Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Solidaridad, MTY Week 8

What has happened in the course of 4 days...
Well, Saturday, the Zone Leaders called and had us go to the bus station to pick up a new comp thats going to work with us. We are now in a trio. He's Elder Hernfandez, and hes a cool guy. Hes a bit of a cook (pronounced "kewk" like cooky) but cool nonetheless. Weve got to figure out how to teach and everything in a trio so that will be fun.
We had a guy that originally was going to get baptized Sunday, but we didnt feel to sure about that so he was just committed to go to church. Well, he didnt show, so we went to his house after the services to see what happened. his mom answered and said, "hes here, but I dont think youll be able to talk to him." She let us in, to the glorious view of him, sprawled out on the floor, completely blasted and passed out. I felt kinda bad, but at the same time it was kinda funny. I mean just sprawled out there haha. But yes I did feel bad haha.
Well not much else. not much in 4 days.

Till next week

Much Love

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