Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LA Cañada, Saltillo week 3

This week was great. Tuesday we had interviews with the President. IT was amazing as usual. I ask him some personal questions and he explains to me what I need to hear in the way I need to hear it. Such a great experience. And... Remember the guitar the member gave me 6 months ago when I was in Monterrey? Well it finally got done being repaired and the missionaries there finally remembered to go pick it up and now I have it! His names Tito. Its a really great sounding guitar, even with the cruddy strings on it. When I get home im throwing some silk & steels on him to lessen the tension on the broken part of the neck and so hell sound awesome. Mason is probably the only one who understands that haha:)
So the two girls who went to church last week got baptized on Sunday. IT was a great service. their parents are also interested in the message. they are about to separate, and the mom is even looking for a house to move into, but for some crazy reason hasn't found even one. Sign from God? Hmm... so were helping them try to save their marriage and fill in the missing parts of their lives. They are great people. Were really hoping that they will progress.
We have an awesome member here named Hermana Garcia. She has a son whose inactive and whose wife isnt a member but has gone to church and liked it and everything. so we go to their house Saturday, explain baptism, and ask her if shed be baptized next week. She accepted. Haha Its amazing how the Lord works and how exceedingly effective member missionary work is. From this member we've baptized 2 already and this will be number 3. see members? you really CAN help the missionaries! Is it hard. NOT AT ALL. Just tell us and well go and explain everything to them!!! Help us!!!
Well its November. Its crazy to think that next month Ill hit the 2 year mark the 31 of Dec. Yes Im thinking a little ahead I know haha but its just such a crazy thought. there are Christmas decorations out in the stores and everything. Halloween went by like nothing, man where is the time going! I just gotta sprint to the end!!!
Not a whole lot else going on. Just working our tails off. Thats all :)

I love you all!!!!
Much Love

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