Monday, September 6, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo, Coahuila week 1

Well as you can see, I got transferred. I went from the super hot weather of the desert wasteland of Rosita, to the mountainous (sp?) landscapes of Saltillo! I was here before but in the other zone. This place is beautiful. Mu comp is Elder Van Vliet, basically the coolest and funniest kid ever. lets just say this: for my birthday we each (including the other 2 missionaries we live with) bought 3 feet of PVC pipe, 2 bags of marshmallows, and played capture the flag in our giant house. We won. Twice. Because we are the coolest. haha Its a great change from a more serious person like Elder Andersen. Both awesome just different.
The Consejo of the Zone leaders was great this week and I had a self growth experience. When we get there on Tues in the afternoon, we have a 1 hour devotional from the Pres, then play soccer and basketball and eat till midnight. At this time, I didnt feel like playing soccer although its my favorite, and basketball... well anyone who knows me knows I pretty much don't like watching nor playing sports. So naturally, looking for something to make me feel good, I wanted to play the piano, but no on e would come with me, so I just sat down being bored. Then I thought "why do you hate basketball? you've never played!" So I jut hopped into a game. I was playing with some really good gringos, and a couple Mexicans as well (which made me feel worse haha) but they are all awesome guys and were coaching me throughout the game. I got the hang of it, and had a really good time. I even saved the game at the end by getting a sick rebound and of course, giving it to someone who knew how to dribble and shoot haha. But I had a great time and am now more open to playing sports. Music isn't the only thing I'm good at!
This week I've just been getting used to the area. My area is awesome, ward is supportive, the bishop is great and not crazy, and- get this- they actually do home and visiting teaching!!!! I'm in heaven!!! haha today we went and ate at a McDonald, something I hadn't done in like a year. IT was so nasty and greasy, but delicious at the same time!!!
Yesterday on my birthday it kinda sucked haha. Fist it was fast Sunday, so no delicious birthday breakfast. We didn't have anyone at church in our area, and in the zone with 18 people (which is unheard of btw ) SURE to go to church, only 1 went, and doesn't want to get baptized. WE ate with the family that cooks the "least appetizing" food in the area, and upon getting there, they'd forgotten, so it was even faster and "less appetizing" as usual haha. But we scarfed it, and my comp felt sick after. So he layed down for a minute, then I got a migraine. Thankfully the day ended after that,and my comp, in a NAcho Libre accented voice says, "your birthday has sucked. Tomorrow we you will have a re-birthday because today, it sucks to be you right now". I just laughed and laughed. Thats how great my comp is! So today I had a re-birthday and it was so much better hehe.
Well Im probably in my last area, which is so unreal to think. I feel like I still have like a year left. But soon enough Ill be back. The dreams of walking off the plane aren't so hard to handle now haha. Just instead of a girl there waiting for me, it will be Mason, and Im totally cool with that!!!!!!!! haha!
Anyways thanks to all for what you do for me. I love you all and still want to hear from Amy Rhule and Becca!!!!!

Much Love

p.s. I don't feel too cool being 21. Here you can buy beer at 18, legally, or 11 if you say its for your dad. Kinda defeats the purpose. haha.

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