fast. And they say the second year goes even faster. Im not ready for that! I just hae to take advantage of it and not hold anything back.
Well all is well here folks. Except no letters, but I knew that was gonna come. They said after 10 months they stopped, but mine stopped when I left the MTC. Haha. Write me.
I love you all and hope Christmas was awesome for you. talk to you all next year HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zaragoza, Saltillo Week 6

This week was great. We had the conference for this half of the
mission. It was so cool! I got to see Elder Andersen again. I cant
wait for everyone to meet him haha hes so awesome.
Elder Kioa, the Tongan elder in my district, decided we were going
to sing a song for the conference. HE decided and just told me haha.
they just asked if anyone had a musical presentation and he jumped up
and said Ya me and Elder Hawken. Haha we sang Brillan rayos de
Clemencia, or... Brightly beams our Fathers Mercy. haha I couldnt
remember there for a second.
We all did sketches. ours was really lame haha. my ZL and i were the
Asisstants to the Pres and it was all in slow motion when the new
missionaries arrived, to the tune of Chariots of Fire. Them my comp
gets a call and gets mad and slow mo punches me and then everyone jut
starts fighting slow mo to Chariots of Fire haha it was so silly.
Im pretty stoked to talk to you all on Christmas. Anyone who wants
to can go to my house to talk to me if you want to. ESPECIALLY MASON!
I havent heard from that guy in forever! Be there!
Well I dont really know what more to tell ya. Today we have
transfers. We find out at night. so well see whats up there.
I love you all and take care! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Much Love

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zaragoza, Saltillo Week 5

Thank you so much to my family, the Lindenmuths, the Nielsens,
Cathy, the Primary kids, and Cari for the letter I received! I was so
happy to get them! SEND MORE!!!!!
Man this week has been a crazy one. On tuesday we had interviews
with the Pres. de MisiĆ³n. It was amazing as always. He told me he has
seen the growth in me since our first interview. That was great to
hear because at times we cant see our own personal growth. The rest of
the interview we talked about certain things that really will help me
become a better missionary.
Yesterday we had the baptism of Isabel, the mother of the girl we
baptized last week. It was amazing. She talked with President Romney
and decided she wanted him at the baptism. He came and gave a little
talk that was awesome. The Spirit was way strong there and I'm sure
they are going to be faithful members for life.
The other day at their house we were getting ready to leave and I
asked Jerica (the daughter) to say the prayer. It was one of the
sweetest prayers Ive ever heard. I dont think there was anything
special about it, but the Spirit just confirmed to me that there
really are people prepared for the true Gospel of Christ. I realized I
need to be more grateful for the people who are put in our path or in
whoms path we are placed. Its also kind of bitter-sweet, because Im
always on divisions in the areas of other missionaries, so I dont get
to know investigators very well. but its all in the positoin of being
a leader I guess.
I did a baptismal interview with a kid this week. He had the desire
to get baptized, but was always in school so he didnt have all the
lessons, but he had the desire so I went to interview him. As it went
on, I just got more and more of a feeling that he wasnt ready: Yes, he
didnt know all the doctrines, but he hadnt even prayed to know the
Church was true. So I said it would probably be better if my
companions teach you this week and you get baptised the next week.
When I said that the Spirit made me feel like Id made the right
decision. The next day he didnt even go to church. We are here to
baptize only the ones who are prepared, not just any ol person. They
must know,at least, why they are getting baptized and that this is the
true church. Its amazing how the spirit works.
To end, I had a cool dream last night. I dreamt that I was in the
MTC again, but I saw DJ there. when I hugged him I was so intensely
happy I cant even describe it. He was still headed to Kiev, Ukraine.
But then I turned around and saw Chris in the doorway. We both gave
him a hug and felt so happy I cant even begin to describe it. There we
were, 3 best friends united by the one true cause in all the Earth.
Chris was going to some European place, with really small letters on
his nametag, and a really hard language. It might have been Middle
Eastern. But it was so amazing to be there with them, even for a few
Much Love,