Monday, August 31, 2009

Piedras Negras, Coahuila Week 8

This week was pretty good. We baptized a lady named Claudia who the missionaries had been wanting to baptize for like 5 months. It was great.
So Saturday we started off the day working, contacting mainly, but with 0 success. I knew a half hour in the day was gonna be a bad one. Everyone seemed to be a devout supporter of their churches haha. Anyway, I contacted a lady and we FINALLY got into her house. So were talking and her granddaughter, like 4 or5, gives me a piece of paper. I just put it on the couch, cuz I was focused on owning her grandmas heart with the Spirit. Were talking and whatnot, and once again the whole idea of "having the true church of Jesus Christ" and "being the only church in all the world that god and Jesus Christ direct" held no desire for her. Sweet. So seeing this, we end the lesson and get ready to leave. Once outside, the grandkids all come out to tell us bye, and this girl hands me this paper again. Im pretty annoyed by this point at the lack of success, and this little girl wasnt really helping, but I still thanked her and everything. I took the paper, and opened it. There was only one word writen on it- "milagros". Miracles. It made me think about how Im a representative of Christ, and not just because I say it or because those who followed Christ in the bible were "representatives" or worthless stuff like that. Ive been called by a Prophet, the ONLY people in the world who can talk to God. He received revelation for where I should go. I was set apart as a missionary, one with the authority from God to do those miracles. I am His representative here. It also made me think about what my MTC treacher said: "The hardest times come right before the miracles." And that night, we interviewed Claudia, and Sunday baptized her. The Lord is caring for us out here, and not just because were "Christians" or "Children of God", but we act on the faith that we have. We're here preaching in his name. We are His messengers, literally. No one else, apart from the other 53000 missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, can say that. Sure they preach the Bible and stuff, and that's all good. But they have not literally been given authority to do so. Many take the Bible too figuratively, that a "prophet" is someone who preaches the Gospel, an Apostle is a "servant", or the "true church" is ourselves or stuff like that. They just dont understand how to understand the bible. Once again, Ive been give the authority, and the Holy Ghost, to discern and literally receive revelation, for what the Prophets in the bible were saying, and not what the errored translation of man says. So many things have been lost, and that what Satan wants. "Just think youll be saved by faith. Oh no, you dont have to really DO anything, just believe in Christ." We know thats not the Plan of God. If all we had to do was believe in Christ, what is the point of coming to Earth?
Sorry if I just unloaded on you guys. I think Ive jsut hit the point to where I hear the same thing over and over and see how sure the people think of their answers, when really they've never even cracked open their grandmas bible sitting on their front table. But thats why were here, to help them to understand, to know the plan of God, where the real happiness and knowledge is.
I love being a missionary and know that this is the ONLY true church of God, and I have no problem saying it. I know because the Holy Ghost has told me. What better answer can you recieve than that?
I love you all and take care!!!

Much Love

Monday, August 24, 2009

Piedras NEgras, Coahuila Week 7

This week was pretty good. I got a new companion, his name is Elder Hernandez. Hes my son, or that means im his first companion in the mission. Hes a cool guy, and its been a little awkward this week because we dont have too much in common and he doesnt really know whats going on haha, but Im sure things will get more comfy.
This week I realized how much I really do know, and how much Ive grown. I always have the mindset of " I dont know how to do that very well" or "Im glad my companion knows what hes doing because I dont!" But this week I learned that God has taught me so much, and that I need to confide in myself more. NOT however, to the point of pride, but just recognizing how far Ive come and how I really do know how to do this stuff. Still, I may not be too good at it haha, but Im always bettering my skills as a missionary and learning to rely on the Spirit more and more. With my new comp, Ive had to do everything. Contact, teach, plan, everything. And before, that scared me a bit, but now I realize that I can do all those things, and for that reason ,the Lord has chosen to put me with a new missionary, so I can teach him all the things he needs to know.
We found some people who are really interested in the gospel this week. They had all the perfect questions, like, " How do I know which church is right? Why are there so many churches?" and questions like that. They told us they were just living in that house until her husband found work, so we knew we had to baptize them quick. They told us they were going to go to church, but didnt come. We passed by their house, and they told us they would meet us there, but never came. We went back that afternoon, and we were told that they went back to their old house, which is out of our area. But I think theyre still there so were going to go back and see them.
Sorry, but not a whole lot more happened this week. We just kinda got to work haha. We have Zone Conference this week so Ill tell ya all about that.
Much Love

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mundo Nuevo, Coahuila Week 6

This week was good. We had 3 baptisms, and are ending the change with 5. These people are prepared.
We had interviews with the President of the Mission this past week. I know, without a doubt, that this man is truly inspired by God. The spirit was so strong there with us during the interview and while he answered some of my questions.
So before the interviews, all the missionaries in my district (or like 6 other missionaries) were all there together. Then Sister Romney came in and just started chatting with us for a second, and mentioned that she was going to Eagle pass, which is the town across the border from us, like 10 minutes away. My comps eyes got big and he asked her to buy us some peanut butter. Here it is rare, and super expensive, and yes I wanted some too, but I wasn't just going to blurt it out. so, we wait and wait and she comes back- with 2 HUGE containers of peanut butter. I almost cried. I asked her how much it cost and she just said "nothing... well nothing for you guys" I love that woman. She is always just doing random awesome stuff like that. She's always happy, smiling, and thinking of us in all things. But the next time I see her I'm going to pay her for the peanut butter haha.
The baptisms were good. All 3 are kids of families that WERE inactive but not anymore. My comp baptized one of the kids first, and when I went around to get in the font to baptize the other, that little kid of 9 years old, clapped his hands together and with a huge smile said, "¡Me bauticé!" ( I got baptized!) It was just such a sweet moment, seeing the joy on his face. Adults always think that they need to know more about the church or scriptures or whatever before they get baptized. But look at 9 year old Luis Angel. Do you think he is a doctrinal master, or knows the purpose of the quorums of the 70? No. And that's how it should be. After getting the Holy Ghost, then the learning comes. All one has to know is that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His Church, and that God and Jesus Christ direct it. Its all so simple, but everyone misses it!! But that's why we're here.
The zone leaders and i are, well, lets just say were tight. One of them asked me yesterday if Id like to be a Dad (or get a missionary fresh from the MTC). I said whatever the Lord wants of me I'll do. Why? He just said he was just wondering. So well see if im going to be a trainer. But its also very possible they're messing with me haha thats totally them. But well see.

Love you all and hope all is well with you Gringos up there.

Much Love

p.s. I just found out that Larry King died like half a year ago. Or maybe I just forgot. Either way, that sucks. I'm sure he's getting taught by Pres. Hinckley right now!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mundo Nuevo, Coahuila Week 5

Well, I only have one week left (probably) with Elder Dearden, or deardles, as i call him. HAha no es cierto. But man its gonna be hard leaving this guy.
We had a baptism this week. She is the daughter of a family that was less active. This week we're hoping to have 4 more. No we WILL have 4 more hehe.
SO I go my scriptures back!!!!!!! We saw that same taxi that we took last Sunday, a few days later and we set up a time for him to take them to our house. It felt sooo good to hold them in my hands again. I hadn't marked them up a whole lot, but still, I had a little bit, and they are just so special to me. So thanks to the tender mercies of the Lord, I have them back. What are the chances of seeing hat same taxi again 3 days later?
We had kind of an interesting experience this week. We have an investigator who is going to get baptized this week who had just moved out from living with her boyfriend. We passed by each day just to see how she was doing and everything, but we passed for a couple of days and she hadn't been there. Her house was just all locked up. So we ask her neighbor if he knows anything. This where it gets good. A nasty man, with a lazy eye, begins telling us that the Mafia had come and killed her and her kids and that they were going to put the blame on us. Sweet. Well have a good day haha. We didn't really pay too much attention, but, we are in a border town, and we have come across some Mafia people before. There was always that thought in the back of our minds. So the next day, she doesn't go to church. Right after we eat, we go to her house and its open, and she's there. We told her what the guy said and she laughed and told us that guy is crazy. It was a good one! Anyway, shes alive, the kids are alive, and she's getting baptized! =)
So, all is well here. I love it here, but I miss Monterrey. It's super chill here, but there's not a whole lot of poeple, so its kinda hard to contact. It gets to like 105 here, but it should get to like 120. WOOO BRING IT!!!!!!!

Chris, quit being stupid. :)
I love you all and take care!!!!
Much Love

Monday, August 3, 2009

Piedras Negras, Coahuila week 4

This week was okay. We had divisions with other missionaries and I got an Elder who, well, there was word that he was hard to get along with, and a little dead. Well he came and we got along just fine. However, I thought we did a lot, but then I looked back and realized not a whole lot got accomplished. Then, our zone leader called us, the one who goes home in 2 weeks, and told us we had to go to his area. So the whole afternoon we spent in the church while he prepared a 15 minute activity for mutual. We didn't get back home till 9, so that day was gone. I wish people would just leave us alone and let us work!! Haha no everythings okay, I just have to be more persistent on some things.
So something pretty bad happened this week. Our safety wasn't in danger, Mom, so were okay. We went yesterday to pick up investigators to go to church in a taxi, because none of the members could help us. so we got to one and we're waiting and waiting. The taxi driver recieved a gcall on the radio, and he was closest, so he told us hed send another taxi in like 5 minutes. We were just waiting so we were okay with it. Then about 10 minutes pass, and I realize something. My backpack was in the taxi with my scriptures. We didn't look at the taxi company, nor talk to the driver, so we had nothing to go on. That night we called some of the major companies but none reported a bag. I was pretty bummed. But I have another set that I'll just have to use. I'll keep my eyes out and try to find another taxi that looked the same and see the company and go from there. Yeah, it was pretty bad, but I have to just keep on going.
Other than that everything is okay. We have 2 weeks till transfers, and its almost certain that Elder Dearden is going to leave. I really want another transfer with this guy!!!! O well, whatever the Lord wants
I was recently updated on the massacre Mexico did to the US in soccer. 5 to 0. ¿Qué les pasó? But were gonna play again the 12th but its here in Mexico, so we're probably gonna lose again. Dang it. O well, thats what you get America for under-appreciating the best sport on the planet!!!!!!!

Much Love