Tuesday, September 28, 2010

la Cañada, Saltillo week 4

This week was a crazy one. Tuesday we had our district meetings, but given the condition the zone is in, we had a combined class. We basically brought them to the dirt in humility, then brought them back up again. We practiced some things we saw they werent doing very well, and we confided in them to have a better week. Well, Sunday came around and we had the same results as always, so we decided to have another zone meeting. In planning it, my comp and I read Alma 52 and applied ti to ourselves. we didnt need anything elaborate, just something small but effective, well placed you might say. We both felt that obedience was what we needed to speak on, so we prepared a bit. If we didnt bring them to sackcloth and ashes on Tuesday, we sure did on Sunday. It was so well placed, and made each of them feel so bad, but was done so lovingly with the Spirit, we felt that it really hit home and that things are going to change. We have a lot of hope for this week and are going to help them out.
I went to Monterrey with another missionary to get a couple from our area married so the wife could get baptized. It was a great civil marriage. It took like a half hour haha but it was great and they are both really happy. When we got back, she got baptized and it was a wonderful service. Her husband hadnt been too interested but went Sunday to the confirmation. If we have ANYBODY at church its our duty to invite them to get baptized that same moment at the church. So I took him to the font and focused on the necessity of baptism so his family could be eternal, and the consequences if it wasnt done. He said he understood the importance and wants to but his work schedule doesnt allow us to teach him (he is gone from 6 am to 9 pm). We are going to find some solution so he can get baptized this Sunday.
We were just in a pizza hut munchin down, when once again a familiar voice came on the TV ( I wasnt watching I promise). Good ol Billy Joe Armstrong and Green Day. It was some stupid song about American Girls or something, and I only bothered to see like 10 seconds before I decided it was a waste of time. Unoriginal, and pretty sure they sold out. Something tells me I havent missed too much in the music world haha.
This was a very long week and Im kinda glad its over haha. This week we have the Zone Conference so that will be great fun!
Thank you SO MUCH to Katie Hughes, Reg-nog (Ragan), and the Petersons for your letters. Its so great to hear from you!!!!! Im going to try as hard as I can to write you but mail sent from here takes at least a month to get there, if it even arrives. So I really am thankful and Ill try to write you!!!!!

Love you all!!!!
Much Love

Monday, September 20, 2010

La cañada, Saltillo Week 3

This week was great and terrible. We had 4 baptisms here and have 3 more for next week. The bad part is that the zone is dead. In the whole month of September only one other companionship had baptized one person. That is unheard of and terrible. We are the least baptizing zone in the mission right now. But this week we are going to do divisions and kick them into gear, a little hard love to keep them from being lazy and disobedient. It will be fun.
on the 15th we had the stake 15 of September party. Thats the Mexican Independence Day. We had a huge turnout, it was great. Walking there, there was a little stand of cheap Mexican stuff, and one of the items was a fake mustache. I had to.....So I bought one for my comp and I, but he didnt know because we were on divisions. so when we get there, I see him, and he brought a giant sombrero that he has haha and I put on the old sombrero he had. We were the most Mexican gringos there haha. We had a great time and so did all the other missionaries.
I went on divisions with one of the elders in my zone. As the day went on, I realized more and more of how much I've learned and how much I've changed. Before I was just kinda timid and didn't really want to tell people how it is. But now- well each contact knows that I know this is the only true church and greatest source of blessings they could have in their lives. At the end of the 2 days, that missionary told me that it made so much sense how I do things, filtering out the people that just say "yes" to everything and looking for the people who really have a desire to know more. Many missionaries teach and keep in teaching anyone and everyone they can, which sounds good, but really isn't. In teaching unprepared people and people who arent going to make and keep commitments is just wasting the time of the Lord, and thats what I told him. Im going to go with another missionary this week to teach him the same principle. Its an indispensable lesson to learn and is what makes or breaks an effective missionary.
Anyway all is great here. Just working away. Thank yo all for your support!!!!

Much Love

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo Week 2

This week was great in our area. WE worked really hard, and laughed reallyhard as well. IT was probably one of the weeks Ive worked hardest in the mission. We got almost all the "ideal" goals missionaries set. It was a great feeling. And because of it, we have 3 people that are going to get baptized next week.
However,in the zone is another story. Only one other area of the 6 we have had people that are going to get baptized Sunday. The same thing happened last week, so we made basically an fool-proof list to put in their planners that had the requirements of a person committed to church, and who has a baptismal date. Well, they put it to good use haha. But this week were going to do crazy divisions so they we can help them be more effective.
To the Newitt family, thats very surprising and scary, what happened to Bro. Newitt. But as you can see, he was in the right place at the right time with the right people, so he was 100 percent taken care of immediately. What a blessing it is for me to know that because of obedience, the Lord protected him and all is going to be well. My prayers will be with you.
I cant really think of anything super special that happened this week. We just threw down and got to work. Were living with the biggest companionship in the mission, a gringo from Idaho that's like 6' 5, and a Tongan thats that same height but twice as wide and with grammar from Oakland. Hes only got 3 months in the mission so were still helping him correct his grammar haha. We just always laugh and laugh at home and in the street.
Last night we had a slumber party on our roof. Mexican houses are made with flat roofs to put up clotheslines and other stuff like that. So we were up there under the stars, and I just thought, I'm with a huge redneck from Idaho, a Tongan from Oakland, a kid form West Virginia.....we met in Mexico and have become like best friends. People Id have never hung out with before, except maybe my companion, and we're just having a ball and seeing the good in each other. An amazing experience. Then at like 4AM the cold dewy mountain air came in, and we all froze, and came inside haha.
I love you all and miss you. See ya in less than 4 months!!!

Much Love

p.s. Amy and Becca... WRITE ME!!!!!! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo, Coahuila week 1

Well as you can see, I got transferred. I went from the super hot weather of the desert wasteland of Rosita, to the mountainous (sp?) landscapes of Saltillo! I was here before but in the other zone. This place is beautiful. Mu comp is Elder Van Vliet, basically the coolest and funniest kid ever. lets just say this: for my birthday we each (including the other 2 missionaries we live with) bought 3 feet of PVC pipe, 2 bags of marshmallows, and played capture the flag in our giant house. We won. Twice. Because we are the coolest. haha Its a great change from a more serious person like Elder Andersen. Both awesome just different.
The Consejo of the Zone leaders was great this week and I had a self growth experience. When we get there on Tues in the afternoon, we have a 1 hour devotional from the Pres, then play soccer and basketball and eat till midnight. At this time, I didnt feel like playing soccer although its my favorite, and basketball... well anyone who knows me knows I pretty much don't like watching nor playing sports. So naturally, looking for something to make me feel good, I wanted to play the piano, but no on e would come with me, so I just sat down being bored. Then I thought "why do you hate basketball? you've never played!" So I jut hopped into a game. I was playing with some really good gringos, and a couple Mexicans as well (which made me feel worse haha) but they are all awesome guys and were coaching me throughout the game. I got the hang of it, and had a really good time. I even saved the game at the end by getting a sick rebound and of course, giving it to someone who knew how to dribble and shoot haha. But I had a great time and am now more open to playing sports. Music isn't the only thing I'm good at!
This week I've just been getting used to the area. My area is awesome, ward is supportive, the bishop is great and not crazy, and- get this- they actually do home and visiting teaching!!!! I'm in heaven!!! haha today we went and ate at a McDonald, something I hadn't done in like a year. IT was so nasty and greasy, but delicious at the same time!!!
Yesterday on my birthday it kinda sucked haha. Fist it was fast Sunday, so no delicious birthday breakfast. We didn't have anyone at church in our area, and in the zone with 18 people (which is unheard of btw ) SURE to go to church, only 1 went, and doesn't want to get baptized. WE ate with the family that cooks the "least appetizing" food in the area, and upon getting there, they'd forgotten, so it was even faster and "less appetizing" as usual haha. But we scarfed it, and my comp felt sick after. So he layed down for a minute, then I got a migraine. Thankfully the day ended after that,and my comp, in a NAcho Libre accented voice says, "your birthday has sucked. Tomorrow we you will have a re-birthday because today, it sucks to be you right now". I just laughed and laughed. Thats how great my comp is! So today I had a re-birthday and it was so much better hehe.
Well Im probably in my last area, which is so unreal to think. I feel like I still have like a year left. But soon enough Ill be back. The dreams of walking off the plane aren't so hard to handle now haha. Just instead of a girl there waiting for me, it will be Mason, and Im totally cool with that!!!!!!!! haha!
Anyways thanks to all for what you do for me. I love you all and still want to hear from Amy Rhule and Becca!!!!!

Much Love

p.s. I don't feel too cool being 21. Here you can buy beer at 18, legally, or 11 if you say its for your dad. Kinda defeats the purpose. haha.