Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Solideridad, MTY Week 5

This week was great. We had interviews with the President. They told us ours was at 1:30, the at 1:20 when we were on the bus, they called and told us they'd been changed to 4:30. Right in the middle of the day. So that kinda made me mad, but I knew they had to do it, and not just to be difficult. But my interview was great. We really didnt talk about much, but it was great to spend a few minutes with Pres. Romney. He is so amazing and intelligent. Just being around him makes me smarter haha.
We had the baptism of Daniel and Saul, 2 kids weve been teaching for 2 weeks. We just found them knocking doors. Missionaries are always complaining that they never have success knocking doors, but a lot of my baptisms have come from that. It by no means is my favorite thing, but it must be done, so why not do it good? These two kids are honestly prepared by the HEavens to recieve us. Each visit, they'd read the pamphlets at least once. They understood from the beginning Priesthood, and the Apostasy (which NOBODY understands), and were willing and excited from the first visit to be baptized. Daniel wanted me to baptize him, and Saul wanted Edler Whitney. So after we'd come out of the water, Daniel said to me, "Elder Hawken, thank you for coming to my house. Without you guys, I never would have made this decision." and gave me a big wet hug. Thats what a Mission is all about! Not contacts, or new investigators, but knowing that you have been a tool in the hands of God to bring someone such happiness, the best feeling in the world.
At church we met a family of four that came with a sister who is a member. we were sad at the beginning of church because nobody we'd taught in the week came. But, I knew that this was a blessing from God. So we went to their house that night, and taught them about the Plan of Salvation, because her brother had recently passed away. While we were teaching, she began crying, and I helped her recognize it was the Holy Ghost telling her that her brother is okay. She recognized it as well, and the whole family accepted a baptismal date for Sunday. There was another missionary who also had people at church they didn't plan for, but didn't even try to put a baptismal date because he said it was the first time he'd ever saw them. I got kinda frustrated because he knows he needs to baptize people, but at times doesn't want to put forth the effort, or is too afraid to do it. So they have 0 baptisms for this next week, and we have 4. The Lord really sees our efforts and blesses us accordingly.
So, one other insanely important note... Metallica came to Monterrey Wednesday! I so wnated to go haha but we had a couple members go and they said it was amazing. Haha they showed me some videos and I thought of Brandon Milburger! IT was the talk of the week here in Monterrey haha!
Mason, I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!! ThANK YOU SOoOO MUCH!!!!! The Thrice shirt is amazing!!!! And the set list!! How did you get that! were you front row? Man, I was so stioked for that, and even more for the letter. Keep writing me man. I love you!!

I love you all and till next week!!!
Much Love

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