Friday, January 30, 2009

MTC week 4(again)

Hey everyone!
I got a letter from Kayela and Mom this week, but im sure Ill get the rest later tonight or tomorrow, right? ;) jk lol jk Thank you very much for sending me the package!! I was so excited to finally get my sweatpants, and not to mention all that candy! Haha i have to share with everyone because its just way too much! But I really am grateful for it. Not a lot happened this week. Well, let me rephrase that: An insane amount of stuff happened this week, but nothing too significant to write home about. We taught the Plan of Salvation for the last time Wednesday, and that means next week till we leave its all in Spanish. Dont for a second think I know how to speak spanish, though, because I really dont haha, but its gonna take a lot of faith and studying this week haha. But anyway, before we teach the lesson, we have a 15 minute task which is in Spanish, just for basic things like teaching someone how to pray or getting to know them etc. The past weeks were pretty good and E. Andersen and I thought we could understand Spanish all right, not well, but all right. Wrong. We just happened to get the Chilean native this week. Oh my heavens. I understood literally like 4 words she said. It was insane. But I hear they talk a lot faster than Mexicans do, which gives me some relief. So first and foremost, congratulations to Douglas me!!!!!!!!! O man I was soooo stoked when I heard that!!! I couldnt focus the rest of the day!! I think Russion is a 12 week language, which means its pretty intense haha but they all are. Study PMG lile crazy. get to know the lessons and teach with the missionaries, dont just ride around and listen. Its really crazy when you teach by the spirit and you come to realize youre actually doing missionary work. Its awesome. Um, I dont really now if anything else of significance has happened... On Tuesday the district ahead of us leaves and we will be the oldest here. Its insane. I know we still have 5 weeks till we leave but its carazy to think they are looking up to us and asking us for help. Its kinda funny. I want to ask JAke and Matt and anyone else to keep sending me cool spiritual stuff, like scriptures or stories or whatever. But if you do please DearElder it or send it snailmail because I only have 30 mins on the computer here and its kinda difficult to print stuff. so thanks.
Happy birthday to mom on Sunday!! Im sorry i cant be there but I have other stuff to do haha. I love you mom! But other than that, not much else. Its cold here. haha. I should have reported in like March. Jk. O yeah, and Im writing a rap about the Restoration and another missionay is writing one about the Plan of Slavation and another elder is doing the beatbox. haha its going to be sick nasty! Me amo sus todos y se que Dios sus ama tambien!
Much Love

Friday, January 23, 2009

MTC week 4

Thank you everyone for writing me. I got letters from Kayela and Brooke this week, and a DearElder from Jake which helped me immensley.Well not a whole lot happened ovre the week, but a lot happened yesterday. I had a way unexpectedly spiritual interview with one of my teachers. It was amazing. Ill send a more detailed letter of it home.We went to the RC last night, which is the refferral center, where all the church commercials and pass along cards have the numbers, and they call here. This lady called and wanted a free bible. I asked her if she knew anything about the Church and she said that she heard Joseph Smith saw God. I told her she was right, and began teaching her the first discussion. Our call lasted 45 minutes. In the middle I asked her to stop, and to just tell me how she was feeling as weve been talking. She sais she felt a peace. I opened to John 14 22-23 (i think are the verses) about the Comforter and she explained to me thats how she was feeling. We continued and at the end of the call I committed her and her husband to read Galatians 5 22, and to pray about the things we talked about and see if they feel the things in that scripture when they finished praying. I also committed them to go to church and I gave them the address of the closest church. I told her I was calling back early next week to see if she did those things. It just really made me feel that this is what its all about. This is why Im at the MTC for 9 weeks is to be able to do this, face to face, and in spanish. It was just an amazing call. Afterwards, Elder Andersen, who had been listening in on it, gave me a big Hi five and everyone looked at us like we were crazy haha.The other thing was right after that with E. Andersen during planning. He went and talked to the teacher outside for a couple minutes and I didnt want to pry, but just asked him what was up. He said "nothing" waited a second then told me of some of the things he'd been feeling. It was crazy because every word he said was exactly the same way I had been feeling. We talked for about 20 minutes and realized we werent the only ones going through this. Afterwardswhen we were actually planning, he said "see right now i just feel like Im on acloud". I felt the exact same thing and was just getting ready to tell him the same thing. It was amazing and made me feel a whole lot better about things.the next was after planning when I got back to the room at about 930. I read the letter Jake sent me and I honestly believe those words were inspired. It just made perfect sense that over time, God has chosen the unlearned to do His will. I had been concerned because I had basically no knowledge of the Gospel and it seemed like everyone else knew the Book of Mormon backwards and front. then he just wrote "Dont get tto down about it, simply commit to learn it." I just love how blunt you are JAke haha and how its so simple and we try to make things more complicated.Anyway, all here is good. the Temple was awesome today as usual. I havent gotten around to the matrix photos, but I have done Light Sabers (if anyone knows what that is haha). But Im so glad to be out here.I just read the email sally sent me about the Office and read it literally to the whole zone. They are all HUGE office fans!!!!!!! Everyone died laughting!! it was so great!!Well I love you all and be good. dont worry about me, Im doin just fine. Youre all in my prayers!
Much Love

Friday, January 16, 2009

James MTC week 3

Man, what to say. Everything is good here, just moving very quickly and I hope Im keeping up alright.We had a really cool experience this week. Our DL has only been a convert for a year and a half, and I overheard him talking about him using his brothers scriptures. The Spirit told me that the district should all get him a set. So I talked to all the others and we all pitched in and bought him a new set of scriptures and a case. When we gave them to him he was just taken aback and he was so grateful. All he said was that no one had ever done domething like that for him before. We all put our nanes in the back so he'll remember us.This week me and Elder Andersen taught the first lesson for the last time, well in english anyway. This week and next is the second lesson, then for 2 weeks its the first in spanish, then the next two are the second in spanish. Then Im off.Man its been so awesome here. If matt or anybody in Alaska remembers Josh Verhagen, I saw him in here. Hes going to Korea.Ya, so Jeffrey R. Holland came and talked to us Tuesday. It was insane. It felt more like he was a father or something talking than an apostle. He talked about the little ones looking at us like were superheroes, like were perfect, and he said they have every right to think that. It was an amazing talk.Wednesday the new shipment came in and some actually came to our zone. Its such an awesome feeling knowing were not the babies anmore, haha although were still young. Theyare all really cool.So everyone in my zone loves the office and at night we had a story time and Iwent over the Surplus and the Moroccan Christmas haha it was awesome. PLEASE keep me updated on that haha. Seriously.We had a great talk on concecration the other day and I realized I need to consecrate myself to the work, and exclude all outliers, which includes music. Its really really really hard not to start singing a Thrice song or scat a nickel creek mando solo, but I need that space for the Lord, and I know I will be blessed for it.I hate to be asking for stuff already haha but if you could send me some sweatpants and Pentel RSVP pens Id be greatly appreciative. The pens here suck, but I like the RSVP. I hope all is well and everyones doing good. Freddy Prince Joona Joona better me when he gets his call. Actually everybody should me. I get the email the same day you send it, though I cant reply till fridays, but its jsut awesome getting news from people. Ilove you all and miss you. Gracias por sus bendiciones!!
Much Love, JAmes

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello Everyone,
Well, its been really intense in here. Its already, and only, been a week. It seems like I got in here 2 months ago, but also 2 days ago.Everything here is fine. Just so much getting thrown at us right now with the language and all aspects of the Gospel. I cant really give too detailed of an account because its all been one huge blur. My advice to anyone preparing to come out is read and study PMG. It will help you so immensely.My companion is Elder Andersn and he's from Thousnad Oaks, California. Hes pretty cool. We work pretty well together.Wednesday we taught the first lesson for the first time. It was pretty cool, but needed a whole lot of work. We get to do it again this wednesday so were studying up hard so we can nail it this time.We just got back from the Provo temple. As we were walking there I said to my district, "this has to be one of the wierdest looking temples ever." They all laughed and agreed. But once we got inside it was so beautiful. I think its my favorite so far, over Denver and SLC.We have a gym period 5 times a week, and I spend it doing the most pointlessly fun thing here: four square. Yes, that game we played in elementary school. Here its really intense and everyone hates our zone because they take it so seriously and make moves and team up on people haha. The fist day I spent most of the hour laughing just because of the prospect of 19 year olds playing four square, but its the most intense second grade flashback you'll ever have, believe me.Weve had many Large Group Meetings, which is just where the mission presidency comes and speaks to everyone. They are really informative and I take tons of notes. Its one of my favorite parts of the MTC.The spanish is coming along... well i guess. Weve learned a little on how to bear testimony and how to pray. Its a whole lot coming at us all at once so we have to take good notes and have a lot of faith that the Lord will make up what we cant do.We had the next shipment of newbies come in Wednesday and it made me feel kinda good that Im not the newest of the new. I cant wait to get out in the field and actually teach people. I really envy the Elders and Sisters going stateside and only being here 3 weeks while Im here for 9 but I have to remember D&C 11:21 and know my time will come.So thats pretty much it. The chocolate milk rules, as everyone said it did. Oh, and if anyone wants to write me while Im here at the MTC just go to and you can email me and Ill get it the day you send it because they print it out and deliver it to me. Since I can only check Email on Fridays, It gets to me much quicker and makes my day :)
I miss you guys, but I know this is where Im supposed to be. So, I love you and talk to you later!!
Much Love

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Elder Hawken

Elder James Hawken
MTC Mailbox #148
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793