Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo, Coahuila

Well as you can see i got transferred. Im now in Saltillo which is about an hour and a half left of Monterrey. Its pretty cool here. The coldest area in the mish. I went to the hottest for summer and the coldest for winter. Sweet.

The crazy thing is that im a District Leader. That basically means Im in charge of 3 other companionships, and anything they dont do right, I get leveled for by my leaders haha. Its a pretty crazy position. Im going to be in my area a lot less now, but my companion will keep it rolling here.
I got the call monday, left and got here Tuesday, and Wednesday till Thursday i was in a training meeting for all the District Leaders in the mission. It was pretty cool. I got there at about 7, we had a devotional, and ate till about 9, then played soccer till about 11 haha. The funny part is that out President played too!! But he played basketball, so that doesnt really count.
We learned a ton in that meeting. I still have no idea what im doing, but im sure in time it will all come. I met 2 of the 3 companionships I have, and theyre really cool. One is Elder Kioa, and hes Tongan, but really from Nevada. All of a sudden he just busted all out singing,l soul style, it was amazing! I am confident that these Elders are hard workers.

The zone leaders (or the leaders above me) have set some really specific goals for us to reach. Theyre pretty difficult too. we usually ask 6 references every week, they want 10 every day. They only count new investigators if they know we are here to baptize them and accept to go to church. Having people at church only counts if they leave with a baptismal goal date or baptismal date. Its pretty specific, but I know it will help us be more effective. Im excited to see what we accomplish.
Anyway, thats about it here. Its pretty exciting. Ill see how it all turns out..
I love you all and would be really happy if people wrote me!!!! If you dont know where to send leters ask my Mom (because I really dont know the address either haha)

Much Love

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