Monday, May 24, 2010

Nueva Rosita, Coahuila week 1 (or week 4 of the transfer)

This week has been insane. We didnt have P Day on Monday because we
were going to the temple on Wednesday, so like always, we changed it
to Wednesday. But, Monday night, I got a call from the Assistants
informing me that I was getting short transferred (or getting
transferred within the 6 week period in which it usually happens). So,
Im here in Nueva Rosita, Coahuila as Zone Leader. Its about 6 hours
from Monterrey. Therefore, They had already had their P-day on Monday,
so when I got here, Id missed it. Sweet haha.
Last week was a true test of faith. The whole week we were doing
exactly what we should have been, but were having no results at all.
Saturday night came around and we had no one for church, so we just
started contacting. We got into a house of a lady who had a ton of
perfect questions, and said she and her husband would go to church the
next day. That night I still didn't count them as surer to go because
we'd just met them. So, Sunday, the next day, I give them a call to
see if they were really going to go , and they said they were on their
way. I was surprised, and really happy! haha. So when they got there,
all the members introduced themselves, it was great. Afterward, we
went to the baptismal font to put their baptismal date for the next
week, but the husband said he had many questions, because his mom is a
7th Day Adventist and filled his mind with a lot of funny stuff about
the Mormons. So he said he was going to take her to his house and we
were going to talk with her and answer her questions. Great, I
thought, a Bible Bash session. But that night he took her over and she
was just a very nice lady and had questions like what we believe about
tithing and fast offerings and other things of that nature. Everything
we explained were with divinely inspired words, because we explained
very clearly and respectfully that this is the only Church with
authority from God.The two who went just stayed quiet, and after about
45 minutes I realized that were not just here to answer trivial
questions but to get these people baptized. So I began talking to the
two who had gone to church with us, and I explained how we want to
teach them all they need to know to get baptized, then I asked them if
they would pray to know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.
When I said that, the husband sat up on the couch and said, "from
what I felt in the church today, I don't need to ask God any further
if its the true Church. I know" I'm sure I looked like I'd just gotten
slapped in the face. He just went on about all the good things that he
felt and that happened at church. It was a true manifestation to me
that God is preparing people and that he does reward us for our
righteous efforts. Even thought I got transferred the next day and
won't be there for there baptism- I am still very grateful for the
blessings the Lord gave me and for the lesson I learned in faith.
This week on Tuesday we had a special bi-mission conference. Elder
Bednar came and spoke to us. It was so awesome! He's the 3rd Apostle
I've seen in real life. It was amazing how he was. In General
Conference, we see them as distant people, just giving their talks,
but seeing him in real life, I realized hes a normal Human Being. It
was great to hear him making jokes and being normal haha. He even
talked about our note taking, and how all we write down are things
said, not felt. He then said, "How stupid is that?!" It was hilarious.
He then explained that in meetings, we shouldn't write down words they
say, but that it should be a "revelatory experience" and we should
write down what the Holy Ghost tells us that we need to do,
specifically. He spoke for about 3 hours on faith and prayer. That's
it. Who said the Gospel was complicated? He explained things in such a
clear manner that we were all receiving the testimony of the Spirit
that this man really was an Apostle of Jesus Christ and that this is
the Church of Jesus Christ. It was an absolutely unforgettable
So being a Zone Leader is crazy. I have only worked with my
companion like 1 day out of last week. I don't know my area or
anything. It really reminds me of Piedras Negras, the place I was in
like 9 months ago, just a small town, with not too much going on. I'm
excited to work here.
So ya, insane week. This week should be very interesting because my comp is not going to be here at all, so I have to direct the area. fun fun fun!!!!

Much Love

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