Wednesday, July 14, 2010

week 5 Rosita, Coahuila

This week was great. Another rainy one. It didnt rain like the last week, but we still got a good amount. We didnt have any ponchos so a member cut up a couple of trash bags and we threw those on haha it was great. We got completely wet, except our torsos haha.
The work here has been going all right, a lot different than in other areas. We havent had any baptisms yet, and my comp and I are figuring out new ways to better filter out the good from the bad. We had a few committed to go, but at the mera hora (at the exact hour) they simply dont come. They appear like they're going to progress really well, then simply dont come. So thats what were going to be working on this last week.
I had a pretty bad day of allergies on Saturday. My nose was running and I had a headache, the normal stuff. So, a member decides to take me to get a shot that supposedly would help me with allergies. So we go to the Pharmacist, and she takes my comp and I to the back. I sit down in a recliner and pull my shirtsleeve up. She says no, that I have to go to the table further back. Odd, I thought, but whatever. So I ask her if I need to sit down, she says no, I can do it standing up. THen she tells me to untuck my shirt.Then it hits me. This shot aint going to the arm. She grabs my pants haha and pulls them down a TEENY bit and throws that sucker into my right cheek. Never, in my life, has a shot hurt more than this. HAha but the pain went away after about 5 minutes. I can now officialy say that the first woman other than mom to see part of my tooshie was a 60 year old Mexican lady in a sketchy pharmacy while on my mission.
Well, 18 months without getting sick, then it hits me. Saturday night (the same night as the shot haha) we ate some lonches de barbacoa which are like sandwichy things with roast beef in them. Well, these bad boys did me damage. Sunday I had a bad stomachache and was tired all day. That same member took me to the doctor, and apparently I have a stomach infection haha. I got some medicine that should make me feel better here soon.
Sunday after church we went to a nearby town that the had been hit by the hurricane. The river runs through the city and flooded almost 100 percent of the city. We went and it was really sad seeing everything. Houses were totally ruined by the water. Al their belongings were destroyed, and the whole place smelled like an old basement. We went and helped a little bit there with the other missionaries in that area.
The Canicula, or the 40 hottest days in Northern Mexico, are about to start. IT starts the 15th I think and goes to the 31 of August. Its ridiculous how hot the sun can get!!!!! But well make it through haha.
Thats all from Mexico.

Much Love

p.s. To logan- dont let your head get too big that Spain won the world cup. :) ¡FUE COMPRADO! haha!

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