Monday, January 3, 2011

La Cañada, Saltillo week 6

A New Song To Sing

Well, what can be said. Whatever it is, I can do it in 2 languages now haha. Here I am at a ciber (internet cafe) in Soriana (Mexican Wal Mart) with a slew of mixed feelings. I had to say goodbye to the lady who was like my mom in this area, and it was so hard! Never would I have imagined being able to connect with, or fully communicate with, someone who speaks Spanish. But here I am, the Lord brings to pass His great purposes.
Today I went and visited 2 converts in Monterrey, Daniel and Saul, that I baptized in March. They are two of my favorite people in the world. When I left, the were just beginning to learn the Mormon jargon but today they were fluently describing everything about the church. Daniel, the oldest at 18, is super excited about turning in his papers in March, when he completes a year in the church. I remember the first time I knocked his door. It was the first week theyd upped the contact goal from 150 to 250. I was terrified because I could barely get the 150, but to not worry or stress out my comp, I just played it off cool. With butterflies in mu stomach, and a heaviness in the form of a drastic change in work goals I didnt konw how to overcome, we prayerfully, and I appearing calmly and not worried a bit, began contacting. The 4th door in, Daniel came out. "here we go"I thought. "Were misisonaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and we help people change their lives. Is there anything in your life youd like to change?" "actually, yes." "MAy we come in and teach you how to do it?" And like that the seed was planted, and has grown into what is now a thriving testimony, and an anxious desire to serve the Lord. Only anyone whos been a missionary can know that feeling. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed us that day, and since then, and has helped me learn lessons like that about faith.
When anyone says to a missionary "planting and gathering" they think of spiritual preparation and baptism. But today I realized another meaning. In its basic sense, it is spiritual preparation and baptism. But then from that "gathering" we plant more seeds, which is then gathered as a young man grows his testimony and decides to serve the Lord. From that gathering again are planted seeds, which grow and are gathered as a family gets sealed in the temple. With each gathering of the crop, the seeds become more and more special, more prized, the roots grab deeper, and the resulting gathering is of the utmost beauty and importance. Almost an exponential growth from one to the other. In the end you have something eternal that began with one tiny seed, the curiosity and Spiritual impression to see who the two white guys are outside the door. We were simply instruments in the Lords hands, He used us as the planters while He took care of everything else concerning His vineyard. I am so grateful to the Lord for having been on this, His mission, in the exact and specific location He wanted me to be in. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, and even though my chapter is closed, the book reads on.
Okay okay who is this dude and whats he done with James? haha to get back to the good stuff...

Fotuism of the week:
"I aint never been hurt in football, knock on wood." looks at a tree, turns to his comp and says, "is that wood?"

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Haha well in like 48 hours Ill be James again. Im on the brink of changing the world!!!!

Oh, heres a dream, a song to sing, a masterpiece in the making,
So, spread your wings, and though it seems something eternal,
You'll have to wake up from your dream
Because today, theres a new song to sing.

Much Love