Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo Week 5

Christmas week was crazy. We went to Monclova, about 3 hours away, and had our Christmas conference. It was so great! I loved it! We did a sketch that was a parody of "Finding Faith in Christ" but we applied it to misisonaries. We were told it was the funniest of all haha!
This weeks been a little difficult. Everyone's leaving town or drunk haha. But we found some cool people that are progressing well, and are excited about the church.
Talking with the family was probably more a curse than a blessing. It got me super trunky haha (trunky means homesick, or a change of focus from missionary work to whats going on at home) but thankfully the next day I was out of that, and ready to work.
Sorry I dont have a lot of time but this next week is my last in the mission. Im really excited and am gonna throw it down!

Much Love

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