Monday, August 3, 2009

Piedras Negras, Coahuila week 4

This week was okay. We had divisions with other missionaries and I got an Elder who, well, there was word that he was hard to get along with, and a little dead. Well he came and we got along just fine. However, I thought we did a lot, but then I looked back and realized not a whole lot got accomplished. Then, our zone leader called us, the one who goes home in 2 weeks, and told us we had to go to his area. So the whole afternoon we spent in the church while he prepared a 15 minute activity for mutual. We didn't get back home till 9, so that day was gone. I wish people would just leave us alone and let us work!! Haha no everythings okay, I just have to be more persistent on some things.
So something pretty bad happened this week. Our safety wasn't in danger, Mom, so were okay. We went yesterday to pick up investigators to go to church in a taxi, because none of the members could help us. so we got to one and we're waiting and waiting. The taxi driver recieved a gcall on the radio, and he was closest, so he told us hed send another taxi in like 5 minutes. We were just waiting so we were okay with it. Then about 10 minutes pass, and I realize something. My backpack was in the taxi with my scriptures. We didn't look at the taxi company, nor talk to the driver, so we had nothing to go on. That night we called some of the major companies but none reported a bag. I was pretty bummed. But I have another set that I'll just have to use. I'll keep my eyes out and try to find another taxi that looked the same and see the company and go from there. Yeah, it was pretty bad, but I have to just keep on going.
Other than that everything is okay. We have 2 weeks till transfers, and its almost certain that Elder Dearden is going to leave. I really want another transfer with this guy!!!! O well, whatever the Lord wants
I was recently updated on the massacre Mexico did to the US in soccer. 5 to 0. ¿Qué les pasó? But were gonna play again the 12th but its here in Mexico, so we're probably gonna lose again. Dang it. O well, thats what you get America for under-appreciating the best sport on the planet!!!!!!!

Much Love

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