Monday, April 12, 2010

Silodaridad, MTY week 10

This week was great. We worked even more diligently this week. It
was a great feeling knowing that true happiness comes from diligence.
What to report?... not a whole lot. We got in touch with the mom of
the guy we found a few weeks ago passed out on his floor, and she came
to church and wants to get baptized. So were excited about that. We
are really praying so we can help her son change his ways and be a
better person and husband so his family can be better.
Well today we went to an ice skating rink! I was sooo happy! Turns
out all those late nights with the dudes helped! It felt so weird
being in normal clothes ( not in church clothes like we area every
day). Of course, I rocked the Thrice shirt from my brother MAson
:):):):). Everyone was falling and I was just zooming past them haha
it was great, but eventually they got the hand of it. We played a game
where we threw a volleyball at a bilboard on the wall of the rink to
score a goal. Well, my team scored more haha. I was curving past them
and everything. The best part is I didnt feel bad about it. Now the
Mexicans know how we feel when we play soccer and they’re like doing
backflips and all that junk. One of the zone leaders got bugged, and
decided to stop playing haha! But we did play as a team. I dont think
I just took all the glory, we all had a great time.
After that, we went back to the church and I played the piano for
a good hour and a half. It felt so good to be playing! Espcially in
normal clothes! But it will feel good getting back into the normal
swing of things.
To Mason and Amy and Megan and Alayna- THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE
PICTURES!!!! That made my week! Man they are so funny! PLEASE SEND
MORE, in the group or individually please!!!!
So this week on Sunday night I got a hold of a guitar. As an
inevitable chain reaction, I wrote a song. Its called "It´s Home" and
its my best and favorite song so far. Im going to record it in a
couple of weeks and send it home. (Ill go on a P-day to some members
of another area, Im not dying I swear…)

Well have a wonderful week all. I loves you’s!

Much Love

P.S.Mason- Hows your new music coming along? im sure great. I was thinking about a band name for when I get back- The Beulah Brothers. haha Im sure youve got better ones.

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