Friday, October 8, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo week 5

This week was insane! My companion and I were running around on tuesday getting everything ready for the zone conference on Wednesday. We had the presentation ready and everything, but Im the type of person that has to practice something at least a few times to feel good about it. My comp on the other hand is a glance at the notes and spew out awesomeness kind of guy. Well, we didnt really get to practice it, so that morning I was a bit nervous. I was just studying and studying doing the best I could with my parts and hoping transitions and his parts were all good. Then after the President and his wife spoke, we were up. It an interesting feeling, that I actually kind of like, of, "well, doesnt matter now. Its Go Time, ready or not." just throwing caution to the wind and having to do something at that moment is refreshing. Well it went really well. The Assistants have told us the last few nights that its the best one theyve seen this transfer in any of the zones. Kind of ironic haha! But we did a really good job and everything flowed really good.
General Conference- something I kick myself for never having listened to at home. We went Saturday in the morning right before the session started up to set up a TV in english for the gringos to watch if they brought anyone. We didnt have anyone so after setting it up we were going to have to leave. Motab cant be translated because its a choir so we had to wait for someone to speak. We saw Elder Iring walk up to the stand and from the moment he spoke the Spirit filled me testifying even more that he is a man called of God. We listened to just a moment, then out of sheer obedience, had to tear ourselves away from it because we didnt have any investigators there. And the best part is we left to do contacts. Prophets and apostles are speaking at this moment, giving the world divine instruction, and we are talking to people who dont give a darn whether were alive or not. A bitter trade, but we had to to be obedient.
Priesthood and the other sessions were amazing. I followed the instructions Elder Bednar gave us when he came to our mission, and instead of writing down the things they say, I wrote down personal revelation from the Spirit. He told us to just write down the words and listen to the spiritual guidance they are in a prime situation to receive. So I wrote down the things the Spirit indicated, and words or phrases they said, that I really liked. Theyll all be in the ensign anyway.
I really liked the part when all the misssionaries in the world were asked to stand up. There we were, 6 gringos on our feet, and at that same time I thought about DJ also standing up thousands of miles away. United in the same cause, miles away, but side by side. It was a wonderful feeling knowing my brother was standing with me!!!
Oh something I noticed... is Ryan in motab? I saw him last conference too haha I saw him and completely off guard, not knowing ANYONE from Utah, was like, "hey, that guy was my brothers roommate!" Haha it was great!!!
The zone did amazing. We brought 14 people to church with 9 getting baptized next week. Thats a huge improvement from 3 and 0. The zone conference and other humbling experiences have helped them greatly.
Happy birthday to my Dad. Hes the only one I remember because its in the same month as mine haha. I love you Dad and I dont care how old you get, youll always be my greatest example. I love you and cant wait to talk to you in 3 months time.

I love you all and have fun this week!!!!

Much Love
p.s. Write me Chris!!!!!

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