Friday, December 3, 2010

La Cañada week 1

This week has been awesome. My new comp is awesome. Hes really chill and hes from Utah. Hes a rock climbing fanatic, and has got me super stoked to try it out. There are a couple gyms here in Saltillo were going to find and go try out.
The house is pretty much the funnest house in the whole mission. Me, Super chill and awesome Wilson, crazy fun Deardles, and super black Tongan Fotu. I randomly run into the other room and tackle Dearden before he goes to bed and we wrestle till were tired. We sleep a lot better haha. Deardles brought his guitar, Wilson has a tiny guitar, and we stringed a guitar the previous owners left here. We have 4 working guitars. And, Elder wilson has "Doubting Thomas" by Nickel Creek on a CD, and the other 3 hadnt heard of them, and fell in love with the song and listen to it over and over. Its kind of interesting how this all culminates my last transfer. 4 guitars, and Nickel Creek? I dont think its just a coincidence. I believe its a test for me. Im on my last transfer, perhaps Hes wanting to see what Ive become, what I see as most important. Are you a musician, or a missionary? One thing Ive learned in the mission is that music doesn't define me, I do. I want to be seen as who I really am, a special Child of God, a worthy priesthood holder, and an instrument through which the Holy Ghost can and does work. Not the guy who can listen to any thing and just play it. Who cares about that guy? Who would want to be friends with or date such a hollow person? Im not a musician. Im me! And what a grand realization its been for me! Music will always be a part, even a large part, of my life. I will always recognize and utilize this great gift God has given me. But there are some things that are so much more important than that. Thats why I love so much the great friends Ive made here in the mission, because they see me for me. They love the person thats inside, and I can honestly say there are few people who have seen me for me, because I was always hiding behind a guitar or a mandolin, and I never allowed them to see, nor did many make the effort to see, who I really was. Its so refreshing to have people, other than just family and a select few others, see me for what God intended me to be, and help me realize that I am a good person. Back to the point... Im gonna have to be careful with the music th last 5 weeks haha.
We had a missionary fall off his bile this week. Well, more like fly off a giant mound of dirt, and realize, in mid air, there was no landing ramp. He landed right on his hip. He was freaking out, thinkin his hip was broken. The mission presidents wife told him to drink a lot of water, to which a member responded no, because if he drank too much he could go into shock and get diabetes. What? Anyway, hes alright, but got pretty banged up, and dindt get diabetes. Well, as far as we know.
I love you all and want MAson and Chris and Amy and Becca to write me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

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