Monday, August 10, 2009

Mundo Nuevo, Coahuila Week 5

Well, I only have one week left (probably) with Elder Dearden, or deardles, as i call him. HAha no es cierto. But man its gonna be hard leaving this guy.
We had a baptism this week. She is the daughter of a family that was less active. This week we're hoping to have 4 more. No we WILL have 4 more hehe.
SO I go my scriptures back!!!!!!! We saw that same taxi that we took last Sunday, a few days later and we set up a time for him to take them to our house. It felt sooo good to hold them in my hands again. I hadn't marked them up a whole lot, but still, I had a little bit, and they are just so special to me. So thanks to the tender mercies of the Lord, I have them back. What are the chances of seeing hat same taxi again 3 days later?
We had kind of an interesting experience this week. We have an investigator who is going to get baptized this week who had just moved out from living with her boyfriend. We passed by each day just to see how she was doing and everything, but we passed for a couple of days and she hadn't been there. Her house was just all locked up. So we ask her neighbor if he knows anything. This where it gets good. A nasty man, with a lazy eye, begins telling us that the Mafia had come and killed her and her kids and that they were going to put the blame on us. Sweet. Well have a good day haha. We didn't really pay too much attention, but, we are in a border town, and we have come across some Mafia people before. There was always that thought in the back of our minds. So the next day, she doesn't go to church. Right after we eat, we go to her house and its open, and she's there. We told her what the guy said and she laughed and told us that guy is crazy. It was a good one! Anyway, shes alive, the kids are alive, and she's getting baptized! =)
So, all is well here. I love it here, but I miss Monterrey. It's super chill here, but there's not a whole lot of poeple, so its kinda hard to contact. It gets to like 105 here, but it should get to like 120. WOOO BRING IT!!!!!!!

Chris, quit being stupid. :)
I love you all and take care!!!!
Much Love

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