Monday, August 31, 2009

Piedras Negras, Coahuila Week 8

This week was pretty good. We baptized a lady named Claudia who the missionaries had been wanting to baptize for like 5 months. It was great.
So Saturday we started off the day working, contacting mainly, but with 0 success. I knew a half hour in the day was gonna be a bad one. Everyone seemed to be a devout supporter of their churches haha. Anyway, I contacted a lady and we FINALLY got into her house. So were talking and her granddaughter, like 4 or5, gives me a piece of paper. I just put it on the couch, cuz I was focused on owning her grandmas heart with the Spirit. Were talking and whatnot, and once again the whole idea of "having the true church of Jesus Christ" and "being the only church in all the world that god and Jesus Christ direct" held no desire for her. Sweet. So seeing this, we end the lesson and get ready to leave. Once outside, the grandkids all come out to tell us bye, and this girl hands me this paper again. Im pretty annoyed by this point at the lack of success, and this little girl wasnt really helping, but I still thanked her and everything. I took the paper, and opened it. There was only one word writen on it- "milagros". Miracles. It made me think about how Im a representative of Christ, and not just because I say it or because those who followed Christ in the bible were "representatives" or worthless stuff like that. Ive been called by a Prophet, the ONLY people in the world who can talk to God. He received revelation for where I should go. I was set apart as a missionary, one with the authority from God to do those miracles. I am His representative here. It also made me think about what my MTC treacher said: "The hardest times come right before the miracles." And that night, we interviewed Claudia, and Sunday baptized her. The Lord is caring for us out here, and not just because were "Christians" or "Children of God", but we act on the faith that we have. We're here preaching in his name. We are His messengers, literally. No one else, apart from the other 53000 missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, can say that. Sure they preach the Bible and stuff, and that's all good. But they have not literally been given authority to do so. Many take the Bible too figuratively, that a "prophet" is someone who preaches the Gospel, an Apostle is a "servant", or the "true church" is ourselves or stuff like that. They just dont understand how to understand the bible. Once again, Ive been give the authority, and the Holy Ghost, to discern and literally receive revelation, for what the Prophets in the bible were saying, and not what the errored translation of man says. So many things have been lost, and that what Satan wants. "Just think youll be saved by faith. Oh no, you dont have to really DO anything, just believe in Christ." We know thats not the Plan of God. If all we had to do was believe in Christ, what is the point of coming to Earth?
Sorry if I just unloaded on you guys. I think Ive jsut hit the point to where I hear the same thing over and over and see how sure the people think of their answers, when really they've never even cracked open their grandmas bible sitting on their front table. But thats why were here, to help them to understand, to know the plan of God, where the real happiness and knowledge is.
I love being a missionary and know that this is the ONLY true church of God, and I have no problem saying it. I know because the Holy Ghost has told me. What better answer can you recieve than that?
I love you all and take care!!!

Much Love

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