Monday, March 1, 2010

Solideridad, Monterrey week 4

Its crazy to think this transfer is almost over! ITs gone by so quick.
This week was amazing. On monday, we found a 17 year old kid named Daniel, and he accepted a baptismal date the first visit. Many do, but when we go back they either dont open the door or say their busy or cnat make it Sunday or some other excuse. But we went back and he was there. All this week we taught him, he read the pamphlets like 2 times over each, and when we gave him the Book of Mormon he basically gave us a verse by verse overview. He is excited for his baptism and is progressing very well. The lesson after giving him the Book of mormon, i commented to him about the challenge the Prophet made to read it before April. He just said, "okay, ill do it." I was jsut like, I was just telling you about it buddy! haha but thats just how he is, so hes reading the Book of Mormon before April. Im so excited that he and his brother are rady to be baptized and really have the desire to do it.
We had another guy come to church whose name is Juan Carlos, and hes a 23 year old who drinks and smokes on the weekends. He really wants to quit, and he understands that a baptism is the one thing that will help him more than any other thing he could do. Im excited for him because hes really the first person Ive ever taught who has an addiction and really wants to get over it. It will be a fun and interesting challenge for him and us.
Well, today I complete 14 months in the mission. A year ago tomorrow I got to the Mexico. Loking back i see hiw much IVe really grown and, even though I cant see it too much, I know ive grown so much. A few days ago I was imagining what it would be like if it were my last week in the mission. I hated it. Every missionary thinks about going home and doing this or that, but one thing they never realize is that they will be bored just like they were before the mission. For me at least. Ive only got 10 more months and I know theyll go by quick, so I have to treasure them.
Well, a great week. This week will be pretty great too I know it.
So hows Chris doing? and Mason? and my amplifier? haha I dont know where it is I juat wanna keep track of it. To all the dudes: WRITE ME. I havent heard from one of you guys! Brandon, Dustin, Riley, Drew, Chris S., all of you guys, I wnat to know how youre doing!
Take care!!!!!
Much Love

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