Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rosita, Coahuila Week 5

This week was interesting. My comp was hardly in the area, so I had to lead the area with the junior comps of the other areas, which was okay because they know the area more than I do haha.

This week I got really into studying the Plan of Salvation. It’s the lesson I least understand, and the least I put emphasis on when teaching to others. While studying, I remembered what Elder Bednar said about having a “revelatory experience”. So as I prayed to begin the lessons, my mind was opened to new Ideas and concepts that before I wouldn’t have thought of. Its really amazing how when one lives worthy of having the Spirit, how that Spirit teaches things that the student hasn’t read nor heard before. That’s what revelation is. Pure information from God. I barely got from the Preexistence to Our life on earth. Its so much great information!!!! And I saw began to see the scriptures in a new way as well. Before I mainly looked for scriptures to share with people that explain a certain principle, but then I realized that they are more there to help the teacher acquire the knowledge and understanding he needs to effectively share the message to the listeners. Its wonderful the illumination the Spirit gives one.

So today for Pday we were going to play squash, which was like an hour away form my area, but when we got there the Elders here only and 2 rackets, so we just did what Mexicans always do, and threw down a good old game of soccer. IT was fun as well, but I would have rather played racquetball haha.

We had 2 great baptisms this week and have one other planned for next week, with another possible. The Lord is really blessing us here as the missionaries work diligently. Its one of the most difficult zones in the mission, but we are slowly picking it up.

I love you all and am waiting for wonderful handwritten letters haha. Los Amo!!!

Much Love


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