Thursday, March 25, 2010

Solidaridad, Monterrey Week 7

This week was great. We didnt have Pday because today we went to the temple. Needless to say, a beautiful experience.
Sunday was great. The young men and young women did a special program, and my convert Daniel directed it all. And, he and another convert, Eric who's 16, blessed the sacrament for the first time. They were both dressed up in suits and everything. It was so amazing to see how much these kids have changed and how strong there testimony is. The program went on and was absolutely beautiful, but at the very end, Eric was chosen to give his testimony. He just said over and over how much he has changed and how much the church and Gospel have helped him in his life. IT was one of the best moments in my whole mission, simply seeing how through me, God works miracles and changes peoples hearts. Later, I went up to Eric, and told him in his suit he looked just like a missionary. He smiled and said, "only 2 years to go", because Mexicans leave at 18. I was so happy when he said that and told him when he went to the temple after getting his call I would come down to see him. He smiled and thanked me. HE then said, "te vamos a extra├▒ar cuando te vayas." Were going to miss you when you leave. Then he gave me a hug. Yeah, that wasn't a heart wrencher. I was so intensely happy, I just couldn't wait to get that letter saying he was going on a mission. That will be one of the ultimate rewards of my mission.
This area is phenomenal. There are so many people prepared here. The members jsut become their best friends instantly and make sure they stay active. The president said that many missionaries would be staying in each area for 4 transfers, or 6 months. I would have no problem staying here. I'm on my second transfer right now, and I could easily go 2 more. Then, one more area, then home.
Okay now for the good stuff... across the street we have 2 neighbors- a raging alcoholic, and teenagers. The alcoholic decides to absolutely blare his music at 11 at night. And its banda, which is basically polka in Spanish. The most annoying thing Ive ever heard (disculpenme Mexicanos). So I finally go gout and ask him to turn it off. HE says OK sure, but COMPLETELY blasted. so we go back in, I lay down and the music turns back on, so we decide we have to start thinking tactfully. So for about another 45 minutes, were talking, trying to reason with a man with the mentality of a 3 year old, while another elder tries to takeoff the stereo face and give it to his son to hide. Well, he catches on and doesn't let us. So, after some beat boxing, speaking Chinese, and hearing the word "tranquiqui" ( a drunk dirivative of "tranquilo" which means "calm down") He finally decides to turn it off. We got to bed at midnight. But it was great fun and Im sure not the last time it will happen. Man I love Mexico!
That's all. Jake, anything on the BYUI papers? I REALLY want to get going on those. Thanks.
Love you all and hope you ll flipping write me FRIENDS. Dang. Masons the only one who really loves me haha.

Till next week

p.s.- I want to learn American Sign Language, so in the next package could you send me a book?

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