Monday, August 24, 2009

Piedras NEgras, Coahuila Week 7

This week was pretty good. I got a new companion, his name is Elder Hernandez. Hes my son, or that means im his first companion in the mission. Hes a cool guy, and its been a little awkward this week because we dont have too much in common and he doesnt really know whats going on haha, but Im sure things will get more comfy.
This week I realized how much I really do know, and how much Ive grown. I always have the mindset of " I dont know how to do that very well" or "Im glad my companion knows what hes doing because I dont!" But this week I learned that God has taught me so much, and that I need to confide in myself more. NOT however, to the point of pride, but just recognizing how far Ive come and how I really do know how to do this stuff. Still, I may not be too good at it haha, but Im always bettering my skills as a missionary and learning to rely on the Spirit more and more. With my new comp, Ive had to do everything. Contact, teach, plan, everything. And before, that scared me a bit, but now I realize that I can do all those things, and for that reason ,the Lord has chosen to put me with a new missionary, so I can teach him all the things he needs to know.
We found some people who are really interested in the gospel this week. They had all the perfect questions, like, " How do I know which church is right? Why are there so many churches?" and questions like that. They told us they were just living in that house until her husband found work, so we knew we had to baptize them quick. They told us they were going to go to church, but didnt come. We passed by their house, and they told us they would meet us there, but never came. We went back that afternoon, and we were told that they went back to their old house, which is out of our area. But I think theyre still there so were going to go back and see them.
Sorry, but not a whole lot more happened this week. We just kinda got to work haha. We have Zone Conference this week so Ill tell ya all about that.
Much Love

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