Friday, November 27, 2009

Zaragosa, Saltillo

This week was amazing. Wednesday we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders, but one of them just came to our area and worked with both of us. I was super nervous at the beginning, but then we got to talking and I realized hes a way cool guy.
We found a 19 year old girl named Jerica this week. She is absolutely amazing. The first day we gave her the pamphlet of the Restoration, she read it and prayed about it, which almost none do the first time. The next day we went to her house and she told us about the things she felt after reading and praying. I was amazed. I was so happy that she actually understood the importance and purpose of the message. She and her mom came to church Sunday, and the mom isn't so sure she wants to get baptized, but this week we will resolve all her doubts and shell get baptized Sunday too.

It was kinda weird this week. I was only in my area 2 days and the rest I was on divisions, or in the other areas of the missionaries in my district. They are all really great guys. One is Elder Kioa, and hes Tongan. He actually grew up speaking Tongans and learned English in school. Hes so awesome and I often ask him to say stuff in Tongan. Its a beautiful language.
This week has been one of miracles, seeing the way the work goes on even when Im not in my area. I feel so good knowing I can trust my Companion to lead the area when Im not there. Its proof that its the work of the Lord, and not of man.
A few days ago we were eating with some members and all of a sudden the song Imagine comes on the radio. I almost started crying! not really, but I thought about Mason and what he was doing right then. It was great hearing the song and remembering some great times.
To the surprise of many, they celebrate Thanksgiving here. Its not that big, but some do. But for us its just another normal day of work haha.
Mason- check out the CD "a Nashville Tribute to Joseph Smith". Amy might have it. But its an amazing folk album dedicated to the Prophet Joseph Smith. It talks about his life and everything. The first song is my favorite.
I love you all and have fun mutilating turkeys!
Much Love

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