Friday, August 27, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila week 5

Well this week just flew by. It was a bit of a difficult one for me, but a great one as well. More and more Im realizing things about other people, who their true character is, and it helps me to know that certain decisions IVe made in the past are correct, and has I made them another way, I would have been in a world of problems.
Sunday was great. One of our recent converts who moved out of her house was there. Her family didnt know where shed gone to, nor did they really care, but she came and told us her whole story. Man it was so great to see her there, and she came all by herself. She is still staying faithful, even though there are certain things she still has to clear up, but she will make it all right.
We had one investigator at church that is really surprising us. She understands everything. The Mexican Culture as a whole doesnt put a whole lot of importance or stress on education. Therefore, they are not as intellectually in tune as some others would be. But this lady jsut captures everything perfectly and understands and makes the connections. We will be working with her all week to prepare her this Sunday for baptism.
My letters are kind of boring, but I cant really remember all the things htat happened haha.

Thank you to my mom, dad, and sister fro writing me. They say that near the end of the mission people just stop writing. And its 100% true except for these three people. I thank you for all the support you've given me and how much you r weekly letters, no matter the size, have helped me spiritually.

Much Love

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