Monday, November 15, 2010

La Cañada, Saltillo week 5

This week was quite eventful. On thursday Elder Tenorio from the 70 came and talked to the missionaries in Saltillo. He was doing a mission tour and the two zones in Saltillo met together. It was so amazing. I thought it would be kind of serious or that he was going to get after us for something, but it wasnt like that at all. He was making jokes and going off subject and telling us hilarious irrelevant stories. His main point however was about praying with real faith and doing our part so they can happen. He also spoke about setting goals and accomplishing them by focusing on the end rather than the effort necessary to accomplish it. It was amazing and reminded me of the story by Pres. Uchtdorf about him not being able to learn english until his motivation was appropriate. It was so wonderful.
We had a miracle baptism this week. The boyfriend of a member got baptized on thursday. We never taught, visited, or hardly talked to him. The Bishop is his girlfriends dad, so he basically taught him everything. We just set up the interview and he was good to go. IT was great! A really spiritual baptismal service. I really enjoyed it.
We just got done with our inter-zonal activity (Elder Van Vliet still makes fun of me for that word. Its a real word). We played soccer in the morning then went bowling, then ate at Dominos to finish off the activity. The only bad thing was that not all the people from the both zones wanted to do it, so only about half went. But it was okay, all the ones I wanted to see went haha. It was a blast!
Well this is my comps last week in the field. IT will be a fun week. Hes doing really good and I think... no, I know he'll finish strong. Then its on to my last transfer... (!)
Congrats to Matt and Jana! I hear Whitney is just a doll, and that she and Jana are doing well. I'm so glad to hear that and to be able to meet her soon!! I love you guys and am glad all is well!!!

Much Love

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