Monday, November 30, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo

This week was crazy like always. I was on divisions with the other
Elders trying to help them. 2 of the 3 areas are having some
difficulties, so I have to keep them excited and working hard.
We had a great baptism yesterday. Jerica, the 19 year old girl. Her
parents went and were hoping to baptize her mom this next week, and if
we can find her dad, him too. At the baptism, 2 new converts gave
their testimonies. It was amazing. They are stronger than many members
ive seen. The husband recieved the Sacerdocio of Melchizedek
yesterday. It was so amazing to see someone so faithful and strong,
even though they arent people ive baptised. They are absolutely going
o have such a wonderful life.
Thanksgiving kinda just passed haha. Nothing here. I didnt even
realize it till a Mexican told me that today was Thanksgiving. I dont
even remember my own holidays haha. but it was an average day.
Wednesday I was on divisions with one of the areas here. We had to
go to the house of all the possible baptisms for that week, or people
who have gone to church before. They only had one, and he had made it
abundantly and rudely clear before that they want nothing to do with
the church, but we had to go anyways. The Elder I was with was kinda
afraid to go. He knew they were going to just run us out. So we got
there and knocked, and the 14 year old kid answered the door. He said,
" Hey, its great you guys came. Look, my moms told you she wants
nothing yo do with you..." we thought he was gong to tell us to leave
and never come back. but he said, " but I want to keep going and get
baptized." my comp was in shock. So right then and there, I filled out
the baptismal record and interviewed him. He got baptized yesterday.
It was an amazing experience that taught us to always confide in the
Lord, no matter how hard it seems.
Anyway thats all. Noviembre is gone and almost my first year in the
mish. Still feel like I just got here...its amazing!
I love you all and would like letter please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Mason
and Chris and Amy and Becca and everyone else!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo

This week was amazing. Wednesday we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders, but one of them just came to our area and worked with both of us. I was super nervous at the beginning, but then we got to talking and I realized hes a way cool guy.
We found a 19 year old girl named Jerica this week. She is absolutely amazing. The first day we gave her the pamphlet of the Restoration, she read it and prayed about it, which almost none do the first time. The next day we went to her house and she told us about the things she felt after reading and praying. I was amazed. I was so happy that she actually understood the importance and purpose of the message. She and her mom came to church Sunday, and the mom isn't so sure she wants to get baptized, but this week we will resolve all her doubts and shell get baptized Sunday too.

It was kinda weird this week. I was only in my area 2 days and the rest I was on divisions, or in the other areas of the missionaries in my district. They are all really great guys. One is Elder Kioa, and hes Tongan. He actually grew up speaking Tongans and learned English in school. Hes so awesome and I often ask him to say stuff in Tongan. Its a beautiful language.
This week has been one of miracles, seeing the way the work goes on even when Im not in my area. I feel so good knowing I can trust my Companion to lead the area when Im not there. Its proof that its the work of the Lord, and not of man.
A few days ago we were eating with some members and all of a sudden the song Imagine comes on the radio. I almost started crying! not really, but I thought about Mason and what he was doing right then. It was great hearing the song and remembering some great times.
To the surprise of many, they celebrate Thanksgiving here. Its not that big, but some do. But for us its just another normal day of work haha.
Mason- check out the CD "a Nashville Tribute to Joseph Smith". Amy might have it. But its an amazing folk album dedicated to the Prophet Joseph Smith. It talks about his life and everything. The first song is my favorite.
I love you all and have fun mutilating turkeys!
Much Love

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo, Coahuila

Well as you can see i got transferred. Im now in Saltillo which is about an hour and a half left of Monterrey. Its pretty cool here. The coldest area in the mish. I went to the hottest for summer and the coldest for winter. Sweet.

The crazy thing is that im a District Leader. That basically means Im in charge of 3 other companionships, and anything they dont do right, I get leveled for by my leaders haha. Its a pretty crazy position. Im going to be in my area a lot less now, but my companion will keep it rolling here.
I got the call monday, left and got here Tuesday, and Wednesday till Thursday i was in a training meeting for all the District Leaders in the mission. It was pretty cool. I got there at about 7, we had a devotional, and ate till about 9, then played soccer till about 11 haha. The funny part is that out President played too!! But he played basketball, so that doesnt really count.
We learned a ton in that meeting. I still have no idea what im doing, but im sure in time it will all come. I met 2 of the 3 companionships I have, and theyre really cool. One is Elder Kioa, and hes Tongan, but really from Nevada. All of a sudden he just busted all out singing,l soul style, it was amazing! I am confident that these Elders are hard workers.

The zone leaders (or the leaders above me) have set some really specific goals for us to reach. Theyre pretty difficult too. we usually ask 6 references every week, they want 10 every day. They only count new investigators if they know we are here to baptize them and accept to go to church. Having people at church only counts if they leave with a baptismal goal date or baptismal date. Its pretty specific, but I know it will help us be more effective. Im excited to see what we accomplish.
Anyway, thats about it here. Its pretty exciting. Ill see how it all turns out..
I love you all and would be really happy if people wrote me!!!! If you dont know where to send leters ask my Mom (because I really dont know the address either haha)

Much Love

Monday, November 9, 2009

Piedras Negras, Coahuila última semana (the last week)

This week was good. And its probably my last here in Piedras Negras. We have transfers today and ive had 3 here, and thats usually the cutoff point. I really dont want to go, but the Lord needs me in some other part.
This week we had a special conference in Monclova (about 4 hours from here). Our Area Seventy came and talked to us, Elder de Hoyos. It was awesome. He gave some great pointers on how to get lessons with members, and a ton of other ideas to get real converts and not just baptisms. His wife, Pres and Hna. Romney spoke as well, and aiught wonderful lessons too. But one of my favorite parts of the meeting was seeing my MTC companion, Elder Andersen. This guy is one of my best friends. I saw him, and we gave each other a big hug and talked a little. He still wants me to go to BYU Idaho really bad haha and we're both really stoked for that. It was so awesome seeing him, and also 2 other Elders from my generation that started their missions with me. It was really great.
This week I got 2 comments on my Spanish. One guy said, " I have a question for you" I thought great, some bible-basher dude. He said "How do you speak Spanish so clearly? How many years did you study before?" hehe He was a bit suprised to know ive been speaking for 10 months. Another lady simply would not accept that I only had been speaking 10 months. She thought I was lying haha. The blessings of the Lod are real!!
It was such a good week. Im excited to see where I go.

Much Love
Elder Hawken

p.s. Congrats to Chrises GF for getting baptized. Stay strong!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Piedras Negras

This week was good. we found some good people and are workin hard as always!!
We had divisions again this week, and I went with one of my Zone leaders to see how they do things and what it is that I lack, or what I could better. But as the day went on, I found that I was doing almost everything that he did. Contacted, taught, everything. So i got to thinkin, what am I lacking? What does he do that I don't? then I realized, it was because I wasn't working with the love I should have. I was working just so the APs didn't say we weren't working again. And for that, I was working for "impure motives". Thus, the lack of success. But thankfully the Lord has given me the trials that I needed to be more humble and work with more love. In my planner I have 5 of the most basic and powerful words in the world, and they weren't even written by a prophet. "All You Need is Love".
We had a zone activity today. we made carne asada, played fútbol (the better one) and watched Johnny Lingo and Suits on the Run. It was great being here. I got to talk with my brother in the mission Elder Simpson, who's got almost 2 years of being a convert. Hes so awesome! I love just talking to him about gospel doctrines. And hes a Thrice fanatic :)
Transfers next week. I'm stoked, but don't want to leave here, but i have 3 transfers here, or in other words ya me voy. It will be hard but good to to get to a new place and start fresh.
Love you all and take care! LETTER LETTERS LETTERS!!!
Much Love