Monday, November 30, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo

This week was crazy like always. I was on divisions with the other
Elders trying to help them. 2 of the 3 areas are having some
difficulties, so I have to keep them excited and working hard.
We had a great baptism yesterday. Jerica, the 19 year old girl. Her
parents went and were hoping to baptize her mom this next week, and if
we can find her dad, him too. At the baptism, 2 new converts gave
their testimonies. It was amazing. They are stronger than many members
ive seen. The husband recieved the Sacerdocio of Melchizedek
yesterday. It was so amazing to see someone so faithful and strong,
even though they arent people ive baptised. They are absolutely going
o have such a wonderful life.
Thanksgiving kinda just passed haha. Nothing here. I didnt even
realize it till a Mexican told me that today was Thanksgiving. I dont
even remember my own holidays haha. but it was an average day.
Wednesday I was on divisions with one of the areas here. We had to
go to the house of all the possible baptisms for that week, or people
who have gone to church before. They only had one, and he had made it
abundantly and rudely clear before that they want nothing to do with
the church, but we had to go anyways. The Elder I was with was kinda
afraid to go. He knew they were going to just run us out. So we got
there and knocked, and the 14 year old kid answered the door. He said,
" Hey, its great you guys came. Look, my moms told you she wants
nothing yo do with you..." we thought he was gong to tell us to leave
and never come back. but he said, " but I want to keep going and get
baptized." my comp was in shock. So right then and there, I filled out
the baptismal record and interviewed him. He got baptized yesterday.
It was an amazing experience that taught us to always confide in the
Lord, no matter how hard it seems.
Anyway thats all. Noviembre is gone and almost my first year in the
mish. Still feel like I just got here...its amazing!
I love you all and would like letter please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Mason
and Chris and Amy and Becca and everyone else!

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