Monday, October 25, 2010

week 2 La Cañada, Saltillo

Great week. Tuesday we had a crazy day, and almost no time to work in our area. We had the District meetings in the morning, and after that we went an hour in a bus to the mail place to mail re-reimbursements, baptismal forms, etc. There we saw the other Zone Leaders form the other area, and one is my brother of generation, Elder Hanson. They are doing great and we want to do an interzonal activity (Elder Van Vliet, my ex comp, made fun of me because he says "interzonal"isnt a word). So were wanting to plan that out. So, after we ate, then we had to go to a little ranch about 45 minutes away where there's a prayer house for the like 8 members out there. The 1st counselor told us to prepare a big lesson with scriptures from the Bible to prove that the Word of Wisdom was instituted back then as well as today. Apparently there's a pastor out there that's telling the members and investigators that it says nowhere in the Bible that we cant drink alcohol. The 1st counselor said it would last from 6 to probably 10, because probably half the town would show up, including the Pastor. He basically wanted us to prepare a Bible bash session, which is one of the things I hate most. I thought, "Okay, its a tiny village that doesn't even have a church, and there are 4 active members, and only 2 with Priesthood, and this fellow thinks the whole town is going to come listen to "The Word of God" when they don't even go Sundays, and that its going to last 3 hours because of all the questions they will have...." The guy was freaking out about it, thinking it was going to be like the Day of Defense book. So humoring him, I got a few scriptures prepared but more than anything knew that we need to keep ourselves clean so the Holy Ghost can be with us at all times. We get there early, only 20 minutes late, at about 5:50. At about 7 we go walking around with the guy who runs the prayer house, whos like 75, to invite people. They hadnt even invited anyone. So all in all, we begin the epic session at 8, three hours late, with a whopping 2 people, 1 being a member, and about 6 kids. WE give the lesson and talk to the non-memer, and he doesnt want anything. So we had a quick dinner and came home. So we had almost 0 time to look for people that day, which made the week a bit hard haha. Take it all with a grain of salt. The Pastor didnt even go haha.
So, my comps been sick with a bit of the flu all week. That made it even harder to work. I did pretty much all the contacts and lessons and stuff. It was kind of like training again. But hes feeling better so this week will be good.
Sunday we didnt have anyone in church. But after the services we went with a sister to the house of one of her daughters friends whose gone to church like 5 times. We taked with her and her parents and she wants to get baptized, and her parents are interested in the message. The Lord really blesses us when we are diligent. The Dad seems pretty interested. The whole time he was looking at us with a look of like "What is it about these kids? Why are they walking around in the heat and cold? Theres gotta be something here." It was great. We have hopes for them.
AAAAAAAAnyways, Sorry to Chris and Mason for forgetting your birthdays. And yes I forgive you too for not writing me in the past... 22 months. Haha Real repentance is AMENDING what youve done wrong. In other words, WRITE ME!!!!

I lvoe you all and take care!!!!
Much Love

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