Sunday, October 19, 2008

72 days till reporting to the MTC

Yo! this is my first post, just seein how it all works.

So I'm the kind of person who is always seeking emotional connections with people, to really understand a person. Im always worried about the future, and whats to come, especially in relationships. Im not in one, but what do you do when you meet someone whos everything youve ever wanted whom you have to leave for 2 years? Im the kind of person worrying about the choices she will make, who she'll date, kiss, hold hands with, but thankfully the Lord is there to counteract my paranoid retardedness. Recently, while worrying about just this, I asked God to help me in the situation. I didnt know how, but I knew I just needed help. The answer I got was more than I could have ever asked for. A peace came to me, and I just thought of my life and the things Im doing, and as if it was a voice, I heard, "These things will come at the right time, but for now, worry about the things you need to worry about. You are going to go do a great work among my people, and through faith, diligence, and most importantly patience, all the desires of your heart will come to pass." I finally, finally, was calmed. So back to my question, what do you do about a situation when you meet someone whos everything youve ever wanted whom you have to leave? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nows not the time for me to worry about how I will get there, for I know I will progress there, and must take it one step, one day, one mission at a time.

I know this gospel of Jesus Christ is the restored gospel on the earth today and encourage any seeking answers about life, death, or simply wanting a pure happiness to talk to the missionaries and listen, learn, and most important of all, pray about their message. God works in mysterious ways, but, nonetheless, he always works.

Much Love