Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solideridad, MTY Week 6

Well this week was great. I had some crazy experiences.
The Zone leaders needed a baptismal interview, so they called me to
do it. The lady who I was going to interview had little to no desire
to get baptized. I am uncomfortable when missionaries set up a miracle
baptismal interview, especially without telling me beforehand how the
person is. So, I begin the interview, and she starts unraveling her
life, and sharing completely irrelevant things. So quite a while
later, I realized she was really stubborn and easily offended. She
explained about a certain sin she committed in August that she thought
was the worst thing in the world. Id learned to not jump to
conclusions. She began crying because of the horribleness (sp?) of
what she had done, but she wouldnt tell me or even hint as to what it
was. So I told her that upon getting baptized, God would forgive her
of that sin ,and all the others. She said that that wasnt possible. I
said if it was, would you like to know? She said yes, but that its not
possible. So after a few minutes of trying to get her to ask God in a
prayer, she finally decided to do it. During her prayer, she poured
out her whole soul. It was the first indication that she had a desire
to get baptized. She asked God, then ended the prayer. During the
prayer, the Spirit came, and I knew she was feeling it and had
received her answer. When she finished the prayer, I told her to take
a few moments and focus on her feelings. Then I read Galatians 5:22,
and asked if those were the things she was feeling, knowing it was.
She thought for a moment and said, no. I told her I knew she was,
because I was feeling it, and the Spirit testifies to all who are
listening. She again said no. Immediately, the feeling I had left. A
dead lingering feeling entered. The Holy Ghost, that had testified to
us both, left. She had felt it, then upon denying the feeling, He
retired His presence. I knew it, she knew it, and God knew it, but she
had openly decided to put aside all the answers I had given her, the
various Spiritual confirmations and signs that God had given her,
because for some miniscule reason that she did not want to put the
time nor effort into to overcome. I knew God answered her prayer. I
FELT it. And that is why I also know, without a doubt, SHE felt it,
and that upon denying it, the Spirit of God wholly left the room. IT
was a very sad experience, but also very interesting. Id witnessed
many good Spiritual experiences, but this was my first bad experience.
I am so grateful that I could experience it though, and that God
trusted me enough to give me one as such. This has done so much to
strengthen my testimony, that this IS His church, The Church of Jesus
Christ, that He does live, that the Holy Ghost manifests to us, and
that God will not take away our personal agency.
On a lighter note, we had a baptism! Yay! We baptized a family of
four that came to church last week with some of their family. We
taught them the plan of Salvation Sunday night, they accepted the
baptismal date, we taught them, and yesterday, they got baptized. God
really is preparing people. Many are looking without even knowing it,
until they find it. President and sister Romney came to the service
which was also amazing. All the young men wanted to take pictures with
the "Mission President" haha, it was great to see them so excited
about missionary work.

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