Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Piedras Negras

This week was good. we found some good people and are workin hard as always!!
We had divisions again this week, and I went with one of my Zone leaders to see how they do things and what it is that I lack, or what I could better. But as the day went on, I found that I was doing almost everything that he did. Contacted, taught, everything. So i got to thinkin, what am I lacking? What does he do that I don't? then I realized, it was because I wasn't working with the love I should have. I was working just so the APs didn't say we weren't working again. And for that, I was working for "impure motives". Thus, the lack of success. But thankfully the Lord has given me the trials that I needed to be more humble and work with more love. In my planner I have 5 of the most basic and powerful words in the world, and they weren't even written by a prophet. "All You Need is Love".
We had a zone activity today. we made carne asada, played fĂștbol (the better one) and watched Johnny Lingo and Suits on the Run. It was great being here. I got to talk with my brother in the mission Elder Simpson, who's got almost 2 years of being a convert. Hes so awesome! I love just talking to him about gospel doctrines. And hes a Thrice fanatic :)
Transfers next week. I'm stoked, but don't want to leave here, but i have 3 transfers here, or in other words ya me voy. It will be hard but good to to get to a new place and start fresh.
Love you all and take care! LETTER LETTERS LETTERS!!!
Much Love

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